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Entering the big league. [2v1 with Ganbo]

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Breaker's Info:
Entering the big league. [2v1 with Ganbo] Urbicus
Enemy Name: Breaker
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A-tier
Abilities: An experienced gladiator with numerous fights under hiThe breaker Breaker is feared by other combatants for his tendency to break his opponent's weapons. He runs at 7m/s and sprints at 12m/s. Breaker wields a C-tier gauntlet on his left arm, a B-tier shortsword in his left hand, and a C-tier tower shield in his right hand.

Brace ~  Breaker raises his tower shield and blocks up to 1 A-tier's worth of damage. He raises the shield at 20m/s.

Deflecting Parry ~ Breaker steps into an attack and flashes his left arm through the air using his gauntlet to deflect an incoming attack blocking up to 1 B-tier worth of damage. This movement occurs at 15m/s.

Crushing Rush ~ Breaker performs a wild downwards slash at 15m/s capable of dealing B-tier cutting damage.

Yet again the dynamic duo, the unstoppable tag-team, the furious fighters the world has ever seen found themselves at the Coliseum. There was a man who went by Breaker who was getting a bit Tired fo the lot of Ganbo and Knuckles and there rise in popularity.  He was a true Gladiator in terms of combat, there's a Rumor about him that he is so strong he breaks his opponents weapons and has caused him to be a bit feared. However, not even he has seemed to kill people like Knuckles had and thus was wished to show the world that these two were simply just lucky and were nothing to a real fighter.

Knuckles and Ganbo were already checked in and in the waiting room, Knuckles was sitting on a wooden barrel while eating a green apple. "You think they will ever learn to stop picking 2v1 fights with us? I mean it's obvious we can handle anyone by ourselves no matter how strong. We faced Magicians, slavers, Military, Monsters even, remember how gross that was?" Knuckles looked like he was thinking hard as his head tilted while looking at the floor, after a second later he gena to shake the hand holding the apple while lifting his index finger ever so slightly to point at Gambo. "Now that I think about it I wonder if they ever found the guy who created them. Hmm oh well." He shrugged his shoulder as he looked up at Ganbo to listen if he would say anything or not.  Either way, Knuckles would like to put this Breaker dude down and gather more fame, the more people Knew him the better, and he had the honor of wearing only his white bottom half of his robes and sandals today.  Knuckles Carried his sword but no shield today.  He was going to be more offensive today thus not needing the shield.

WC: 326

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Looking around the waiting room, Ganbo was happy they had decided to move them into nicer rooms. Granted that was a bonus for bringing in money for the coliseum, while they weren't exactly famous people knew about them. Racist ass fighters always wanted to take us on, oh well easy money for us. Breaker was another famous contestent, known for multiple things he fit the publics preconcived notion on what a gladiator should look like. Though he wore heavier armor than the traditional gladiator the location of it was normal and he had exposed regions so that he could maintain his speed in the arena. No doubt he had challenged Knuckles and Ganbo for the killing in the arena, while it was allowed it didn't happen often. So now there were multiple people gunning for them, which was fine for Ganbo it meant that he didn't have to go looking for matches. As Knuckles started speaking it would interrupt Ganbo's thoughts as he listened intently. "Ah you know how it is, I'm sure the arena staff has painted us as some kind of brutal savages from far away lands. Who wouldn't want to defend the honor of their city and avenge the death of a long time contestant. Yeah they should really read the news though they'd probably know more about us that way. Monster blood is a bitch to clean out of clothes too ended up throwing away those pants. After Knuckles' pause and his question Ganbo would respond. "We probably didn't hear more about it cause their was government involvement or someone with a lot of money behind it. Either way I'm sure once more deaths happen and they realize how useless they are without us they'll hit us up. Getting tired of using a shield already? Better watch it don't want to end up losing your swordplay like some of the Fanalis I've heard about" Ganbo was of course just teasing.

