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Dullahan Resubmit [WIP]

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1Dullahan Resubmit [WIP] Empty Dullahan Resubmit [WIP] on 10/01/18, 10:11 pm

Dullahan Resubmit [WIP] 092927978018c022879520caa087dad0
Name: Dullahan
Tier: B
Type: Normal
Species: Ferrum Carpa
Appearance: Dullahan, like all Ferrum Carpa, is a type of goat. His massive horns that curl around his ears, if stretched out, are 58 cm, with the shorter set of horns on his head tapering off at 5 cm. All of his horns are a metallic silverish-iron color. Like all Ferrum Capra, he has several horns lining his sides. They differ in size, with the one starting by his shoulder 5cm and the largest on his hip 20cm. Dullahan was bred to be larger than most Ferrum Carpa, so he stands at a height of a small horse (200 cm) with a rather wide body of about 65 cm. His body is covered in soft, white wool, though it doesn't cover his dark-brown face. The tips of his tail are black, along with the insides of his ears.
Beast Traits:
Trait Points Available - 5

Trait Name: Speed Devil
Trait Tier: B-tier
Trait Requirement: Ferrum Carpa
Trait Description: Ferrum Carpe were bred to be battle mounts, resulting in an altered body that allows them to run at fast speeds to not only serve as worthy vehicles but to escape from predators.
Trait Effect: On land, Dullahan is capable of running at A-tier speeds (equivalent to a B-tier Fanalis) instead of B-tier speeds.

Trait Name:
Trait Tier:
Trait Requirement:
Trait Description:
Trait Effect:

Trait Name:
Trait Tier:
Trait Requirement:
Trait Description:
Trait Effect:

Trait Name: Conductive Bones
Trait Tier: B-Tier
Trait Requirement: Ferrum Capra
Trait Description: Ferrum Carpa have special body organs that allow them to generate electricity. They have modified muscles that can release electric currents, a special organ about the size of a kidney that produces electric shocks, iron bones (conductive), and electrogenic cells throughout their bodies and horn.
Trait Effect: Dullahan can register static-based abilities.

Trait Name: Restoring Saliva
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: Must be a Ferrum Carpa
Trait Description: Glands in a Ferrum Carpa's mouth are able to produce special saliva that contains healing properties capable of healing bruises, cuts, burns, fractures, and other wounds.
Trait Effect: Dullahan can register healing-based abilities.


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