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A drunken stumble. [Job/Solo]

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1A drunken stumble. [Job/Solo] Empty A drunken stumble. [Job/Solo] on 07/01/18, 03:37 pm

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
Job details:
Job Name: The Bandit Brothers
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 200 XP|15,000 Huang
Job Overview: Three brothers have taken up banditry, skulking around taverns and preying upon the drunks that stumble out of them. Bring them to justice and you shall be rewarded.

Enemy Name: Leo
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Abilities: Small and quick, Leo is the youngest of the brothers. He uses a blowgun as a weapon and is usually the first to strike, attempting to paralyze or disorient his target.

Stun– Leo launches a blow dart from his blowgun, paralyzing whatever limb he hits for 2 posts.

Pain Split– Leo launches two blow darts from his blowgun in rapid succession, each causing D-tier damage upon impact. These darts are tipped with a poison that causes immense pain to the limb in question, halving a target’s speed.

Enemy Name: Baleno
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Abilities: The opposite of his brother Leo, Baleno is a very rotund man with more fat than muscle. He carries a club he can do D-tier damage with.

Whack– Baleno whacks an opponent’s head with his club in an attempt to knock them out, imparting C-tier damage.

Boom Boom– Baleno swings his club in a wild arc twice, each hit he lands imparting D-tier damage.

Enemy Name: Marco
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Marco uses a spiked ball and chain that does B-tier base damage.

Swish- Marco swings his ball and chain around him, deflecting up to B-tier damage.

Squeeze- Marco wraps the chain of his ball and chain around an opponent’s limb, immobilizing that limb and imparting C-tier damage.

Snap- Marco swings his ball and chain around rapidly, imparting B-tier damage and knocking an opponent back 5 meters.

Walking out the bar he waved his hands over his head before he exited the door, wobbling out of it he stumbled into the street. The street lamps were dim, the streets fairly empty, not even the homeless animals were about, though it was the southern part of Reim, they were likely already eaten.  Knuckles would find himself a bit further from the bar once the light rain started to fall. "Oh, fuck the rain!" Trying to get out of it he walked into an alley to try and stay out of the rain. He would have used his shield to block the water drops but he wasn't really thinking all that much, he was drunk after all. He wasn't the only one down the alley though, he had been followed by a man, another had swung around from the other ally way, Knuckles really didn't know what was going on at first he thought others were coming to seek cover from the rain as well. Hearing additional footsteps behind him Knuckles knew the deal and how this played out.  Knuckles had his sword and shield on his back as always, leaving it there, for now, Knuckles brought the bottle to his lips and took a sip of the drink.  The man approaching from his front was wearing a black hood with his other black clothing as well, Knuckles held the bottle out towards the man. "Care for a taste, it'll warm you up my friend."  Then the man from the front reached his hand out but grabbed Knuckles wrist instead pulling him towards him then attempts to swing a club at Knux's head, as the strike came towards him Knuckles drove his shoulder into the man's shoulder forcing his grip to let Knuckles go and preventing the attack from making contact.   Knuckles felt a sting on his left arm, reaching his hand over he pulled a dart from his left arm."The hell is this?"   a few seconds later all feeling in his arm seems to fade as the limb fell numb.  Turning his body to see the bastard who did this, he saw two figures.  Knuckles reached his right arm to his back drawing his blade, as  Marco came in with the ball and chain he tried to swing it right at Knux's chest,  Knuckles lifted his sword parring the attack and sending the ball down to the ground, this would give him a chance to land some damage, and he did just that, striking with damn near all his might, not able to do full damage due to his drunkness and unbalanced footing, he on caught the right arm of the man breaking his arm.

Stamina: -30 out of whatever I have at B


2A drunken stumble. [Job/Solo] Empty Re: A drunken stumble. [Job/Solo] on 13/01/18, 09:18 am

Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis
With the result of Marco's arm breaking, the man would shout as he'd stumble back with the intense pain, his two younger brothers were taken a bit back by this, never had someone done so much to their brother before, he was the strongest person in the world to them, how could some drunk guy do this?  While Marco was gripping his arm in pain Knuckles turned to the brother with the club,  Baleno, the man was scurrying to his feet in fear. Knuckles began to laugh as a streak of lightning flash over them allowing the club user to see the face of the fanalis, on of pure enjoyment.   Knuckles bent down stabbing his sword into the man's leg right into the calf muscles to ensure he wouldn't be running off anywhere. He repeated the attack in the other leg the man had already been defeated at this point.

