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Ballad of a Saint and The Brick building of a Nation [Plot/Invite only]

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Prologue: Recap of the past

She looked out upon the once empty land, a grin stretched across her face. How she had been able to bring change , and something beautiful was starting to form out before her. Across from her was an assortment of tents, long and housing many people. They were organized similar to a military camp. As one got more into the camp this changed, the structure seemed more living. Large tents like the others, but around were thinks like crates, looms, even a forge. This camp had been changing into a small village. One thing rested at the end of the village though. A wooden structure, a large shack was under construction, the people of the village watching. She couldn't help but reminisce to how she had gotten to this point.

Months and months ago the fanalis had journeyed from Heliohapt to Kou. One moment had changed everything into this point. When the fanalis woman arrived back into the plains she knew finding the villages she encountered would be a vital part in helping her. See, while in Heliohapt she had gone undercover in the slave organization. She had to hunt down her own kind, and sabotage her own missions to take out officials while staying under the radar. She managed to free small camps of slaves, gaining her a small group of followers.  She knew after the dungeon had finished that there would be no more reason for the fanalis to stay in the desert country. So as she left for the plains she would send a letter, to the camps she had freed there. Knowing some of them didn't have lives to go to after being slaves. The girl had hoped they would do as they once claimed, that was to follow her.

When she had first came back the fanalis never released would go wrong at that point. She had a small band of people who were mostly civilians, some of them veterans. It was more of a small band of refugees being guided by someone with some semblance of leadership skills. The fanalis was capable, but she had never dealt guiding groups of people who could barely protect themselves. Asking one person to protect all of them over a long journey was tough. The stragglers holding onto hope like it was their last thread. she remembered their faces, as they walked across the land, faces draped with anguish. Merrze was an accomplished Hunter, but at the time bandits were taking all of her game. They had caused her trouble more than anything the entire journey, yet Merrze never got to encounter them directly, they were quick. Yet there was one time, to were she thought it would end, yet it was the bandits that would give her the drive to succeed.

She sat in the tent of one of the villages she helped, They had issues with nearby mercenaries that were kidnapping local people, she dealt with the after she and her friend Lexiara had dealt with them in the plains. Most of the tribes that had agreed to follow her if she had shown she could lead them. Yet her she was in the tent of her biggest supporters with a group of hungry looking followers. She had shown all she could do was keep the starving alive, what had happened to the woman who had helped saved them. Yet there was two other groups present, one which was the small group of of slaves she freed from Reim, most of them were from the plains and had been taken to the hidden compounds around the world. Some didn't know where their home was so they came in hope that the person who freed them would be able to provide some sort of safe haven, so they could find a reason for the their life, or just a place they could eventually call home. The other was a small group of Lexiara's tribe, people with animal ears that she had worked with in the past. They believed in respecting nature and traveling around, some of them were sick of travelling and being taken so they had chose to follow her. Yet no one in the room had a favorable gaze.

The silence of the room shattered as the chief before would speak to her, saying what they all thought. "You come here with dying refugees, and you hope that you'll be able to get us to band together. How do we know you can get any of us to get along, let alone lead us. You are strong but you have not showed us anything to prove that you can lead."

She would retort with "They were attacking our food supplies, and keeping us from getting supplies. These bandits as you know like to do what they please. They've ravaged you for years, they're getting craftier. They may have messed with the journey here, but now that we are together was can take them out. Not all armies fair well before they win the war. They may have been a nuisance but together we can snuff them out, and begin hunting together. And soon we can turn to agriculture, we have smiths who had simply been taken for their strength. We have people skilled at many things, the thing we all have in common is that we've been subjugated, and had our freedom taken or threatened in someway. So lets focus on that, learn to work together so we can make a strong community."

Her words were ones of hope, but that meant nothing if they had no action, if they had nothing to excite them, to inspire them to change. "How can we hope to work together, to work for this grand idea, if the one proposing it has shown they can't deal with our biggest threat, the slavers and the bandits." It was short but they agreed with the elder, even the outsiders, the people Merrze had saved even agreed. What could she do with no people though, no followers. The ones who had left their own place of home or comfort came here, hoping for something better. Yet it looked like it was turning into a dream of failed fruition. The rain pitter patted against the tent, silence filled the stale air. With a thunderous crack, sound filled the air. Something like thunder boomed, but it sounded pitchy. Like it was the cry of something, only one person knew what the sound was. It would put a horrific expression on the face of the white haired warrior. The loud cry could only come from one thing, with a cry the fanalis would jet out of the tent. "FLUFFY!"

The rain and tears streamed together on her cheeks. Before the fanalis was a nightmare, her beloved beast Fluffy, who was like a friend and family member laid before her. It's massive body, riddled with dripping green arrows which desecrated the creature. On top of the beast was a large man, with a horned helmet and saw like sword. He cackled as her removed it from the creatures flesh. It gave a bloodcurdling rip as he unsheathed his blade from the woman's beloved companion. Her face staring at him, as anger and sadness were fought back. Everything she had faced up until now, hearing about the truth of her kidnapping, how her family had suffered from slavers. How she had been damaged, broken, had her will to fight torn from her. Overcoming the anger of her people, learning to stay calm so she could be a better leader. She had put everything in her life to be a good leader, to improve this world and it's people. She had gone through so much, and now looked upon the friend that comforted her through much of her struggles. Who had been with her in the journey for her Djinn, and helped her at her loss. He was there when she was had one Buer, and had proved she was worthy to be a king. And now he was there, as everything was falling apart, and his body was there as the man taunted her.

