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Admin Elections | Phase One: Candidates & Policies

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This thread is for everyone who wants to run for admin to write out their policies. However, there are a few rules that must be followed:

  • In order to qualify as a candidate, you must have been an active member in the community for at least the past three months. ( This means you must have participated in the activity checks or have been noticeably active in the chat for the past three months. )

  • Do not post endorsements or take up disagreements until at least a week has passed since a candidate has posted their policy.

  • All disagreements must be taken in private with the candidate to prevent drama. Try to keep it professional as do not personally attack any candidate. While venting is okay, do it in private. Public attacks will not be tolerated.

  • Keep your policies as neat and organized as possible in order for them to be easier to read. Feel free to add ways to contact you in case anyone wants to discuss things with you.

I will close this thread on February 1st, 2018 in order to give enough time to process what is said here.

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Vodarara : Admin Candidate -

Hello all, I am Vodarara - I presume most of you know who I am but I will give a run down for those that are newcomers to the forum or members that choose to lurk. I am Matthew, my background being Retail work specifically myself being trained in Team Leading and Management by my company and now acquiring Health & Safety as my official site role.
Vodarara being my first and only current character on the Magi Site. I started on the site in its infancy back when the original founding admin team had just set up the site.
Vodarara as a character ended up as one of the limited number of C tier starting characters on the site, having seen the site through many of its changes (I did have a break after a bust up in my early years with the original admin team).

I applied to adminship during our first admin election and as such I will be putting my hat into the ring again. If anyone has any questions regarding myself or statements through my past history, feel free to ask me them.

Now I will go into my intended plans and layout:

The Staff Team:
I intend to focus on making a staff team that is more focused into certain domains. I would initially intend to open up recruitment and anyone wishing to pursue training in specific areas of the site or wishing to assist the site I am more than willing to accept their help.

Staff will be primarily broken up into role sections such as Plot, Community, Creation, Systems and if necessary more specific roles can be added.
Primarily I would like to have people focus into one role that they enjoy rather than having people doing everything. Each team would be focused under a team leader, whose duties will be aiding with organizing the team and setting objectives.

These Team Leaders, Will more than likely end up being classed as my Co-Admins or Higher Tier staff. As such I intend to if possible have at least two Co-Admins on the team.
The reason for this, I myself favour a hard realism and logic perspective and thus having people to keep myself in line to look at maintaining optimal fun for the community is a primary responsibility of me and thus dealing with my weaknesses is important.

My intention is to where possible decrease the pressure on individual members of staff by spreading the load and thusly having the capacity to handle changes be that new modules, increasing player base or staff taking breaks/holiday.

As such I would like to view anyone wishing to committing to assisting the site as volunteer workers and thus why I believe your morale is of critical importance.

Plot and its Teams Dynamics:
I would primarily like to split plot into two specialisations - Writers and Reactors/Consequence. While the writers is clear I would like to go into the role of Reactors/Consequence, the role of these people is to assist writers with country knowledge and considerations in regards to how a players plot would interact with a nation, the world and other players and npc’s in the world. Specifically these people’s role is to make the world feel more living and reactive.

Why Add a System Team or Specialists:
The reason I consider having specialists in this role is that they are people that you want to understand systems as well as to detect weaknesses and flaws within them. While they could also work on new projects or other features to increase player options on the site. It also gives a player wishing to help a way of helping that isn’t through the more common channels of our site.
In addition, the involvement of a team can help add fresh minds to these things as well as aid with the reduction of pressure on say your administration just handling this form of content.

Plot/Story Going Forward:
My personal pipeline dream is to divide plot into three sections in regards to staff generated events and content. This section would be Global Plot, National Plot and Other.

Why break it down from one major plot focus:
I feel the current focus on event chasing to acquire assets hampers players from being able to tell a unique story for their character but rather promotes them pursuing staff founded content in exchange for haung or magic items.

While at this time, I cannot say for certain if my plan is possible. I would like to look at a way of easily implementing a system to reward players for their plot and story content.
For example, a few ideas in my head to have players involve themselves at a national level might be story elements that increase resources gained from doing jobs, social and other content in countries during certain periods.

With a solid plot team and development team, I hope we can make the systems such as the faction system giving it a shop (as I believe was intended to happen at some point) and promote it as an option for player advancement other than just self-character advancement.

Recruitment Drive:
Once we reach a position of stability and level of training within the staff team I would like to make a major recruitment drive to bring a host of new players in as well as hoping to attract ex-players back to retry the site.
To do this I need to make a strong team in terms of training and communication. However, this is not the only thing. I would intend to create as many options as possible to aid new players with gaining the bare minimum understand of how to create and have a character function on this site.
Personally, I would like to do either Voice Recordings or Videos to help explain the systems that are required to create and build a character.

Promotion of Communication:
I would like to take measures to increase the level of voice communication for those that wish to take part between the levels of the team. At the very least giving people the ability to come in and discuss issues to get them of their chest. Be that both staff or player.

As such I intend to make myself as visible as possible in terms of being able to book time with me or lurking the channels should I be in the admin position to get player opinion or just to generally socialize with the memberbase to gauge their opinion.
I also feel having an improved communication structure would better aid in both staff morale and organization as well allowing people to feel that they can truly get someones opinion through their tone of voice.

Other Admin Candidates:
I will be offering any other admin candidates positions on the staff team should I be elected admin. I feel that members prepared to put themselves forwards should be readily accepted into a team. More especially so if they will help bring new viewpoints as well as allowing us to bring accountability to myself and each other in terms of our actions.

