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Battle of the beasts [Job/Private]

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1 Battle of the beasts [Job/Private] on 19/01/18, 07:59 pm


Job Details:
Job Name: Bear Hunting
Job Rank: B-Tier
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: [ 15k Huang | 200 XP ]
Job Prerequisites: -
Job Overview: A local tailor requests a bear be killed and brought to him. While the mention of payment is absent, one is welcome to assume he means to pay for the service. While wandering in the forest, abnormally large animals appear and attack - reaks of magic.

Feral Cat [ 3x ]:
Enemy Name: Feral Cat
Rank: D-Tier
Needed damage to take down: D-Tier
Description: A large cat about the size of a Maine Coon - although without the thick fur. It may deal base C-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It runs at average, cat speeds.

  • Nip. The user nips at the ankles of their enemy to deal C-Tier damage.

Fox [ 2x ]:
Enemy Name: Fox
Rank: C-Tier
Needed damage to take down: C-Tier
Description: A large fox about the size of a wolf. It may deal base B-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It may also run at speeds which can compete with a D-Tier fanalis.

  • Bite. Using large, canine teeth, the user bites down hard on the enemy to deal B-Tier damage.

  • Claw. The user may inflict B-Tier damage by scratching the enemy with sharp claws.

Bear [ 1x ]:
Enemy Name: Bear
Rank: B-Tier
Needed damage to take down: B-Tier
Description: A large and magnificent bear. It may deal base A-Tier damage thanks to its sharp claws. It may also run at speeds which can compete with a C-Tier fanalis.

  • Roar. With a loud roar, the user may temporarily stun any enemy within a 7m vicinity for three posts. This ability may not work on B-Tier magicians with sound magic.

  • Pounce. The user crouches on all four paws before leaping to pounce on the enemy. By pinning the enemy to the ground, the user may debilitate the target. Anyone of B-Tier strength or more may escape from the user's hold. Otherwise, the hold will last for three posts.

  • Guard. The user rolls up into a ball, protecting the weakest parts of the body. Any damage up to B-Tier may be nullified for three posts or until the user is attacked with an accumulation of B-Tier damage.

  • Shred. The user stands on two paws and scratches downward twice, each slash dealing B-Tier damage.

The fanalis was  sitting for a bit in the bar by herself. Her mouth let free a sigh as her lips parted from her drink. The air was muggy and moldy, the smell of hard working and dirty warriors. It was a surprisingly enjoyable scent, as it was comparable to leather, or the smell of moist earth. It was a comforting scent for the warrior, it was very nostalgic for her. It would give her a slight smile that was hid by the cloak that covered her body. She was job hunting today, without proper funding the fanalis had to do what she could in order to gather the necessary resources. An odd silence hung over the bar today though, normally it was bustling with fledgling adventurers, or hunters. The veil of silence would soon shatter as a man covered in nice furs barged in.

The man was portly in nature, seemingly well off in the world based of his apparel. Fine leopard furs draped over his body, his body stretching them tightly over his body. He had a sniveling face with the an odd pointed mustache.  He grimaced a little, his eyes scanning the crowd before his mouth would let his words out like a cannon. "I can see many of you are hard on cash, well I Bao the magnificent tailor has come to answer your prayers." His booming voice and arrogant attitude sat wrong with Merr, but she couldn't be picky in times like these. Turning ever so slightly her attention would shift onto the man. Lending her ears, hoping for something worthwhile.

"I've been looking for more pelts to sample, and I've happened to hear that the nearby forest contains bears. If someone can prove to me their worth for these pelts we can discuss an agreement for possible deals. Is there any of you lot, who believes they are suited to complete this task." He had a proud look on his face, many looked upon him as if he was a fool. He didn't came here calling them poor and saying they could use his help, but then mentions nothing of pay to the people who he has done nothing but insult. His behavior dissuaded the few people who occupied the dingy bar. There was one ear that had been perked and interested though, it was that of the young female warrior.

"I'm interested." She would say, with a strong yet casual tone. Walking up to Bao she would poke and prod at information to find out if this was legitimate or not. "Before I can go do this, I need to know where I can meet you, and which forest near here there are plenty. And I will say this now, I will only give the pelt after things are sorted out or we negotiate something. Now Mr. Bao, do we have a deal, or do you not agree to my terms of condition."

