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Knuckles I [Job]

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1Knuckles I [Job] Empty Knuckles I [Job] on 15/01/18, 02:37 pm

Job Details:

Job Name: Unexpected Consequences Pt I/III [Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview:
The creation of the latest port city, Portsmouth, has displaced many beasts and has deforested a portion of the area around the coast. This displacement has caused several beasts to come close to extinction, as those that hunted its predators have died. Help a group of traveling Beast Tamers save these various weaker groups of species by bringing them into a more stable environment to the west, near the mountains.

It’s been three days since Taavetti, been out there. Reim wasn’t marvelous like some have said it too be. It’s streets, and citizens felt just as bland as Heliohapt whenever he walked down them. Considering he was one to walk. Riding along in his carriage down to the lastest extension Portsmouth. “ Are we there yet? To portsmouth. “ He asked the driver. “ Almost there, Sir. “ The driver replied. They had been in the Western Front for a little bit, and it was quite rough actually. Simple flats around them, and some quality well built houses came past them as they move on toward this city port.

Taavetti, wasn’t one for having multiple conversations, but he also knew with little pay he got, and how long it would take to find his brother he needed a job. Since the creation of Portsmouth, many beasts were seen along the trip that he wasn’t familiar with, and that was something he wanted to investigate on his own. After arriving in the port city, and getting a hotel. Taavetti, set off on his own to locate where most of the beast originate from. Asking around a little bit, he found a travelling caravan of beast tamers. They weren’t too far from where his eyes could rest upon their figures at a distance.

One person in particular was an official looking man.  His hair was red, his skin was quite pale, but nothing too bad. A muscular build, with white robes covering his body. What set it off, was the way he was in the distance, his stance shown how confident he was? Maybe it didn’t, but he wouldn’t know until he went up to the caravan.

It seems y’all are having a inconvenience with your animals? Care for a healthy hand. ” Taavetti, said to the men with the clipboard.
As many hands as we can get. We’ve already gotten help from this official here, and another set won’t hurt. We need help relocating to the mountains due west! ” The short man said.

Alright. I can help with that, so I’ll get started once I speak to the official y’all have. ” He said, to the short man. Who then pointed over the the red hair, and robed man doing something of his own accords? Or just standing? Walking over and being… a being.

Yello, Rello. ” He said to Knux as he got close enough for them to hear each other.

Word Count: 419/500

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2Knuckles I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles I [Job] on 15/01/18, 03:06 pm

What a waste of time, of course being a new join with the Unity Corps meant doing some boring jobs for them, but this was truly boring. There wasn't even a need for his sword or shield here. Sure, there might of been an encounter or two with a hunter trying to catch the last of the beast here but mostly, it was a simple task with minimum conflict, a bore within Knux's world.  Hopefully something would happened where he could find some action, maybe of of the beast would raise against the tamers and he could put it to sleep, no not likely by the looks of everything.   So far the man had just been keeping an eye on things ensuring everyone wasn't trying to pull some shady stuff, having the Unity Corps here was helping he guessed who would want to tangle with them? Being a member himself he knew how strong they were and so did the people here most likely.    Walking around the bare woodlands Knuckles would be heading back to get a numbers count when a man approached him, he was dressed a bit like a nobleman, hair was well kept and his posture just spoke about power. Perhaps it wasn't his power but he came from it, or had someone with it close to him.  As he greeted Knuckles in a odd way Knuckles gave a head nod as his emerald green hues looked him up and down.
"Yo, you must be here for helping with herding some beast towards the west.  My name is Knuckles Shi, I'm with the Unity Corps of Reim,  we're here for security measures as well as helping when needed. And you are?" he questioned waiting to learn the name of the man.

