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It's the Way of a Man.. [Open/Anyone/NPC Allowed]

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Tai Black

A bright sunny day, it was like just any other day in the island. A man with an unusually large bag on his back, walked on the street. People had gotten used to him by now, he had been there for a few weeks, working.

Still had a mysterious touch to his personality, only speaking when spoken to and minding his own business. A typical creepy, mysterious loner type with a scary looking face.

It was the middle of the day, he was done with his daily work a little early and had his wages for the day on him. So he headed to the local bar, he was in the mood to drink. In a few minutes, he was there, a normal looking bar. He had heard that the booze here was good as compared to other bars on the Imuchakk, so he thought to give it a try.

Entering the bar, he walked to the bar tender, “Hey, I would like some wine, the finest you have, please send it over there” pointing at the empty table in the corner.

The bartender nodded and entered in a room in the back to fetch his finest wine. It was the middle of the day, but he felt like drinking for no specific reason.

Tai, sat on the chair he had pointed to, taking off the large bag from his back and putting it by his side, and being around strangers always put him at unease.

He just wanted the wine to arrive so he could drink and leave as early as possible. Where he sat, the lighting wasn’t so great, so his face wouldn’t be too clear unless someone comes close to him.


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"I don't know why, but something about you is very suspicious.."
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