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You'd Think the Academy Could Afford Pest Control [Job/Solo]

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Kallias Althaus
150/160 magoiXX446/500 wordsXX40/40 stamina
A hand dangled over the edge of the bed, its owner sleeping almost peacefully for once. It wasn't often that Kallias managed to stay in bed. The norm for the man including waking up in a bout of terror in the middle of the night. His ears would echo with the remnants of his nightmare before fading. Never would he remember the contents of the vision that haunted him so during his sleeping hours, but that didn't stop it from tormenting him. But for one wonderful moment, Kallias wasn't suffering from any sort of terror. His body didn't turn nor shake. His breath didn't escape in terrified puffs nor did sweat bead his forehead.

However, unfortunately for the Magician, such sleep wouldn't last long. From the floor vent of his room came the squeaks of vermin. One snuck into his room, its claws scratching against the floor as it dashed from one corner of the room to another. Within moments it spotted the hand - fresh meat - dangling. Just perfect to bite. So, with its line of thinking, the rat scrambled over to Kallias and gave him a stinging bite. The act jolted the man awake, causing him to jolt awake with a particularly loud yelp.

He flung his hand, sending the rat flying across the room where it harmlessly landed upon its feet. Kallias hissed as he inspected the bitten hand, his thumb pressing down by the stinging puncture marks. More squeaking caught his attention and the Magician clambered clumsily out of his bed. The rather large rat stumbled to its feet, its sharp incisors clattering in threat.

Before the rat could attack him once more, Kallias swiped his wand from the nearby stand. He flipped Harq in his hands with practiced ease, his brows knitted together in the picture of a frown. The Rukh started to swirl around the tip of his wand, the glowing energy taking on an orange hue before erupting in blue flames. The light bathed the room as he cast Uwshi Uwshi Alnar, the fire shaping itself into a small ball of fire. The rat screeched to a halt, though it was already too late. With a swing of Harq, Kallias sent the sphere flying forwards.

It hit the rat, sending it sliding back. Thankfully, the spell was more than enough to roast the annoying vermit; but, it quickly filled the dorm room with the scent of burnt rat hair. Kallias set Harq on his bed, his nose scrunched up as he padded over to the dead rat. After grabbing a tissue to pick it up, the Magician heard the telltale noises of even more rats scrambling in the nearby vent.

Job Details:
Job Name: The Academy's Rat Problem
Job Rank: D-Tier
Job Location: Magnostadt Academy
Job Rewards: 50xp +3000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Rats have yet again infested the magician academy! Someone has to deal with these pests.

Enemy Name: Large Rat (x4)
Rank: D-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: The Large Rat is bigger and stronger than its cousin, the sewer rat. The Large Rat has bright red eyes and long teeth used to bite its enemy, inflicting D-tier damage. The Large Rat's running speed is 5 m/s.
Stinging Bite: The Large Rat charges at its enemy at 10 m/s and bites down hard dealing D-Tier damage and leaves a painful sting.
Combat Log:

  • Used Uwshi Uwshi Alnar to defeat 1 rat
  • Uwshi Uwshi Alnar is now on cooldown.
  • 3 rats remaing

Uwshi Uwshi Alnar:

Uwshi Uwshi Alnar
Tier: D-tier
Class: Magician
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must gather Magoi at the tip of their catalyst and then have the catalyst swung to aim at the chosen target.
Scaling: Hits; for every 10 Magoi invested, the user creates an additional ball of fire.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1 post
Cost: 10 Magoi

    Kallias gathers magoi at the tip of his catalyst for a moment, ordering the Rukh to ignite the gases (mainly oxygen) around the catalyst. The air combusts into a ball of fire with a diameter of 1m; due to the oxygen-rich fuel used for the spell, the fire burns bright blue. Once the ball forms, Kallias either swing the catalyst or has it swung at his target, shooting it forwards. It’s capable of traveling up to 8m away and deals D-tier damage to whatever it makes contact with.

Equipment Brought:

You'd Think the Academy Could Afford Pest Control [Job/Solo] Ro58kst
Name: Harq
Tier: D-tier
Material: Black steel; red fabric
Appearance: Harq is a 1.3m (4.5 ft) staff made of black steel and fashioned into a spear. There’s red fabric wrapped around the handle of the spear with a matching piece of fabric wrapped near the guard to the blade. The blade itself is 30cm long, flat, and ends in a dull point.


You'd Think the Academy Could Afford Pest Control [Job/Solo] GpQZ03U
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