Specific Things I would want to look at:
PvP and the Content Involving it:
While I am not against Player Versus Player content and rather I think it can cause some interesting situations in terms of story. I would look at ways we can both promote it as well as to make it enjoyable and not world ending for players.
As we have the ability in our systems, I would like to look at with the team options and considerations that could be put in place to promote PvP as well as making PvP less game ending for players that get completely annihilated. Furthermore, protections against meta-gaming and other techniques to give players unfair advantages over one another in PvP content (your ability to think should be your key asset).

While Balance is a general topic, I believe it is worthwhile considering balance across the board would be something we always want to discuss and consider.
With how fluid our ability system is in terms of options as well as trait system. I would like to look at ways we can promote rough streamlining without impacting players heavily.

-For example the promotion of Swarms for Beast Tamers
-Should all Classes be an even choice to start with ?
-How powerful should versatility be
-Is dual omega as good as tri-class

These factors and more I believe should be discuss by a staff team and the community and if necessary nerfing or buffing should take place.
Though my personal intention would be to avoid power creep from buffing.

Country Detailing and Fleshing:
I feel that us fully fleshing out the countries with what the common social interactions are, rough maps of the country itself (showing primary cities and townships etc) in the vain of how limited maps would be in terms of circulation and details. Major NPC factions and Major NPC’s within that nation and how the politics works for people from and not from the country etc.
I feel this will allow members to make informed decisions about the countries they enjoy and find what makes them unique.

Naval/Seas Options:
I would be open should adrastos be interested in a naval/sea system being implemented to allow players to focus into domains such as piracy, nation to nation trade etc.

Thank you for reading, any questions or suggestions hit me up and i'll be more than happy to answer. Regards, Matt/Vodarara


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As some member know I've decided to run for Admin. As this is my official announcement of my candidacy I would like to explain my reasoning for running for admin. Afterwards I will begin to explain my ideas and policies. If anyone has any questions about them, or would like to discuss them with me you can contact me via pm on my discord account. If you don't have access to it you can find me through the site discord under the name Merr-chan. Without further ado I shall begin my explanation.

I've been a member of this site for three years in only a couple of days. A majority of that time, around 2 years of it has been spent as a member of staff. I've had the pleasure of working on this site under three admins, some of which were for less time than others. Over the years I've learned a lot about working on a roleplay site, dealing with disputes, working on systems, and helping shape the site so that its more enjoyable for players both old and new. Now with the chance to run the site, I hope I can get the chance to use what I've learned to help shape the site, and most importantly give players the experience they want. So for my policies I will be focusing on things to help me achieve these types of goals.

Player Relations and Staff

One of the most important things of the site is how we interact with one another and none of us can deny that. We all have our occasional disputes. Even if we don't always get along we do have to find a way to co-exist. In order to deal with that I plan to be focused on learning to treat players with respect, and that arguments get handled properly. We can all get carried away when we debate, so it will be enforced that arguments be moved to private or the proper chat sections or players will follow proper repercussions. And in addition to this, attacking, assaulting or slandering other members will be met with sternly, Players would get their warnings, but if dragged on after being warned will result in a warning bar dock or further punishment. Its also encourage for players to report people that break these rules. Not for the sake of punishment, but so that things can be resolved before getting to that point.

With that I would like to get onto another point with player relations. Every player does deserve a second chance, that's why I plan to have most disagreements handled with the goal of coming to a compromise or fair solution. We don't always have to like each other, but a site can often be like a family. So we can aim towards cooperating so that everyone is having a fun experience.

I wanted to include my staff policy with player relations since the staff are one of the most important parts of player relations. For most part I will describe my plans and how I want the roles to interact with me and the players since the staff are the Admin's arms and legs.

Creation Mods

For creation mods they will do as they always have, grading things in order to make sure they are working according to guidelines or fit the world. Since they do these things it's important to understand the systems. While they would help you get things done and created for this world they would also work with me to work out the systems when issues arise or if something needs to be reevaluated. Creation work can also be one of the most strenuous jobs for staff as there is constant work. So I will probably have duty rotated when there is loads of work, so that it would get done routinely, and would reduce staff stress. I myself would also help with this so that we can get more done over time.

News Mods

News Mods would be an important source of organizing the sites plot. I would want them to work in tandem with Plot Mods, keeping track of player threads that make an impact in an area. That way we can keep a record of important events in personal and world plot. We could have a world board, and use all of the other news boards to mark achievements, it could also be used to talk about events or even possible reactions to the players threads. That way things could feel more rewarding by being interacted with or just getting some recognition. News mods would also be responsible of informing players of important polls or discussions. This would be if players brought it to the news mods intention or if staff relayed.

Plot Mods

We all know plot makes the world go around, so I would want to focus on moving player plot so that we can shape the world plot, and try to let all groups feel included. Of course we would still have big plot events but it would help site breath. We can use the world plot to set up interactions with the players and help form their own story. With that we can shape the world events and smaller events based of player actions. Via the plot mods we can also discuss ideas and rewards for players who have done appropriate plot. Making sure that we're not focusing on one specific group or people and more so trying to get everyone's plot.

Community mods

Community mods should be the voice of the site. The goal would be for them to handle dispute between players. I would help them with learning to deescalate the situation.  It would be best for Comm Mods to be people who are known for being a voice of a reason. I think it would also good to have them elected if they player base was fine with  it. That way they have people who can directly voice their concerns or help understand other points of a debate so that coexistence is easier. They would also be tasked with running the monthly activity checks.

