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Arson is Always the Answer [Job/Solo]

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Kallias Althaus
160/160 magoiXX333/500 wordsXX40/40 stamina
"So you want me to burn some trees?"

Kallias questioned as he looked at Professor Skeeter, the woman in question timidly nodding her question. With a bony finger, she nudged her rhinestone glasses up her nose, "T-they're not exactly trees,
Mr. Althaus, but yes... It's a project some of your classmates were collaborating on and they weren't paying proper attention to them. My hands are tied with watching the class and your Magic type is perfect for the job."
As the elder woman spoke, her hands rested against her stomach, fingers lacing together nervously. The classmates in question that she spoke of were hooligans Kallias knew too well and it came as no surprise that they had caused some sort of problem while they were allowed out of Professor's eye.

"Then consider it done, Professor. I'll be back once I'm done," Kallias answered, the trademark Althaus smile across his face. The expression seemed to reassure the woman who nodded before waddling back over to the rest of her students.

Truth be told, Kallias was more than eager to escape class. While education is - admittedly- important, the Magician couldn't help but be bored. The material wasn't the toughest at Magnostadt Academy as long as you kept your head up. While that task alone could be... tiring on certain days, Kallias always forced himself to stay awake. He couldn't fall back into that miserable loop, no, and he had to be proactive to ensure that. Nevertheless, the more important part was the trees. Or rather, the act of burning them.

Something about the reassuring glow of fire comforted Kallias. While it wasn't always lifted the man's spirits, it was a good bet. It was a warm companion that fought off the darkness that constantly crept into his life. The one thing he could be thankful for his his family, at least, is their affinity for Heat Magic. The very thought that fire would always be avaliable at his finger tips was one that consoled him.



Arson is Always the Answer [Job/Solo] Ro58kst
Name: Harq
Tier: D-tier
Material: Black steel; red fabric
Appearance: Harq is a 1.3m (4.5 ft) staff made of black steel and fashioned into a spear. There’s red fabric wrapped around the handle of the spear with a matching piece of fabric wrapped near the guard to the blade. The blade itself is 30cm long, flat, and ends in a dull point.
Job Details:

Job Name: Hollow Hearts
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt
Job Rewards: 50 XP || 3,000 Huang
Job Overview: The magicians of Magnostadt enjoy experimenting with life magic more than they probably should. They had been working on these tree-like creatures. Still early in the experiment, the prototypes of the creature have escaped the academy. As per request of Magnostadt Academy, promptly rid the city of the rampaging prototypes.

Enemy Name: Prototype x5
Rank: D-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: Tall yet harmless tree-like creature. Reaches the height of a grown, male imuchakk. Multiple. Rather slow.
[ Sweep ] The prototype sweeps through the air with its limbs. It deals D-Tier damage and has a tendency to drag things along with it.
[ Slap ] The prototype slams its limbs into its target. It deals D-Tier damage.


Arson is Always the Answer [Job/Solo] GpQZ03U
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