With an aggressive tone and an imposing figure Merrze would push her points onto the noticeably shorter and stubbier man. He winced, looking like a flinching figure. He managed to mumble a response, hiding his fear behind a condescending voice. "O-o-h y-yeah you w-w-wench. It'ss in t-the Iron forest, to the south of here. My shop in the city is Bao The Grand Tailor. Its in the southern district in the city. Once you arrive there with the pelt we will be able to work out some sort of agreement." His voice had gotten more steady as he spoke, but his cowardice was undeniable.

"Alright fine, we have a deal, you will soon have your pelt little man." She spoke whilst walking out of the bar. It was highly unlikely that he had any soliders on his own. He was just a sort of spoiled artisan that was used to living a higher middle class life. She also doubted he would have the will to attempt double-crossing her.

The sky was foggy, yet it was most likely mid day. With the low rolling clouds her whale would make it self known, She would climb onto the creature giving it a comforting pat. "Hey  buddy, we can fly lower today since you're so well concealed." It would let out a loving cry. Nuzzling against her hand while starting to lift into the air. It was a low flight, the creature not having to go at full speeds since the iron forest wasn't that long of journey. At their current past they would most likely arrive within 15 minutes. The damp and cool air brushed over them, giving Merrze a slight smile. The cool breeze and smell of damp grass and air was blissful. After her experience in Buer and the plans the lioness had become more attuned to nature. Believing that respect for the world is important, and that it must be used for the betterment and advancement of the world. It wasn't as solid at first but the power of a djinn and seeing what this world was capable above gave her respect for the world.

With her approach a blur of green would soon pop up. The plainly areas were starting to change into woodland, the forest was now close. She would be passing into the mouth before she knew it. The iron forest had earned its name for the odd toughness of its animals and plants. Myth had said the water had the ability to reinforce whatever consumed it. It was for the most part considered a myth, but people had reported the animals in the iron forest were noticeably tougher than the others.  Killing the big game here was considered an achievement, but Merrze never found much reason to come here besides the occasional bizarre dish idea.  The lioness had known she had never seen a bear here, but there were signs of them, along with stories. That would make it all the more fun if there was a bear, she hadn't gotten much time to study those so she was interested.

With them now being deep in the woods her whale had to stop. It was too dense of forest for the whale to try and move through, he would go off into the clouds as Merrze hopped off the large avian mammal. Now it was time for a bear hunt on barefoot.

As she tracked, looking for signs of the creature she would follow,  seeing a group of tracks lead forward. During these the air grew heavy, growls settled slightly in the atmosphere, like a conversation between creatures. The lioness would be able to pick up these noises with her enhanced hearing. There seemed to be three of them surrounding her, trying to flank from her back. It was time for the battle to begin.

The three cats would go to pounce on her, aiming for her ankles so they could attempt to use nip on her ankles. But the fanalis would prove to be to sly for the maine coons. As they were attempting to move at her the white haired warrior would use Dancing Lion to move five meters behind them. She would then use the next step in the ability to move closer upon her assailants. Using her quick fanalis legs to strike each cat in the face sending them flying. The force should have been enough in order to subdue the animals without hurting them fatally.

She would continue along the path looking for the big game, but sadly two more animals would find their selves squaring off against her. These animals were odd though, the cats seemed off but she wasn't sure why. Yet these foxes which stood before her were the size of wolves. They were clearly abnormal creatures, giving off a faint magical aura. It was barely detectable but these creatures reminded her of magical ones for some reason. They would try to run at her, their speeds were surprisingly slow. She danced around the creatures as she moved much faster than they did. They would attempt to attack her with bite but they kept attempting it thinking the distance would shorten. She would pivot around as they ran at her, using her attack Palm of Gaea. As she slid after turning the fanalis would get into position to strike the earth and knock up a large rock, the fanalis would then slam her other foot up hitting the rock. It would fly with great speeds, slamming the two creatures into a large tree. Their smashed flesh had a tainted color, giving a weird purple tint. Something was clearly altering these creatures.

As she progressed through the misty forest it would lead into a brief opening. It was a filed with flowers all around it, and sitting in the center was an oddly discolored bear. It lifted up from it slumber, its size was imposing and large compared to even the normal bears of this forest. It would look at her with an evil gaze. Its piercing eyes loomed over her.  She would use her previous move  Palm of Gaea to hurl a rock towards the bear. It would use it's Guard to block the force of the giant rock. It would then run towards using his Pounce. It would pin her down, but Merrze using her superior strength would be able to toss the creature off her. it seemed persistent and strong, but the fanalis planned to end this quickly and mercifully.