I'd help worth with, organize and train current/ new mods using my experience and the advice from my admin predecessors.

Plot and it's future direction

For the longest time world events have been what moved the world plot. It's been a while since they were based of character interactions. So after the current event and dungeon I would want to start working on player plots as I mentioned in my ideas for Plot Mods. We could do mini events, threads and job chains based of player interactions in the world. That way we can give the world plot a chance to settle while we sort it out. While that's happening we'll have the chance to help more players progress in their story, and help show interactions can affect the The World of Magi, it's players actions should be shown through it's plot and history. It would be slow to start, but once we can get this going it'll make the world feel more magical.

If you guys have ideas of things you want to see more of in plot, or maybe just players you think should deserve recognition feel free to let us know. This is our site so lets work together to make the plot we want, it won't always have a happy ending but we can make sure it's a good one.


The systems have changed a lot since I have first joined, but one thing that has not is that they can be complex sometimes. Not everyone is gonna know the systems the same or have the same understanding. While I want to help shape the systems there are some things I don't know or know how to handle. So I want to use my experience with the changing systems and the advice/knowledge of Duq and Diana to help us shape the systems and fill in the gaps. That way we can make it more concrete and try to balancing things when issues come forth.

In addition to that I would want to hold monthly creative work shops, could change depending on player interest, and help all sorts of players see what the systems can do or help forge a better understanding. It would be a good way for us to all learn more. We could get ideas from each other for abilities and such, or help people understand certain classes or types of ability effects. We could also use it for writing tips and improvement if people wanted. That way players can pass on all sorts of information.

I want to stress that one of my most important goals for systems will be making them understandable in some regards. I want to help make sure things that everything can be simplified in some way. If we can do that it'll making memorization and learning a piece of cake. While it's all fine and well if some people understand the complexities of the systems I think they should be manageable enough to where it doesn't feel like some systems or underdeveloped or too complex for someone to understand what it's for or its rules. I don't think complexity is a massive issue but I believe it should be done as it would make the systems more developed.

Rules, ideas and So on

As these will all most likely be sort points I'm putting them all in one section but it will be the last.

For rules there's two specific ones that I want to focus on at this moment. The first is because I've seen many people stressing about it, and I agree with them on the importance of the rule. That would be that this is a PG-13 site in chat and role play hasn't been too much of an issue besides the recent arguments in which excessive language was used.,. Thing languages has also appeared a lot in the discord which the increasing use of profanity and adult subjects on site talk and discord talk. For the site we should try to limit it to as a little as possible and try to leave swearing for the characters or for expression. Just don't use it for every sentence please and I know I've been guilty of it and am stopping for the sake of the rules. For the discord you can use the appropriate chat if you are a member of the 18+ magi after midnight, but outside of there try to keep it like how it would be on the site.

The Second Rule I'd want to focus on is player harassment. We need to make sure we're working things out and not attacking players personally. We shouldn't be trying to take things out on other players or their characters because we don't like them. Attacking each other and saying bad things only causes negativity and stress. We're all here to role play and have fun. I'm sorry to keep bringing it up I just think cooperativeness is the most important part of having a fun experience.

Now I wanna focus a bit on some of the ideas I had for the site or things I want to do. The first being for the dungeon, now we don't know the direction of the dungeon yet.If things are going to change, an idea is we could have a Dungeon vote, we could have the community choose which dungeon the like the most. We can see what the community likes and it's like a gift. Dungeons would still be staff chosen but I think this would be a fun thing to try. I was also thinking of a banner design competition to represent the changing of the site and to update the look. It could show to represent the focus of the sites players instead of cannon characters. I could also get one commissioned with characters drawn. It's just an idea so it would depend on if you guys wanted a new banner and which option would you prefer more.

That covers about everything I wanted to discuss, if you have any questions regarding anything I said or something I may not talked about then feel free to ask me. Please let me know your concerns and issues so if I do get the chance we can help take care of things you guys care about. And thank you for taking th time to read, sincerely Merrze.


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Hello all, my name is Knuckles for those who don't know by now. I have been here for three months, not long I know but I feel long enough. My post won't be as long as the ones who posted before me with detailed plans etc because there's no need in my book. I'll give a brief draft of what you can expect from me, and my experiences and why I fell I should be an admin.

What you can expect: Under my adminship, you can expect a change, sometimes fresh blood is needed for an old community bringing ideas from other sites and places. You can expect some adjustments to be made throughout the system, so far nothing major from what I've gone through. You can expect a more stocked staff and a staff that will have wider roles. I think no matter what staff title you have you have a responsibility to know the systems, managing members, and how to make problematic situations smooth. This means you can expect my staff members to be able to handle any task needed by a member of the site may it be grading, advice, or combat thread judging. You can also expect a staff that is more of a democratic process rather than me making all the calls with the staff to carry them out. Everyone on staff will have a voice and it shall be heard, especially those who disagree. You can expect fair and honestly rulings if disagreements, and a few changes that will make things run fluid. I won't go into what I will change or would have changed here as I rather listen to what members have problems with and have the site adjust more to the players rather than the admins. The power has always been with the members, and it's by time they get want they want as long as majority rules and it fits within the laws of this world.