Ganbo was wearing his lose fitted pants with some bandages and medical tape around some of his scars on his legs, he had no shirt on his giant tattooed number 1 was still as dark as when they first tattooed it.  Fans reacted more positively to him wearing no shirt than his jacket, especially since he'd taken a hit before letting his jacket get ripped in a previous encounter. The scars on his front and back were numerous but that also got the crowd riled up since they thought they were mainly coliseum scars. The announcer soon started to wind up the crowd for the impending fight, Ganbo had learned to block out his annoying voice by this point. He'd look at Knuckles and say "You keep him occupied for a good second or two and I'll thunder clap his ass?We can probably finish the dude off pretty easy yeah."

WC: 474

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Ganbo had pretty good points about the government stuff, in any case, the next time they came to them for help it meant Knuckles and Ganbo could ask for more.  Hearing the tease about swordplay Knuckles chuckled. "I wanted to make it harder for myself.  Also, don't want to look like I'm copying this guy. Both were true statements, the later was the main reason truly.  It seemed it was time for them to take on another Victory. Hearing Ganbo's plan Knuckles nodded and offered his fist to bump as they walked out and the gates were open.  Across the way was the Breaker, Taking note of his sword and shield Knuckles would have to make the man clash with him,  not even a meter out the gate Knuckles took off running, until reaching his full speed. His body a blur to most, but his angle was sure as day, the dirt trail he left behind him showed where he was, after all the man was running fast than any mounts in the land, this was the Fanalis blood flowing within him, the power that made him a nuke in a fight.  Knuckles was about three meters away when he would prep his attack. Drawing his blade Knuckles twirled it as he brought it up at a 45-degree angle, slicing from the manship towards his right shoulder.  The Breaker lifted his shield blocking the attack. "Not bad, he's pretty quick but not as fast as or as strong as I am. Just a little bit more time and Ganbo will be able to put this dude in the dirt."  The crowd began to go wild with the opening of the fight, someone was able to block Knuckles attack and hold even ground with him, though to the crowd it was that Knuckles was brave enough to lead in with no shield and risk his sword breaking.  Taking a Deep breath in Knux was getting ready for a roar, when the Breaker started to perform a wild downwards slash, of course, his he was planning on Knuckles blocking with his sword, and then breaking it, unlucky for him, Knuckles wasn't going to let that happen. Knuckles did lift his sword up to meet the attack except Knuckles was parrying the attack, sending the attack towards his shield arm, likely to make some problems occur in blocking the next attack Knuckles or Ganbo was going to perform. As Soon as Knux's sword met with the Breakers Knuckles let out the furious roar of his, the sound waves echoing within the man's helm locking him in place due to the pain of his ear Drums.   "Now it's over!"  He yelled out before he would set Ganbo up with a perfect opening for his attack. Knuckles cocked his right fist back as a smile filled his lips, he sent the first forward at A tier speeds, the sound of wind could be heard breaking around his fist before it made contact with the man's sternum forcing him to drop his arms as he tried to catch his breath.    He was still standing he was sure Ganbo had it from here, and whatever he was going to hit this guy with was going to fist him off.

WC 566+326=892
Skills used:

Sword Parry

Tier: B
Class: Warrior
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user must be attacked by another, and have both feet planted firmly in a defensive posture before using this ability Must have a Sword.
Scaling: Hits: The number of hits or projectiles will double for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 3
Cost: 30
Description: making contact with the incoming attack with his sword, the user then redirects  1 B tier or lower ability.

Fanalis Roar

Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

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Ganbo watched as Knuckles took off at his inhuman speed, the arena had yet to see his new speed. Ganbo still remembered his first taste of it, as he started shake his arms violently increasing their size until they were a total of 33 meters long each. After that he'd start to grow bone blades on his palm focusing more stamina to increase their lethality. He figured it was his time to show off, if they were going to be a despicable duo he had to put his work in too. Watching Knuckles waiting for his opening Ganbo had his arms spread wide ready to clap slash his opponent. Sure enough Knuckles and Breaker seemed to be having a croud pleasing scuffle. Ganbo knew right about now the fear of the match would start to set in on Breaker. He was only handling 1 opponent right now and he had signed up for two. The Hubris of arena combatants would continue to astound him while he climbed in popularity.

