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2 Gingers and an Unicorn? [Open/Social]

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The sound of classes clashing was heard all throughout the bar, most people were celebrating another fine day at the Coliseum where they had won their bets. For Knuckles, on the other hand, he was happy to have passed he was now officially in the Unity Corps, he was sporting his uniform around. Not like he sort of didnt have to wear it, but it was still nice. The locals in the bar that he knew were happy for him and Ganbo and were having a blast, the laughs and cheers filled the room. KNuckles were sitting at the bar with his back against the bar its self. Sitting like this he was able to scan the room every time he looked in any direction allowing him to keep from getting spooked. Not to mention when he had entered he looked for anyone who might pose a threat later in the night, making sure he was ready if need be.

On his lower back he kept his sword and shield paired as always, those who would look upon it would notice that the sword was sheathed in the center of the shield allowing only a part of the blade and hilt to poke out. His uniform was of black, grey, purple, and blue the true colors the Country's power. He would be lying if he said he didn't have pride in this thing, even still he was here to have a good time. "I'm telling you, Seeing Ganbo get fitted for this thing was the funniest thing ever! I thought they were going to kick us out just because of his size alone!" He began to chuckle at the end of his story, those around joined in. His whiskey drink was resting in his right hand as he lifted it to his mouth before sipping on it. He was having a very fun time at the moment and hoped it would last a bit longer.


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Sara sighed after having a rough week she was in no mood to deal with others. She had been trying to figure out the truth about herself, and nothing had lead to any solid leads, everything she had found was a dead end or simply another web of lies. She had won a match in the Coliseum and it was not her first she was rather well known as the violent Fanalis even if she denied it people still knew what she was.

She would enter the bar as men and woman would turn and spot her only becoming quieter with her making her way to the bar. She was one of the few that used no weapons but she was far more dangerous than any weapon with her crushing people with her Fanalis strength as well as her crazy body manipulation she did in combat.

"Just give me a hard drink, don't worry I will leave after don't want to ruin everyone's moods in here."

Her eyes would spot a Fanalis as she glared hard at his uniform he was part of that Unity Corps a group that had been trying to recruit her for ages only to be given very violent responses. Her glare clearly showed hatred with her red piercing eyes staring straight at Knuckles. One thing was clear she was giving off quite a killer aura as those around her backed away, no one really wanted in the way of an angry Fanalis expecially one this well known.

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It had been a trial to receive their uniforms, one that Ganbo wasn't sure he'd passed. He too was sporting his new uniform his color scheme matching Knuckles. However, Ganbo had already pre gamed at another tavern. When he woke up this morning and got dressed in his uniform he ran into the famous twins, they wished to congratulate him. After way more drinks than necessary and a small party in his room. He was on his way to meet Knuckles they had arranged to celebrate at one of their favorite bars today. While he knew he was a little tipsy, Ganbo misjudged exactly his state of inebriation.

Ganbo would burst into the bar with drunken jubilee as he heard Knuckles voice retelling some story. Before he said a word he noticed the two Fanalis at the bar instead, he was drawn to a dream he had given up years ago. One couldn't deny the hard stares the woman gave Knuckles, in his drunken state he mistook these for a longing stare, holding back a tear he quickly moved over to make sure the situation was going well. "I know the uniform worked well, look at that man you already got an admirer." As he ended his sentence he'd make a gesturing motion at the female Fanalis. "I see you eying my buddy over there, don't be shy come have a drink or two with us. Nothing like establishing a community amrite, have I seen you somewhere before? Eh what am I saying you think you know everyone when your drunk right." He'd laugh as a drink was slided towards him. It was a half full glass of rum courtesy of the house, taking a sip he'd smile at Knuckles.Man, Knuckles is lucky to have a friend like me. Ride or die no matter the weather, now I might even help him find his first lover.Ganbo was of course grossly misreading the situation, but it was obvious to anyone who saw his eyes or had a nose that Ganbo was drunk.

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Seeing some woman walk in he shrugged it off, she was a looker but he wasn't one to randomly approach a woman who seemed to only want a drink. Shortly after here came Ganbo who began to speak out immediately. Hearing the words of Ganbo, he looked over to see who he was talking to, of course, it was the woman who seemed to be giving him a look, but Ganbo sought it as something else. Have been at the bar for some time he too had been drinking but apparently not as much as Ganbo, walking over to Ganbo he placed a hand on his shoulder. "Nah man, she looks kinds mad at me. Perhaps I made plans with her while drunk one night and didn't see them through. I would likely remember plans with a woman like this though!" Thought there were times where he would drink too much and forget the entire night, that would explain if he had met her and not known it. Knuckles was hoping to get to the bottom of that look he had gotten from her. He surely didn't want a pretty girl like her mad at him for some small reason or anything.