My Experience: I have been staff before, I made systems for a Fairy tail site, I have also owned my own Fairy Tail site, I've made Plots sitewide, I've done this job before. It may not have been here and things might have different functions here, however, the job of Admin is still the same. Ensure you give players things to do, formulate a plan, carry out the plan, and tend the wants and needs of the members who rp. As some of you know I was a United States Marine in real life, while I was a Marine I was accountable for the well being and safety of my marines under my charge, I was a Fire team leader, a Squad leader, and even in charge of planning combat operations exercises. Ganbo can make rights by these claims as I served with him for the majority of my time served. Some of you may be confused why I listed this as experience and what this has to do with being a Rp site admin, plenty I assure you. It means stressful environments are something I am used to and can weigh the choices before making a decision that can be drastic for the future of the site, it means I will not crack under pressure and let the weight of the site kick me when I'm down. I see things through to the end, and I don't know what failure is when it comes to mission success. Since I've been here I have been the most active Rper hands down, no one can deny this. I think this shows I have the most time to dedicate to the site, and that I can work if I'm in the mood are not.

Why I feel I should be admin: I'm driven, I have the knowledge to drive a staff to achieve a stage of the site where everyone one will enjoy it. I have already made a dozen of systems and have Ideas for systems here. I'm strict, now this might be kind of a negative factor for some, but let's be honest there needs to be some serious enforcement of the rules, and even if I break the rules I expect my staff team to enforce them on me. There will be no bending or abuse of rules under my lead as those who do this will be punished in a series for their carelessness of the rules.

Now I know, I have shown you all I have a Temper, but I assure you I can remain Professional as it was ingrained in me as a Marine, I plan to arm the staff with members who aren't scared to speak up and correct those who are wrong even myself. I also would have to learn the system in an out as I have not been here that long, but the task is doable. I mean, to be honest, the current staff doesn't even know all the systems. That's not an attack on Diana and Riam's team but rather something I have experienced. Most of all we are all human, we all will forget something and have to revert to the rules and double check sometimes so no fault on them. But let's be real, we need a change here perhaps not an overhaul as I think the foundation here is solid, but some appliances are a bit outdated and we need new features. I'm sure many of you are confused as to why I am even running, but I do hope you see what I can bring to the table. I might not be the ideal candidate but I am passionate about RP and this is where I RP so I am passionate about this site. With your help, we can make this place an enjoyment to all. I understand I have flaws but, I feel my Pros out way my Cons, thank you for your time.


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After giving some thought, I have decided to put my name to be one of the admin’s candidate. Name’s Noir and in total I have 4 characters (Noir, Tenma, Altan, Lilithia) which I created in the past when I was a staff to be able to understand all systems and rules about each classes / races. I joined the site from March 2015 and within those years had served as staff under 3 admins from December 2015 until I took an official step down on January 2017. I have this “perfect attendance” for activity check as well for almost 3 years so I guess I am pretty active.

My reason to be the admin is simple, Magi is my home and therefore I want to maintain it and make it better. Some of you might know that I attempted to leave the site due to personal problem several times, yet I always come back and couldn’t bear to leave, considering this site as my home since Magiworld is my 1st RP site.

Hereby is the stuff that I’ve planned as my policies:

Staff Team

The only change that I will do for staff positions is the removal of positions name as I believe that staff should be equal in everything they do and I believe this would make things become simple. Yes the job as creation mod, community mod and plot mod will still be there, but I aim to share the burden together, helping each other as a team instead of shoving jobs to one certain people and make them feel stressed/burdened. There will be a training for the new recruits as well so they will be more comfortable to do actual staff job later on.

System’s Change

The changes wouldn’t be something major and I also put some of the old policies I made for previous election that I think still needed to be implemented:

  • Magician to be able to carry 2 staffs in 1 thread. However, only 1 advanced staff (A-tier staff) and only 1 divine staff is allowed per thread.
  • Imuchakk basic damage stays in B when they are D->B-tier, but change to A when they reach A-tier (caps at A-tier)
  • Important NPC list : history, their visions/goals and personality.
  • Updating and spreading the information about existing organization in the site (The Organization, The Alchemist, etc)
  • Country’s Leader family, etc. Members of the site will be able to do that after the staffs measure the activity and the writing skill of the member. The reason for this is because almost new members who was given the chance always poofed and affected the world’s plot
  • Creating Magi system
  • Starting a small world event at the “Open Seas” and “Imuchakk” area to increase the visitor.

  • Plot/Event
    I would like to start another blank of magic if possible and increasing the reward for those who joined, not only that, the plot progress plot will allow staff to get the idea and would be able to create a small world event in each countries. This will be aimed to help members with their personal plot and getting more character development as it become a little bit major.
    I would also want to share the experience of using Proxy to invade someone’s plot thread randomly, giving them a chance to actually do some important plot outside world event.
    Now, as other admin mentioned this as well. I also think rewarding someone for making a plot post is important, so I plan to making use of the Activity Check to give the reward. The more someone made the plot post, the higher the reward will be and at this point the highest reward would be Huang, Exp and a magic item. Of course plot reward would be given as a separate reward from activity check reward. For example 1 plot thread for the month gets you Huang and Exp, but 5 plot threads might give you Huang, exp and magic item. However, doing plot reward isn’t a mandatory to pass in activity check, it’s an optional way to gain different rewards every month.

