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One more post for B rank lol

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Julius Plageuis

Julius Plageuis

Job Details:

Job Name: Delivering the goods
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim Empire
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview: With the coronation, there's been a huge boost to the economy with people buying frivolous items. However, with so many orders going in, many shops are in need of a delivery person. It's not a difficult job, just make sure the goods get to their owners safe and sound. You must make 5 deliveries before getting paid.
While on his way from his home to Ganbo's Knuckles saw a help wanted a sign, a shop was in need of people who could deliver items from the store to the customers. SHrugging it seemed like a simple enough job to do. Upon walking into the shop, he waved his right hand as he spoke to the clerk about the sign. After agreeing on a price for five deliveries Knuckles placed the five items into a backpack. They weren't large items at all, just some small trinkets that people were buying simply because they could.  

Once he loaded up the items he headed out the store, the first stop wasn't far away probably about ten minutes are so for the average person, though Knuckles ran at speeds of Camels and horse, on top of his acrobatic skills he was able to get to the first address in about a minute. Once there he'd knock on the door and greet the customer. Once they signed the delivery slip he had and was off to the next house.

This time it took Knuckles about 5 minutes to reach his location, the path he chose to go down the first time was having a lot of traffic of carts.  Knuckles had to jump onto some wagons then onto some rooftops, leaping from roof to roof until he was able to get to another street which leads to the address he was in search of.  Reaching the home Knuckles knelt down and pulled the trinket from his back, it was a wood stained dragon. SOmething inspired or shipped in from another country as it wasn't a typical style of Reim.

Once again he got the slip signed before he trotted out down the road, he was taking his time with this one as it was just down the road from the last one. This was a cheap knock-off jade necklace some jackass was likely getting fro his wife. As if it wouldn't be recognized as fake by her right away, what a fool he thought.   Along the way Knuckles was taking everything in, he hadn't really come on this side of town much as he didn't have this kind of money yet. It would be coming his way tho that's for sure.  Upon approaching the house he readied the gift, pushing the gate open he knocked on the door to see this beautiful woman.  Handing her the necklace, Knuckles whispered to her it was fake.  She whispered her husband wasn't home.  Lifting a brow knuckles took her up on her offer putting his other items on hold for about an hours, but he did make two deliveries to this address so he was an overachiever in his eyes.  

Leaving the house as the home as the husband was coming back home Knuckles stopped him. "I think she loved the necklace good choice, be sure to order more stuff from us in the future!" Of course, he was lying.  Only two more stops, these were back towards the shop so he ran as fast as he could to get there quick, he had spent enough time goofing around and was ready to take his money and go get some drinks.  It took him about 15 minutes a stop of the last two items.   With the last two slips signed Knuckles headed back to the shop. Dropping off the shirt and bag once he went inside. After handing over the slips he got his cash and he was gone.  "Payday! Wooo!"

WC 600
Stamina 250/250


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