As she would be crouched down she would pick up a small rock. Moving her hands gently over it, as the magoi from her body slowly moved over it and shaped it. She felt her magoi forming over the rock, flowing from her body like a spring. As the power condensed she would begin to draw back the sphere, she then shot it forward with both hands, send it forward unto the creature. it moved with such speeds that the creature couldn't truly react.  The force would strike the creature, sending the force inside  which would rupture most of the creatures organs. She had used one of her strongest techniques on it, she had used Palm of the Heavens. It was one of her Magoi manipulation attacks.

She would approach the creature, pulling out her sword the fanalis would start to skin the altered creatures pelt. She hoped her resplendent attack had ended the creatures suffering in its last moments. She would bow before it, leaving with the pelt after properly paying he respects. She would be off to see the tailor

She would march into the tailors shop, laying before him the pelt of the bear he ever so desired. She would then start to negotiate with the man. "Alright its time you pay me for this things worth, we both know you'll be able to make it into something twice its value you. I had to deal with quite a hassle for this fine piece. I'll be out of your hair afterwards and we can both move on."

He would then mutter out, "Or we can just set up more deals, and return I'll pay you in bulk for every set of furs you bring me?"

The man was acting more like a weasel, but Merr wanted nothing to do with this snot-nosed salesman. "I will take the payment now and leave, if you try to extort me I will make sure you are properly held accountable for our deal. Now do you want to deal with facing consequences for this or I can go and you pay what you would get for something that fine."

He would grumble but would hand over a sack of money to the white haired woman. She would examine the contents to see that it was decent pay for something like this. It would also help contribute towards her founding funds. She would turn around, walking outside of this scumbags place of business. She hoped some good would come out of this horrendous mission.

Words: 2,008/1,500

Magoi: 180/220

Palm of the Heavens x1 40 magoi 220-40= 180

Stam:  435/510

Dancing lion x1 30m stam Palm of Gaea x1 30 stam + sustain 15 stam = 75 510-75 = 435

Battle Gear:

Name: Erydyn
Tier: A-tier
Type: Legend Beast
Species: Skywhale
Appearance: It's a massive flying whale that measures 30m in length and a total of 5m wide. The massive flying beast has a large wing span and is capable of hovering high in the air.
Beast Traits:

Trait Name: Blessing of the Sky Deity
Trait Tier: Ω
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: Stories of gods and greater beings have been around since the dawn of man, some of these tales are even believed even to this date, while others faded away with history. One of these famous legends were of a winged goliath who lived in the sky, showering the dry lands below with it's generosity in the form of a great storm.
Trait Effect: With a simple bat of it's tail fin, it can create or disperse storms. The land of the surrounding 500m is effected with the skies turning dark as lightning rumbles across the sky endlessly. A deluge of rain falls sideways against gale force winds.

Trait Name: Massive Blubber Body
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: This beast has a massive body, and lots of fat, muscle surrounding it allowing it to take more damage.
Trait Effect: Once per thread, this beast will be able to take a single instance of A-Tier damage before actually being wounded.

Trait Name: Exceptional Speed
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: This massive flying beast has large wings
Trait Effect: This beast is able to fly at incredible speeds covering even great distances within a short amount of time. However, due to the beast's massive size, its turn radius is very bad and quite slow.

Trait Name: Temperature Water System
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: This beast has a gland capable of changing temperatures which holds water and water vapor.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to register water vapor based abilities.

Trait Name: Intense Lungs
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: With this beasts large size its organs like its lungs are also massive.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to register wind based abilities.

Trait Name: Static Skin
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: This beasts skin is able to release a powerful electric charge.
Trait Effect: This beast is able to register static based abilities.