  • Omega Tier requirements
    Some of the requirements might be hard to do for some people, so I would like to give alternative way to reach the omega. Yes in the rank system, it is listed that if the requirement doesn’t fit your character, you may propose a plot idea to plot mod. However I want to make that part as a more detailed system.
    A-tier members can start to unlock this alternative feature when they’ve reached min. 9500 exp points, after that they can request for omega quest, the staff will put their plot inside the thread after discussing it and the omega quest will slowly but surely bring the member into omega. Members can actively discuss with the staff about how they are supposed to act and there will be some kind of hint that the staff would give. However, the omega quest would be available only for those who can give logical reason on why they couldn’t do the country omega test. For wanderers, if they cant persuade existing omega tier member to fight with them or if there are no omega tier member available to join the battle, omega quest will be available automatically. Plus, any road to omega thread will be listed as Atier mission and people will get appropriate reward from it as well as receiving a magic item/SoS for reaching Omega tier (optional, need to be discussed again later)

  • Coliseum fighters
    It is kind of weird if members managed to kill a coliseum fighters and they were resurrected to fight other members multiple times. Like member A killed B, then member C also killed B, and then they met and said they both killed B in a joined social thread. It is not a major thing, but I would love to renew deceased fighters to give a variation for coliseum challengers.

If there's some questions regarding those words above, you can ask me through site's PM, discord or skype.
Thank you and best of luck for everyone ^^

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Knux is not qualified to run as he has only been on the site for 2 months. Specifically, 2 months and 19 days. While it is cut a bit short, the rules still apply.


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2017-11-03 is my join date which is Over 3 month


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It's 2 months and 19 days. A total of 80 days.

Three months is approximately around 90 days.


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Your cut off date is Feb 1 which will be the 90 days. Which will put me in your requirements then, not to mention I have 3 activity checks, either way by your listing of who is acceptable to apply I fit them.


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The rules apply for those who have been at least three months prior to this post and have participated in three activity checks prior to this month.

You have only completed two and you have only been a member for 2 months prior.


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Personally, I wouldn't be against Knux running - his experience is pretty valuable, also the player base can evaluate that he hasn't been here long ? I presume the other candidates could be asked to post their opinion on the matter ?


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I've given my jurisdiction on the matter, this conversation is finished. Thank you for your concern.


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Who Am I?
I’m Neo. I’ve been a member of this forum for almost three years now, and having seen three administrations, staff in two of them, I’m pretty much a veteran on the site. I have two characters: Adrastos and Vava. I’m someone who cares about the site and doesn’t want to see it die or break itself apart. Many people think I’m a jerk when I type, though that’s never the intention. In most cases, I am simply misunderstood. If you’ve ever spoken with me in voice channels, you’d know I’m a pretty chill individual.

Why Should I Be Admin?
Well, I care about the site. Though I’m slow and can easily get confused, I’m not hesitant to learn. I’ve been an admin on a few sites before, but like I mentioned in my last admin policy, none of them have been like Magi World. This may be a turn off, but I’m being honest. If there’s one thing I am, it’s being honest. Within the last two administrations, discipline has been lacking. Many arguments and personal attacks have been thrown around, both on the forum and in the Discord server I created. Part of me regrets making the Discord server, but at the same time I’m glad. I feel we’ve gotten to know each other better, especially when we communicate through the voice channels. I’ve found that people can understand each other better thanks to voice calls. But before I go into a tangent here, let’s move on to what I would do if I were admin.

What Would I Do If I Were Admin?
As mentioned before, there’s been numerous arguments and personal attacks throughout the last two administrations. More so with the recent one. I’d be more strict with the rules. The venting and arguments text channel on the server was never intended for super heated arguments involving personal attacks of any kind. I’ve seen this channel be, in my opinion, abused for such intentions. I don’t want that anymore. That being said, I won’t remove the server, or even the venting channel, but arguments that have happened before will no longer be tolerated. Personal grievances should be resolved in private DMs as the rules say.

For plots, I’ll list what needs to be looked at or revisited below and why:

  • Reim: Reim, as far as the public is concerned, is still transitioning into a Republic.
  • Heliohapt vs Reim: These two countries still have conflict or tension with each other. Perhaps a diplomatic event, a minor one, can be set up between Reim PCs and Helio NPCs
  • The Open Seas: This is an empty board, one that’s not used too often.
    Balbadd: Balbadd should still be cleaning up the mess left behind by the slaughter of innocent civilians and the new cabinet members.
  • Rebirth of Magic: This event will introduce the production of Magic Tools through either Magnostadt and/or the Alchemists. Keep in mind this would not allow players to create their own magic tools, but rather give players another way to obtain magic tools without waiting for a dungeon or event. These magic tools would be more pricey to ensure the rarity of magic tools and can only be obtained through these two venues other than events and dungeons. The name is subject to change tho to make it sound better lol.

For systems, I’ll list what could be done if the community or other staff members thinks is fair and why I think they need to be altered or added:

  • Magic Types: In the old systems before Yaku’s second administration, Magicians only had access to three magic types and were limited in the amount and types of combo magics they could perform. Now, magicians have access to all eight or seven plus Clairvoyance. I think it’s more than fair to ask or suggest a training/learning WC for both single magic types and combinations instead of just making a spell and writing a small training WC or buying an ability voucher. After all, magicians are deemed to be one of the most overpowered classes due to its versatility. Your magician’s first magic type would be free of course. The magic type that you have the highest aptitude for will be less than other WCs and combo magics would have the higher WCs based on complexity/how many magic types are involved.

