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Knuckles Vs Zai

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1Knuckles Vs Zai Empty Knuckles Vs Zai on 21/01/18, 11:30 am

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
Knuckles Vs Zai HUoxfW7
Enemy Name: Zai
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A-tier
Abilities: This rising favorite, another Fanalis warrior, moves at a base speed of 10m/s and 15m/s when sprinting. As a Fanalis, he fights with his bare hands and relies on muscle memory from past battle experience of the fights he has been in to get him through a match. Just recently arrived from Heliohapt three months ago, he has become known enough that people look forward to his show of brute strength.

Bursting Parry ~  Zai quickly slaps an attack out of the way from going towards him by aiming for the hand that holds the weapon or is delivering the attack while simultaneously side-stepping the attack. This defends against a single attack that would deal B-Tier damage.

Bursting Strike ~ Using his strength to his advantage, Zai delivers a corkscrew punch to his opponent. This punch delivers B-Tier damage, which spreads in a 5 meter area when it strikes a target. If hitting the ground, this would effectively destroy a portion of the ground with explosive force.

Flurry of Blows and Feints ~ Zai delivers 5-10 punches, each of which imparts D-Tier damage to a target struck. Some of these punches are used as feints, while others are meant to strike an opponent in places that would disorient them.

Knuckles was trying his hand in the Coliseum without Ganbo, he heard there was a man named Zai here who was also a Fanalis. Someone who was his level, someone he could go toe to toe with. His body was shaking with excitement, just how fun would this fight be? Zai a warrior like him in every retrospect.  He heard the man was also a slave, which Knuckles knew was likely the reason he came here and fought, it was the reason he did anyway, of course, slavery effects everyone different, but being taught to fight in the slave fights wasn't a bad thing, Knuckles learned the tools he needed to kill his masters.  He wondered if Zai was freed or if he had done the same.  Knuckles waited in his room, he was famous enough n these battle to have a room when he fought, yet again he was eating a green apple. He loved his apples from the Area's baskets, they were so fresh and delicious.   Soon enough they sent for him, he walked to his starting gate and let the announcer say each of their names, Knuckles would kill this man one day, his voice was the most damage had ever taken here.  When the gate opened Knuckle saw the unarmed male on the other side, Knuckles used a sword, he liked the feel of the blade going through flesh rather than the feel of bones cracking.    Knuckles drew his bronze sword and twirled his wrist giving the blade a swing.  He was rather tempted to go hand to hand with the man but knew he didn't stand a chance really, this is how Zai always fought, and a Sword was how Knuckles always fought for the most part.   Zai and Knuckles met in the center of the ring, he was about the size of Knuckles, his back muscles were weaker than Knuckles, and his arms were a bit smaller, but Zai was leaner, Knuckles was no fool he knew their strength level was the same.  They each gave a head nod as they stood 4 meters away from one another Knuckles began to move clockwise as did Zai, it seemed he was moving off of Knuckles Movements, his eyes were watching the blade of Knuckles, perhaps there was a tale sign he didn't know of when he fought with his sword. Either way, this was no time to be thinking of such things.  Knuckles took in a deep breath, Zai's eyes widen he knew what was coming, he broke from his movements and darted in B tier speeds to his left Knux's right trying to reach him before the roar went off, he fail for it, Knuckles exhaled but not in a roar, as Zai body got a meter from his own, he'd flip backwards letting Zai run right past him.  Zai turned only to see Knuckle's charging full speed at him, Knuckles swung his sword at Zai, but he ducked it, he came up with a right hook for Knuckles, Knux caught the hook with his left hand and pushed the punch back in the direction of which it came, showing he too was quick and strong.   Knuckles  was happy with the trade, they got to feel each other's moves out get an idea were the other stood, they were still in the starting stages of this fight, feeling each others reactions etc.

Stamina 330/330


2Knuckles Vs Zai Empty Re: Knuckles Vs Zai on 22/01/18, 06:57 pm

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
Thing was going to be heating up now, Knuckles would jolt forward and swing his sword with intent to cut deep, Zai would parry the attack with his hand knocking it towards the ground while sidestepping then
swing a corkscrew punch at Knuckles Catching him in his ribs, snapping two of them in a clean break.
Knuckles let out a gasp of air from the strike, the guy was good. KNuckles would lift his sword up entering his stance again,  Zai too enter his stance, however, Knuckles was ready for anything now, and he was a bit pissed he allowed such an attack to go through. Knuckles would run forward and swing his blade once more, Zadi would attempt to dodge but as he did Knuckles closed the gap with a 2-meter dash, slamming his elbow of his shield arm into the face of Zadi making him stumble backward, with invested stamina he dashed forward again traveling a distance of a meter, with an edge and a stab of his sword he stabbed his sword into the gut of the man dropping him to the ground. With Zadi dropped to the ground Knuckles placed a foot on his chest and held his blade to his throat, he wasn't going to kill him as he wanted to do hand to hand with him on a later date.   The fight had gone In Knuckles favor, with Zadi giving in Knuckles sheathed his sword into a belt. He was getting used to fighting without his shield again, it was going rather good but he wanted to advance his weapon skills with other weapons.   After helping the man up he went back to his gate to gaining how reward for winning and then went out to spend his winning he earned today as well as other on something new.

Wc 311+579=890


Enhanced Attack

Tier: D
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: To use this ability, the user must have a short sword and plant their feet firmly before using this attack. Must twist torosso while swinging sword.
Cost: 10

The attack is with a quick stabbing motion before ludgeing at the target.This is to attempt a stab into the body of the target. Deals D Damage.


Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must already be moving in the direction of his choosing before using this ability.
Scaling:  Range, +5 Stamina Cost for every additional 3m travelled.
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

The user dashes at on teir higher than normally allowed in any direction up to 3 meteres per dash. The User may dash for up till 9 meters beforing becoming to tired to dash again.


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