Once he got a name and any other dialogue Knuckles would nod to acknowledge his words. "I was about to get a head count of how many have checked in, after I do so I can show you to where most of the tamers are for today's work.  I think all there is to do now is escort the tamers" Knuckles didn't notice any beast with the man so he assumed he was one of the hired arms to help protect the tamers.  Knuckles walked up to the man with the clip board and took it from him, looking it over he handed it back then walked back to the man.  Motioning his head for the man to follow Knuckles lead the way, after about 2 minutes of walking over towards the tamers one could see a bunch of people with whips from all walks of life, these tamers were currently working on trying to secure a bear into a cage for transport.  As the two men drew closer 5 of the tamers in the group were starting to get it in there. How fun would it be if it got out and killed a few of them? Knuckles would enjoy it, it would mean he got to fight something.  

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3Knuckles I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles I [Job] on 15/01/18, 10:08 pm

Unity Crops? Never heard of them. The name is Taavetti Bastet. ” Sort of in a questionable tone in response to Knuckles. Red hair, and green eyes. Such a weird looking man in front of him. He would reach to shake the man’s hand as he got his second acquaintance in his quest. Given a little time after, whether he got the hake shake or not, the man explained how much of the loading work was finished, and escorting was next. It seemed he had arrived just in time to escort the caravan of tamers. Getting an odd stare from Knuckles, before he took himself over to the man with the clipboard, he thought ‘ Is he looking over me to see if i'm capable of fighting? He looks like one of those so called gladiators mother spoke of… ‘ Finishing his thoughts.

Taavetti, got a little head notch from Knuckles, and followed behind. It was a short walk nothing too big. 2 minutes or less, until they saw beast tamers loading one of the few remaining species into a cage. Looking over to knuckles, who was about the same height. “ It seems you have the lead here, so you care to begin leading them due west? ” He would say knowing it wasn’t a bad thing to have a sort of leader, but it made his skin crawl knowing someone of a leader-type was near him.

Given how dialogue went between him and Knuckles, previously. Taavetti, would find himself with the red hair man, far off in the Western Front, getting near the mountainous range. The land close to the mountains weren’t as bad as the mental debris scattered just beforehand had from previous wars. Being himself he wasn’t to worried about the war, but his curiosity didn’t stop him from asking Knuckles, as they pressed onward. “ So you know anything about the Battle?

Word Count: 742/500

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4Knuckles I [Job] Empty Re: Knuckles I [Job] on 15/01/18, 11:11 pm

It was a rather smooth and easy sailing from this point on, all they had to do was walk, nothing was really going to happened it seemed which was good all in all but not for him. He was a warrior through and through, as for the new man he had no idea what he was. With the suggestion Knuckles smiled and nodded his head. "I wouldn't say I lead but rather ensure the safety of these volunteers. If that's the last of them let's head on out, I would like to get some fighting in before the day is old!"
As they began to walk the man asked a question, if he had known about the battle. Knuckles wondered just what battle he was talking about if he meant the Coliseum battles he might know of Knuckles from his fight's there. If he meant the battle with slavers in the city Knuckles knew of them too, he had a hand in bringing it to an end here. If he meant the battles with man-made monster well shit Knuckles knew about that too, anything else, however, Knuckles knew not. [color=red]"And which battles do you mean Taavetti?"king at the man with a puzzled face, confused as to what he meant. They had done well thus far and were nearly in the west where the forest was still alive and overflowing with life. Upon reaching it, the tamers would let the beast go one by one allowing safety to those who were deemed prey by the largest of the beast. Before it was all said and done Knuckles grew a bit cautious about the young man, and wondered just what he was doing here in Reim. [color=red] "How's about you come with me to my favorite tavern, best drink, and women you'll find without having to feel bad about spending the coin. I'll introduce you to my boy Ganbo. He'll like you I reckon. Come now, I won't take no for an answer!" Once they were done here Knuckles would lead the fella back towards the inner city of Reim, he was going to show Ganbo what an interesting fellow he had come across. Besides, he needed a drink or to stab his sword through someone, a drink was faster.

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