"I knew messing with you guys was easy, but I thought starving you wasn't enough, see I didn't realize you were planning to hook up with more nobody nomads. I could give ya to the Black Spiders, but I suppose it would be more fun to just watch ya punks suffer doing stuff for us. So whatcha say, lose your freedom to those jerk wads, or for the small price of your human dignity we can let yeah live your lives."  

They were all scared, there were armed bandits before them, all snarling and enraged. Some just eyeing the females and the tents, wondering what types of goodies they could get. The people were scared, many were hungry. There the white haired lioness stood, looking at her companion who was no longer there for her. Yet, no longer there to support and watch her, the creature would miss what could possible be the moment she grabbed fate by the reigns.

"Oh Djinn of Growth and Vitality allow me to create life anew! Infest the world with the power of the living to rid the world of all that is vile! Grow, Buer!" Her words echoed through the land, booming loudly, piercing the veil of the storm. Her legs marched forward, holding her arm forward as the bracelet began to glow. Her magoi stretching the power over her body. Flowing around, changing her from the wild looking warrior she normally was. The plant garments made her look elegant, a mane of earthy hair riddled with flowers. A ring of vines unfolded from her waist as they separated into the heads of Venus flytraps. The King Candidate stood before them all, the power of a Djinn radiated into the air.

She would look fiercely before the people, the bandits, the villagers and the refugees looking upon her with gazes of fear and awe. Her divine appearance would leave a lasting impression, as her words, her manifesto poured out before them. "You challenge my methods, on how I do things. Yet many have seen what I'm capable of, you've seen sometimes I can be resourceful. That I respect nature and do care about the people of this world. Some of you may have seen my fury, my raging fanalis fury. Moments ago you all saw me vulnerable, doubting the things you have seen in my past. I've told you all that I want to bring us together, to make a better world. We've all wanted to band together to deal with oppression, with the evil that had plagued many of us for generations. Now, I will show you what happens when something threatens these ideas, I will show you what exactly I fight for, and the power that will bring change to this world"

She would show them action, war was when she would show her skills. If she ever wanted to show them she was more than just brawn, that she had ideas, that she had the skills to make something better. First though, she would have to win their hearts if she wanted to ever gain their trust. So as her words sat with them, she flew forward with the mighty power of her Djinn, using the vines of her plants she would grasp the savage bandit. He may have been their leader, yet the power of the Djinn easily subdued him, he coulldn't cut the vines with his sword so how could he ever fight back. She soared with him high into the sky, after a few seconds she would stop, just 50 meters in the air. The wind whipped around them, as a wild gaze protruded from the man, looking into Merrze's eyes. His gaze intense, full of anger. His eyes like a raging beast, but one that wasn't killing to survive, it was doing it for fun. Normally Merrze would gain upon him with hatred, but all her eyes radiated was sadness. She was once motivated by here instinctual anger. Yet now, the young lady only wanted to heal the world, to get rid of the pure instinctual will to hurt would be gone. She had faced it many items, and it was evil.

She let he plants unfurled, grabbing him with her left arm raising him. She would now show her and this Djinn's power. The fanalis would bring her right arm back, unloading all of her force upon his skull, her other arm releasing. As the body of the bestial man slammed into the earth would great force it would send out a loud crack. The body was smashed, and distorted by the force that had just propelled him into his spiraling death. Arrows flew from their bow, like guiding bolts of anger. The bandits, had decided to assault the flying woman.  She would use the power of her Djinn to bob and weave, trying her beast to dodge the volley. The people looked amazed, to see her power, to see what she could do. As they watched her soar with grace, their eyes went from fixated on her, to on the bandits. They diverted their eyes onto the attackers, the invaders. Slowly the able, the strong would gather weapons, tools, whatever could be used against these mongrels. They were all focused on Merr, the attack would surprise them. And as Merrze would fly down among st the battle she would attack them with her vines and fists.

Soon, after the bloodshed had ended the fanalis had stood there, the villages and her had all gave a cry. They had managed to kill the off the bandits. That day had taken it's toll on them all. As that memory would fade she remembered, that was also a week before she had started  her war contribution to kou. She had to organize a small settlement while getting weapons from bandits for her troops. She remembered the jobs she did for Yoshiro's cause. How it had earned better armor and gear for the people that served her. How they would get the experience of fighting real battle of war. And in that time the camp headed her messages to set up daily life. The fanalis would get her chance to now set things up, she could begin the construction of the settlement as something more than that.

That's where the woman now stood, as the construction of a hall in which the parties she gathered could work together. They had all agreed to work together. That was it though, they were only working together. The deal was they would be more of a united force until Merrze had given enough reason to lead them. So far she had the support of the slaves she saved from capture, yet the two groups of villagers had tried to stay independent at the moment. It seemed they were waiting for her to prove that she can improve their lives. This would be her first step, setting up permanent structure so that eventually it would become something more. Once this building was finished they would begin the politics, and once that would start it would be time for the fanalis to prepare for the battle of peace.


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