Trait Name: Resting Mouth
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Legend Beast | Sky Whale
Trait Description: This beast has a large mouth with healing saliva in it.
Trait Effect: After being out of combat for one post, Merrze's Sky Whale will allow anyone near it to enter its mouth to enhance their resting capabilities, granting them additional healing per post rested.
Enhanced A-Tier Resting: 50 stamina recovered per post + A-Tier Healing.[/quote]

Name: Regia Fengir
Tier: A
Type: Sword
Magic Type: Life
Appearance:The hilt of the blade is 20cm long and 7cm in circumference. The blade is 91 centimeters long and is 7cm wide. The gemstone is placed on the guard which is 14cm wide. The overall length off the blade is 111 centimeters.

  • Vampric Thorn - Feeding magoi into this sword will cause a thorny vine to crawl down the sword and up the users forearm. This will cover the entire blade with very sharp thorns that will cause each succesful attack to do an additional C-TIer damage. The thorns that traveled up the user's forearm will dig into their skin slightly, dealing D-Tier damage to the user. However, the thorns are fueled by blood, and each successful cut they make on their enemy will heal them for C-Tier damage. This additional healing effect cannot surpass a total of 2 times healed in a post. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Name: Shocking Circle
Tier: B
Type: Amulet
Magic Type: Lightning
Appearance: A 10 cm amulet set with a gem that appears to have lightning actively dancing across it. The magic circle is inscribed on the back.

  • Joyfire - Feeding magoi into this amulet will allow the user to harness the power of yellow rukh to create a single lightning bolt that is capable of dealing B-Tier damage and striking up to 20m away. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

    Name: Dripping Glove
    Tier: B
    Type: Glove
    Magic Type: Slime Magic [Life + Water]
    Appearance: A green and silver glove approximately 30 cm long.

    • Slime Jet - Feeding magoi into this glove will allow the user to spray out a 10m diameter stream of slime, slowing anyone caught in it drastically for 4 posts. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

    • Slimero - Feeding magoi into this glove will allow the user to create an incredibly dense living slime ball that is 10m in diameter, hard to penetrate by normal means, and is a light green in color. The slime ball is much slower than an average human, but will attempt to crush any enemies its master points towards with the gloved hand for C-Tier damage. They will then be covered in the incredibly dense slime, slowing their movement drastically for 4 posts. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

    Name: Fist of the Giant
    Tier: A
    Type: Glove
    Magic Type: Strength
    Appearance: A 75 cm long metallic arm with a 22 cm fist at one end. The fist can be controlled by the user sliding their arm up to their elbow, up the sleeve and using their fingers to pull a series of strings and pulleys.

    • Handy - This tool can be used to perform actions that an arm and fist normally could.

    • Suffocating Fear - Feeding magoi into this glove allows the user to create an 8m chain out of sand and various other particles, which the user is then able to use as a weapon that deals B-Tier damage and has C-Tier durability. Each lash of the chain that successfully strikes the enemy will place a mark of gravitation on them, causing their body to feel slightly heavier. This mark can stack up to 3 times, eventually causing the enemies body to feel considerably heavier. Gravitation marks caused by this will only last for 2 posts, and the moment one gravitation mark disappears, they all disappear. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

    Djinn: Buer
    Theme: Life
    Type: Bracelet
    Appearance: The bracelet is made out of silver with beautiful markings on them of Balbadd origin. The width of the bracket is 5 centimeters and the circumference of it is 17 centimeters.

moves used:

Miathios Art 13: Dancing Lion
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Both legs must functional, needs a solid surface to move on.
Scaling: doubles the numer of possible steps
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 stam

  • The user is able to perform four leaps in any direction each being 5m in length in order to avoid attacks or move around quickly.

Miathios Art 4: Palm of Gaea
Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: Has to get in stance first, has to be standing on solid breakable ground.
Scaling: for every 10 stamina invested the ability can travel 5m farther
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30|15 stam

  • The user strikes their foot on the ground unearthing a 5m tall and 2m wide rock, the user then punches the rock forward 15m dealing B-tier damage to whatever it collides with first.

Miathios Art 7: Palm of the heavens
Tier: A
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user needs to channel their magoi. Cannot be interrupted during the channeling or it will not work. Both arms must be functioning to shape the magoi. Needs to have something to throw in their hands.
Scaling: For every 10 magoi invested the ability can travel an additional 5m
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4
Cost: 40|20 magoi

  • The user puts both of their hands together channeling their magoi and shaping it into a small ball around a rock or some other solid into a small ball, the user then throws it forward , sending it forward 20m  and the magoi around the ball grows 3m in size, doing A-tier damage to whatever it strikes.


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