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Monster Sighting! [Pride x Rain]

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1 Monster Sighting! [Pride x Rain] on 07/01/18, 01:23 pm


Newborn chick hurriedly waddling across the dusty paved roads of Reim, trying to reunite with its posse under the lead of the mother hen. Walking across it's trail was another sort of hatchling; Pride was dancing, but each limb was completely asynchronistic of the other, it would be more keen to call it a swaying wobble. However, there was no hiding the feeling in his heart. Cheerfulness poured out from his grin.

His feet stopped, dead in their tracks. A few moments passed. After the weighted pause, his arms burst out to each side. "Ah!" A twinkle in his eye at the sight of the bathhouse. His family was accustomed to bathing at the bath house, and this would be his first time alone now that he was grown. His father was busy washing all of his many dogs, 'the forty thieves' as they were known. His mother at home, relaxing and his sister... who knows what she did anymore, in fact, he would prefer not knowing if his suspicions were right.

Pride was still dressed in his cloak, and a black nylon bodytight underneath. Straps across his body, with leather boots and matching gloves. He forced through the door, twice his height. His hands maneuvered without thoughts, pulling out some coins out of his fanny pack to pay the attendant.

After undressing in the appropriate area, and securing his belongings, he made his way to the bath tiptoeing, revealing a sliver of insecurity now. He snuck into one of the baths, not many people were here at this time of day and none were familiar. But completely nude, he dipped into the steamy water, submerging his body up to his neck.

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