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Warrior Training.

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1Warrior Training.  Empty Warrior Training. on 05/01/18, 05:47 pm

Once again Knuckles was going out of town to go training again. He had gathered his thing from his home and had given notice to Ganbo that he was going out of town as well as his commander for the Utility corps. Knuckles packed him a bag with enough close and food to last him about two to three weeks.  He didn't bring him any type of unity corps uniforms or items to show who he was. He wanted to go out and be himself for a while and improve himself.  After gathering his shield and sword he headed out to go to favorite training spot.  Once he was set, he gathers himself to leave after locking up everything. Heading towards the city walls Knuckles rested his hands on top of his head, so far he had made great progress, he and Ganbo were now part of a special unit team for the military, they had passed their entry-level exam as well had been climbing the ladder at the Coliseum. Things were going on the up and up, sure he found a fault inside himself with his anger and aggression. He had this thing where every attack was meant to do the most amount of damage as possible. He realized there were times that he would need to hold back his attacks.  Knuckles would have to work on that but this wasn't the time, the time now was to better work his skills with his sword and shield as well as movement speeds while building his body.

Exiting the city he passed a number a people gives the men head nods and the woman with waves.  Now that he was past the gate he walked in longer strides to get to his destination faster than before.  It would take about thirty minutes for him to reach his destination.

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2Warrior Training.  Empty Re: Warrior Training. on 06/01/18, 03:16 pm

He had set camp up in about two hours, making him his fire, a makeshift table, and a better little house he could reuse each time he'd come out here. There was a seat for him at his table made of a single tree stump, everything was done and now he could spend the next few weeks bettering himself. For the first week, every day he would wake up at dawn, the coldest part of the day some would say. He'd start every day off by going into the woods and practicing his sword strikes on trees. He practiced his thrust and angels of attacks. All these different swings and stabs he'd, make would increase his back muscles. The better the muscles the lighter his blade, the stronger his swing, and the larger the weapon he could use later. For each morning he went out and practiced his sword swings he'd come back with the tree. With that tree, he would have firewood for a later use. During near noon till the early afternoon, he'd set snag traps, fish even began to make garden tools form some of the wood. Perhaps this would be where he planned on setting up his first safe house for a slave on the run.

Every late afternoon Knuckles would sit under a waterfall, let its power slam down unto his frame testing his bodies limits. It took great strength and focus to remain still under the collapsing pressure of the falls. Meditation under the falls would server as a cleaning to his soul as well. That was the rumor anyway, not that he was going to stop killing people who likely didn't deserve to die, but at least large amounts of sin wouldn't follow him. After is meditations he'd go back to check his traps or fishing lines clean what food he had caught and cook it

For the second week, the warrior would put his combat gear on and go for a run. He'd run and run for several hours pushing his body to new limits. Once he would get tired it would be near noon. He'd take a short break drink some water and have a snack of leftover food. Once his body was refueled he'd sprint back to camp. When he had reached camp he'd go down to the river and relax once more in the falls. The sound of the water crashing into the body of water around him soothed him. There was about an hour of this a day, so long or others short. It deepened on how long it took him to feel at peace with himself and his goals. When the night started to settle in, Knuckles would do some relaxing mental sparring, playing out a fight in his head with different opponents. Some would be foes he fought already, some several at once, and some would be goals where he wished to be later. This would allow him to keep his mind sharp, always think of possible incoming attack patterns and having an idea on how to handle odd occurrences in battle. With both these weeks of training, it had become clear that he had improved his bodies limits, not only becoming a meaner and leaner man and warrior but becoming a more centered man. Currently, the path he was on was leading him to his goal, however, this path would also have a few curves and twist in it later on. He knew he would either change what he wanted later in life and his end game goals or do something reckless to obtain them and stay peaceful at this point. Those choices he would have to make on that spot, for now, he and Ganbo would keep the string between them, preventing the other from falling off the edges they both walked so dangerously close to. With a completed two weeks of result giving training Knuckles would be happy to return home. He cleaned up his campsite and stock pilled the leftover wood within the small hut he had made. It was time to head back to the city, and find himself, someone, to test his powers on. Perhaps the Unity Corp had some mission for them to go on or someone within the city to kill. Whatever it was he would have to think of something to do once he got back, putting his hands onto his head he started his graceful walk back to Reim.



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