    • Highest Affinity to Magic: 250-500 words
    • Other Magic Types: 500-1,000 words
    • Combo Magics: 1,500-2,000 words (depends on complexity i.e. 2 Type Combo = 1,500 whereas 3+ Type Combo = 2,000)

  • Black Rukh Perks: Even though these perks are indeed strong, the likelihood of a black rukh individual using it is less often than a white rukh person utilizing their own alignment perks. Perhaps there can be something better for those aligned with black rukh. How often would someone put themselves in a situation that put themselves in depravity.
  • Naval Systems: I haven’t put much thought into this, but with help I’m sure something can be created that will not destroy the balance of the site while allowing a fresh mechanic into our rp experience. This would also mean that the Open Seas could be used more often.
  • Magi System: Seeing as how a magician has access to a large magoi pool and all magic types, Magi, beings stronger than normal magicians, would able to use spells at half cost and register the total number of abilities as someone with a primary and secondary of equal tier through Unlocked Potential.
  • Faction Shop: IF there is no faction shop, I’d be more than happy to think of a write up or trial version.
  • Fate’s Fortune: More items to make Omega-tier players more inclined to purchase or spend their excess exp.
  • Fleshing out Countries and Factions: Currently, the information on countries is limited or at the very least outdated. This should be remedied, along with information on NPC factions such as The Dark Hand, The Alchemists, Brotherhood of Ash, Black Spiders, and The Organization. These will be put up for review, but not in the faction format from the faction system. Instead, for those organizations, I’ll be basing and organizing their information in alignment with the country pages. What does this mean? Well, my idea for the faction system was basically a mirror image the country founding system, but on a slightly smaller scale in terms of requirements and costs.

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on the forum through Adrastos or on Discord. :)


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Hello, Magi! Consider this an official announcement for my candidacy for adminship. Before I dive into my plans regarding staff, plots, goals, and other information, let me take a moment to introduce myself. As many of you know, I go by the name Lero out of character and my main character is Jingyi Hou. I have two other characters as well. I consider myself a fairly active member of the community as I have been on here for the past year and have made all activity checks since my character's approval. I’m also a face that pops up frequently in the discord so I suppose I’m also active in the community. While I have just recently been made a moderator, I do have some experience with my job considering I was the DMer for Lagi during B3.

I believe I have the drive, motivation, and love to run this site. Magi World is my first actual rp site and it’s like a home to me. I love it, and I want to see it grow and run on its legs with the help both the site and the community. I’ll go to the fullest lengths to study and truly understand the system. I’ll enforce the rules and make sure that the community can get the best that it can get. Do not underestimate me because of my age. I’m willing to do what is needed to do and you won’t have worry about me dropping out of the league.

As for my schedule, I don’t have that much in terms of responsibilities. My duties include schooling (high school, to be specific), home chores, and the ACT. Speaking of schooling, I am ambitious in the school environment and I’m going to be ambitious here. My plans include attending a college-level boarding school. I also have gone to a conference for girls aspiring to become STEM leaders (in order to have attended, you needed to be one of the top students in your school’s STEM-related courses and you must have written an essay).

Summary: I’m Lero and I’m a plot mod. I’ve been active for a consecutive year, I’m willing to put in the elbow grease, and I have accomplishments from an academic viewpoint.

Plans for Staff

Any site needs a strong backbone to support it. Currently, Magi’s staff team is rather small. If I am elected, I plan to add additional members whom I feel will fit my planned mold. My vision also includes a co-admin who will help me with executive decision making, systems, staff, and who will be there to ensure that each idea is peer-reviewed before being added to the site. I want at least two plot mods, one creation mod, one community mod, and 1 news mod. I will further explain my reasoning for the specific amount of mods below.

My requirements for a member to apply for a moderator position won’t be too restrictive. Each candidate must have completed the AC consecutively for the past two months. Candidates must also have certain qualities to prove they are qualified for the job. Creation mods need a decent understanding of the system; plot mods need to be “good” writers; community mods need to be friendly, cooperative, capable of desculating situations, and communicative; news mods also need to be cooperative and communicative, as well as observant and a fair grasp on writing.

After being hired, each moderator will go through a training period to ensure they are fully equipped to manage their duties. Each mod is expected to do their work in a timely manner Those whose activity drops without notice will be warned - and if necessary, fired. The staff is a machine. Each needs to be a well oiled part that works in sync with the rest of the staff to ensure the site runs as effectively as possible.

Each member of staff have duties they all must fulfill, including the admin and co-admin(s). If these duties are neglected, they will receive a warning.

  • Complete the AC each month (at least 1 thread).
  • Contribute ideas (events, plots, dungeons, etc).
  • Report any rule-breaking.
  • Participate in staff discussions.
  • Reinforce the rules in the Discord and on out-of-character threads.

Plot Mods

I want at least two plot mods, each handling three countries at once. Their jobs are rather simple and I am willing to allow them to recruit able volunteers as DMs when necessary. Plot moderators duties are outlined as so:

  • Handle plot requests in their area.
  • Handle special jobs in their area.
  • Hold random invasions in their area.
  • Hold small-scaled events in their area.
  • Collaborate with News Mods.

Creation Mods

I want at least one creation mod. However, in the future, when we grow, any additional creation mods may organize themselves into specific “work stations” depending on their strengths (each will be able to grade anything, but they are allowed to focus on what they think they do best) as long as everything is handled in an orderly manner. Their duties are outlined as so:

  • Grade abilities, traits, weapons, characters, magic combos, etc.
  • Assist the admin in interpreting the systems.
  • Handle PvP rulings concerning anything system-related (clashing, abilities, etc).
  • Peer review system-related ideas.
  • Offer assistance when requested by members concerning abilities, traits, magic combos, etc.