He had sought out in a roar of pain before passing out, and there simply remained two left. The Older Brother Marco seemed to be shocked at what Knuckles did, a bit stunned by it all. Knuckles sheathed his sword, he didn't need it any longer. The fun part was over and now it was time for the lesson.  With his sword away, he could go all out with his right arm, his left was still a bit numb and unable to do much besides wiggle a few fingers, well move it on his own that was.In a blaze of speed Knuckles leaped upwards running along the side of the walls for a brief moment before the human male with the blowgun even knew what had happened Knuckles had already landed a furious punch into the center of the man's chest. Blood and spit hurled from the man's chest as he doubled over and began to expel a large amount of blood followed by a gasp of air. Knuckles attack had caved his chest in and destroyed his lungs.  There was not a chance in the man living more than a minute longer and while he suffered trying to catch his breath with no lungs, Knuckles walked towards the last brother who had a hope at stopping the monster.  "You made the wrong choice tonight, you attacked a man who was forced to not kill a woman tonight, you attacked a Colissuem warrior and lastly a Member of the Unity Corps. " As he was finishing he words the man interrupted him, by this time Knuckles was already ay the man. P-Please, let us go! We wot hurt anyone again I SWEAR PLEASE, NO!!! HELP!" It was a bit obvious, but as the man began to speak knuckles bent down lifting the man up off the ground by his collar.   Planting his left foot Knuckles would twirl his body around in a 180 motion then slam the body into the wall leaving the man's body in it. He had forced the man's body to push the brick back into the home or business, he wasn't sure which it was at this time.  Letting go of his collar Knuckles ran his hand through his crimson red hair. What was he to do now with the last one? Perhaps skin him alive?  No, he wouldn't have the time for it, since the scream was likely heard by now and not to mention he just pushed bricks in with a body which was looking like a beat up rag doll currently, he was pressed for time.  It would have to be something that was just as good, but perhaps not as bloody? Looking at the sounds of crying and weeping were coming from the guy who had a club.  T

The last brother gripped the club and threw it with Knuckles head. foolish as Knuckles snatched it right out of the air. This gave him a good idea though, it was sick and disgusting but it would do just fine.Walking over to the man Knuckles lifted him up and tossed him further into the alleyway, the man bounced and would skid across the ground like a rock.  
Knuckles would lightly tap the club against his shoulder as he began to chuckle at the idea of how much this was going to hurt the bastard.  "Always kill your foes, for one day they may come back strong enough to end you.
Allowing those who attack you to live gives them resolve to see you dead...  That was what I learned from being a slave. Do you know the things they do to slaves who try their hand at running away or fighting back?  Oh sure, they kill you if you're lucky. Then again how lucky is a slave to start with..
Knuckles had reached the man's body, with his right left he'd turn him over placing his chest on the ground.  Knuckles would Kneel down and grab the man's trousers, instantly the man began to cry for mercy, weep for his life, it was a beautiful song. One Knuckles was allowed to sing along with while flashback of slaves was being raped, killed, whipped, and much more was playing in his head. Black Ruhk began to fly around him, but only a few.   With the man's pants off Knuckles grabbed the club, he used it to lift the rear end of the man up into the air slightly.  Knux's right arm swung back, and with all his might Knuckles thrust it forward as he shoved the club into the man. Death was not instant for the man, but it was close.  With all three of the men taken care of, he stood to his feet as the rain started to come down harder. A fitting into his night really, before leaving he'd search through the pockets of the men he had slain taking with him all the money he found and one of the unused poison darts from the dart blower.  Knuckles was interested in how he could make things like this for later use.   It was time to go home, he needed to plan his actions for the future very carefully.  

Stamina:220/250 I guess


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