That was when Knuckles cracked one against the man's sternum leaving him wide open. Ganbo's arms slammed into Breaker had managed to parry with his gauntlet on his left side. However this had a more negative effect than he imagined he had neglected his right and as Ganbo's hands with bone blades struck, his left hand would become lodged into the mans gauntlet. His Left however would cut straight into the mid section of Breakers rib cage, Ganbo wouldn't cut deep enough to kill the man on the first swing. As he brought back his right arm less than a meter to deliver another blow, Breaker would try to concede. However with his left arm caught in Breakers gauntlet when he tried to surrender by taking a knee, Ganbo would lift him up with his leverage on the gauntlet and deliver another blow cutting into the mans leg. Then he'd cock back one last time and cut across the mans achiles tendon, He wouldn't slice it all the way he wanted the man to recover...eventually. At the last cut he'd fall to the ground and, even through the mask Ganbo could feel his searing hatred. Good I'm sure when he recovers he'll want a solo match with me. I'll make sure to show him something even worse then. As the crowd saw the match was already over some seemed disappointed. However that was not Ganbo's worry he planned on this fight being short. Hopefully after this the arena opponents would stop these nonsensical challenges that fit their racial prerogative. After the announcer, finished blathering on Ganbo would walk out waiting on Knuckles. He'd let his arms drag on the ground until he was out of crowd sight then he'd return them to the normal size and let the bone blades push out of his skin and fall to the ground. He'd pick up his blades and toss them in the trash he was rather affectionate about the cleaning crew in the arena. He had drank with a couple of them when he was fresh.

"Another win another dollar, hey man I was thinking. Reim is fun but I was thinking we could go do an out of town trip for a while. How do you feel about that?" If Knuckles didn't want to leave yet Ganbo would be ok with that saying that he didn't mind waiting. It was more just putting the idea out there they hadn't spoken about plans in some time. After their conversation he'd follow Knuckles to celebrate in a bar, they had fans now so it didn't matter where they went. The guaranteed drinks would be there.


WC: 539 + 474 = 1013
Stamina: 125/215
Skill Used:

Arms of the River
Tier: C
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Supplementary  
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user has to prepare his arms for the transformation loosening them up for the joints to move and for his arms to extend out. He does this by shaking both arms violently as they start to grow loosening himself out while extending his arms.
Scaling: Range
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20

  • Using his knowledge of his own body's physiology Ganbo stretches his joints out and extends his arms creating new joints until both his arms are 3 meters long and capable of being used like whips. Ganbo can use his arms to cause his basic attacks to do C rank damage. After 2 post his arms and joints return to normal size.
  • Last for 2 post

Bone Blades
Tier: B
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user takes C rank damage for every time this is used after the first on the spots where the bones emerge.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 post
Cost: 30 Stamina

  • The user expands their bone structure on 3 limbs forcing bone blades out of limbs.
  • The blades are only 15 centimeters in height, 55 centimeters in length and 1.5 centimeters in thickness.
  • The blades deal B rank non ability damage.
  • Lasts for 3 posts then the bone blade falls off.


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Knuckles watched how Ganbo ended the fight, that was the man he knew, no lost in the tavern. Knuckles began to chuckle as he placed his sword in his sheath. Ganbo wanted to leave Reim for a while, Knuckles was fine with that, he wanted to have some fun with it. [color=red]"Sounds good to me bro, where ever you wish to go." Knuckles followed the man to the bar and celebrate. Who knew where they were going next. Where ever it was Knuckles would be sure to sharpen his blade before leaving. He wanted to be ready to dull it on people as soon as possible.

wc 1090


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