Community Mods

Community Mods are the bridge between the community and the staff and as such, they should be unbiased members. They hold no obligations or “loyalty” to the admin and should be a true representation of what the community wants from the staff. Not only that, their responsibility also entails keeping the peace and ensuring that no bad blood is created. Because of this, I will only consider candidates whom the community generally views in a positive light and either show the potential or already demonstrate the above qualities. The duties of the community mods are as outlined:

  • Promote the sharing of thoughts and opinions.
  • Streamline the wants of the community to the admin.
  • Welcome new members and assist them.
  • Stimulate the community through ooc events, discussions, etc.
  • Handle advertising events.
  • De-escalate situations.
  • Help manage polls.

News Mods

News Mods are staff members who update the community of in-character actions that occur and create responses to them. They are follow ups to plots and as such must read through threads and collaborate with the plot mods regularly. While their job detail isn’t that long, they have an important duty to help improve Magi World and ensure that the most can be made of plots.

  • Read through threads and plots.
  • Create responses to plots and events.
  • Tie in loose ends that occur at the conclusion of events and plots.
  • Create reports that are easy to read to keep the community updated.
  • Collaborate with the plot mods to organize the IC history of the site.


The role of the co-admin is to be both a personal helper and the second-in-command. They help support me while offering opposing views to ensure only the best results are produced. As the second-in-command, their job is also to help me manage staff and ensure our vision for Magi World is continually being pursued. Considering their admin status, their powers and duties will mirror mine.

My planned co-admins will be Ariel Harel and Noir Ecryola. Both are talented people with lengthy experiences working as moderators, and both have a grasp on the systems. They are active members of our community who have contributed to it and assisted us countless times. Furthermore, Ariel is a wonderful coder while Noir has the magic fingers for graphics. I am of the belief that they would do great as co-admins and help me run the site as smoothly as possible.

  • Peer review the work of all staff members (including the main admin’s and each other's work).
  • Communicate with the community.
  • DM large events.
  • Settle disputes.
  • Help manage the staff.
  • Assist the admin in executive decisions.
  • Perform other staff duties when needed (ex: a creative mod is not present and there is something to be graded).
  • Manage the administration panel.
  • Update information when needed.
  • Enforce the rules.
  • Dock or ban members when needed.
  • Step in as admin whenever the main admin is away.

Summary: I will make staff into a well-oiled machine whose goal is to make Magi World the site the community wants. Above are the listed duties and jobs for staff positions. Other information: requirements for applying.


Before I dive in, I want to state for the record: these are merely ideas and goals I would love to achieve. They are in no way concrete and final. If elected and if my ideas are approved by the community and staff, then I’ll set out to put them into action.
Note: The order of each point does not dictate priority.

i. Rules
ii. Plot
iii. Activity in Countries
iv. Rewards
v. Magi System
vi. Important Plot Positions
vii. Current Systems
iix. Magic Tools
ix. Classes
x. A-Tier
xi. Miscellaneous Issues/Topics


Rules | Recent events are proof that the rules are not being enforced as they should be. Horrible insults - both onsite and in the discord - has been thrown around. Cuss words are said excessively and inappropriately. And when I talk of cuss words, I am not referring to the occasional f-bomb or other slight uses. What I’m referring to is when a user constantly uses a cuss word in an excessive manner. A large portion of the community are adults and they use adult language - that is understandable. But we have a rule that states we are to remain PG-13, a rule in place because Forumotion itself can take down our site for breaking this rule. These rules have been broken multiple times with little to no repercussion. This screams to me that a refresher of the do's and don'ts of the site is due. We cannot continue to turn a blind eye to rule-breaking behavior. It is an act of disrespect and laziness when we do not enforce our own rules.

Under my adminship, I will seek to execute fair and appropriate punishments, but the staff will no longer tolerate the rule-breaking behavior displayed as of late.


Plot | Character plot should be the one driving the world plot. The actions of our characters should be important. But lately I don’t see the results of our characters' actions. As admin, I would seek to implement a system where our actions have results. While this does not mean certain achievements will become easier to accomplish, there would be both rewards and consequences for in-character actions. Do not expect to do something and not receive either positive or negative reactions from those around you - or even both.

Another aspect of plot that I will be addressing is the lore-related information. NPCs and countries will have more “flesh” added to them. Instead of plot mods desperately dumpster-diving for scraps of information on the important NPCs they’re supposed to roleplay and hope that they are representing them properly, I intend to organize this information. Expect detailed NPC character sheets that are vital to the community and its plot - I will strive to give you more than just flimsy, one-sided characters who have no flaws or are not being role-played accurately.

Expect more information concerning the individual countries as well. I seek to make this world more personal, more believable, more consistent, and more informational. While I understand there needs to be room for members to envision the world as they see it, I want to add a backbone to Magi World. Establish key places in the countries, describe them in length, and just make the world a more living place.

The final point I’ll touch on for plot are organizations and factions. They are established groups on this site and they are bound to have an impact. I want to make information about them more available and understandable to all members. They are apart of this world, so new members should easily understand who they are, what they want, and how they affect the plot in the region/world.

A lesser note to this idea is the trimming of older plots that are either irrelevant or unnecessary. This would only pass with the majority acceptance of the site and is up to the community to decide, not me. This is a suggestion for the purpose of creating a solid timeline of events and plots and making it easier to manage and record.


Activity in Countries | While we have a respectable community with good activity, I want to help grow this site and nurture it to the best of my abilities. That means trying to expand the community and trying to spread activity. Imuchakk and the Open Seas are criminally low in activity and I want to help fix that by introducing mini-events and special jobs that will encourage members to gravitate there. Whenever other countries show the same danger of becoming inactive, I will do the same to assist them.


Rewards |  As Lagi as mentioned in his suggestions for AC rewards, our members work hard to tell the story of their characters - to get them from point A to point B in their plot. I wish to reward their efforts. My ideas include rewards for plot (if certain requirements are met, such as the effort, the quality, and the end result), an AC reward shop as suggested by Lagi, and perhaps running ooc events for “Character of the Month”, “Thread of the Month”, etc. I’ll also set in place rules to prevent abuse(such as a character awarded 'Character of the Month' many times consecutively).


Magi System |  Personally, I believe that in certain aspects, the Contractor is failing his duty as an NPC and may be stagnating and suffocating the world plot of Magi World. I want to integrate a definitive Magi System - one where a member is chosen to RP a Magi on the site. I will also introduce two additional Magi characters in other countries. They will influence the plot, raise dungeons, and affect the world through their interactions with PC characters.


Important Plot Positions |  I would like to have more members RP as plot-important people. Now, this is of no indication that I plan to actively replace world leaders, nor is this a ploy to give members easy access to important positions. Instead, this a reward for hard-working members who have worked tirelessly for their plot.It would not be easy to earn and it would be restricted to active members who have proved they can handle the responsibilities. (Important positions may be family members of important NPCs, military positions, government positions, etc…)


Current Systems |  I want to make the systems as clear as possible. I also plan to make slight edits to a few systems.

First off, I would like to rewrite the tutorials to update it to the current systems, reword and clarify potentially confusing points, and overall create a more explanatory and straightforward tutorial to better assist new members. Another action I would take is to better organize the system pages as to make it easier to read. It is rather easy to skip over important details in the clusters of information and new members may feel overwhelmed to read it all at once. Another tool that I would implement is a detailed Q&A that provides immediate and quick answers to frequently asked questions along with information about small details that may better aid members in understanding our complicated systems. We could better explain features such as sustainment, add quick links to more prevalent systems, and offer simple advice.

The other topic I will address are system updates, the most notable one being the Rukh System. The Rukh are a major impact on the lore of the site yet it does not often have the appropriate effect on our plots. As of now, it is generally a miniscule detail which tends to have little bearing in the grand scheme of things. As proposed by a member, I want to take a look at the Rukh System and potentially improve upon the areas it lacks in. Any other issues brought up by staff or in the suggestions board will be addressed, discussed, and dealt with.


Magic Tools | They are a rarity exclusive to events and dungeons. I would like to create a store where a person can buy a magic tool. Perhaps it stocks itself infrequently to prevent too many magic tools circulating. It will only be open when magic tools are otherwise unavailable in the market. Another requirement, in order to better balance it out and make it even more infrequent, is that there needs to be extremely random ever changing events for the shop to pop up (I will keep examples secret in the case I am elected and this does pass through in order to keep it random and secret). I am open to even more ideas to restrict the appearance of the store. Other ideas I have is that it requires you to be at least of the same tier as or higher thab the magic tools you wish to purchase from the shop (eg. C-tier members can only buy C-tier or D-tier magic tools). If this restricted is added, certain rules would be added to ensure it is not bypassed or abused. Such rules could include that you cannot transfer that tool to another member unless they meet the tier requirement or require a doubled cost price for transferring it.


Class |. For some time many members have disputed that some classes are significantly weaker than the others. Rangers and Body Manipulators are the first who come to mind. I plan to do a full, in-depth study to determine how the classes compare with each other and what can be done to improve their lacking appeal.


A-Tier | When a player finally reaches A-Tier, this is often an exciting accomplishment. Despite this, the description for A-Tier in the Rank System page treats it as simply a stepping stone between β-Tier and Ω-Tier. The stance on an A-Tier's impact/reputation is also rather vague. I would like to show the accomplishment reaching A-Tier is in its description without taking away Ω-Tier's thunder.


Here is an additional list of matters I plan to address if I am elected admin:

  • Prompt active discussion on ideas and suggestions between the staff and player base.
  • Introduce Divine Staff-like tools as singular special awards in dungeons that grant non-Magicians access to the Dungeon’s specific magic type. There would be restrictions on the amounts you could own/bring into a thread.
  • Some graphical and aesthetic updates to the site if wanted.

Finally, I’m drawing to my conclusion. I am more than willing to work with anyone who approaches me, especially with the other admin candidates. They are capable people with great ideas for the community. The bottom line is - Magi World needs an admin team with a staff dedicated to making this site the best it can be for its members. I feel that the people who are applying as candidates are valuable members who could help me achieve that goal. If I were to be elected, I will seek whatever help they are willing to offer (such as joining my team). I appreciate everything they have brought up - both here on this thread and in general, along with everyone else's ideas that have been suggested to the community.

Thank you for reading through my thoughts. If any of you are confused over anything I have said, please contact me through the site or through Discord. I hope you all have a wonderful day and good luck to the other candidates. Thank you.


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