The crowd he was talking with earlier had come over with shots for everyone, they were normal shot glasses filled with a clear alcohol. "Congrats to our friends! GANBO AND KNUCKLES! HERE HERE!" Taking the shot he rose it into the air then tapped the bottom of the glass off the bar top before downing it. After taking the shot he placed the empty glass on the bar top. The taste was strong and didn't mix well with his current whiskey drink, still, he enjoyed it.


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She continued to stare as she overheard the two and wanted to deck both of them, she certainly never made any late night plans with someone of his race. In fact, she would rather eat trash out of a garbage can then have anything to do relationship wise with a Fanalis. She would slam down her drink as this place was making her sick to her stomach, Fanalis were everywhere and she wanted nothing to do with that race.

"Here is the money... I think it is time to leave before I end up in a fight and we both know the bar would not handle a fight with me and one of THAT race."

She would stand up and turn around seeing the man she had beaten in the Coliseum. He would look angerly at her as she went to walk past him with him grabbing her arm, he was a cool as he was no Fanalis and was simply a human.

"You said you were a human you lying bitch it was obvious you are a Fanalis. I don't care what you say you are you stump woman let his fight for real outside. I bet you cheated, let us prove to everyone once and for all who is actually the real fighting."

This man had made a mistake as those around her backed up, he did it he called her a Fanalis sure they all realized she was but they had learned she doesn't believe she is one and accusing her of being one was going to lead to a beat down. She would glare harshly at the man as she would shove the man out of her way making her way out the door with the crowd following the two. They had seen her fight before and she was quite the brutal woman, as many figured they would have to stop her from killing the man.

As the pair made it outside he would continue to taunt her with him pulling his sword and shield out. He would begin to rush her before suddenly she appeared next to him giving him no time to even respond as her hand would grab the one holding the shield and begin to crush down with the man screaming in pain. She had gone easy on him inside the arena but now that he was calling her that filthy race he was going to suffer.

"You made a big mistake calling me that filthy race, most people have long ago learned to never say that, I am a human I just have some appearances of a Fanalis because I had been experimented on. Now what to do with you, rip your limbs off one by one, crush your skull into the ground or maybe beat you within an inch of your life."

She would suddenly pull the mans now broken arm hard as she got the shield from him and shoved him into the wall with her slamming her fists at rapid speeds into his body with her hitting him harder and harder the sounds of his body breaking began to echo before several men pulled her off the man and held her back. She would have likely killed the man had she not been stopped but the man was still alive, though his wounds would take a long while to heal up.

"Let go of me don't worry I won't hurt the idiot anymore, I think he learned his lesson. You here me anyone else that dares call me a Fanalis will have the same fate, don't be stupid I was going to leave anyway so you can have your stupid celebration for those two idiots joining the unity corps. I don't want to ruin your fun so I will be on my way."

However they could hear the sound of guards rushing this way she was going to need to hide inside until they were done, the last thing she needed was to get reprimanded again because of her violence. They would all move inside taking the beat up man into the back of the bar as they would pretend everything was fine with another drink being out in front of her.

They would step inside and just see a bunch of people happily celebrating turning around and grumbling, they figured it was just some people being rambunctious considering so many fighters were inside and wanted no part in a brawl inside.

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Listening to Knuckles explain himself, Ganbo chuckled a little."Fair enough, I  might of had one or two. Anything crazy happen lately or just a so so week?"Ganbo didn't take his first week as seriously as Knuckles had in the Unity Corp. He had heard some word around town about some of his exploits. He'd take another sip of his drink, then would see the woman slam her drink while talking to the bartender. Ganbo would ignore it, and take it as a sign that she wanted to be left alone. Mostly because Ganbo had paid enough money in damages this week. I'm already drunk don't want to be to cliché and get in a bar fight.

Then a scene unfurled before him as the woman  started talking to some human. That was when they started arguing, and took it outside the bar. Ganbo would walk outside to the entrance of the bar watching from there. That's when he remembered that he saw her at the coliseum, he wondered if she was a fighter. His question would soon be answered. All said in done, there was a half dead man and a pissed off woman inside the bar. Luckily this wasn't too uncommon of an occurence. In fact Ganbo was on the opposite side of this situation just a day or two ago. He'd walk back over to Knuckles and his spot sipping some of his drink."I guess even the marvel of modern science can't cure human racism then. Don't worry Knuckles I don't think you're filthy." Before he could say more he noticed a guard peeking in, luckily for Ganbo he knew the guy. "Hey Franco, I haven't seen you around in a while you'll have to swing by when you're off duty sometime. How's the leg?." He'd make some small talk with him while walking him out of the bar before he really got a look in. Afterwards he'd walk back in and go drink with Knuckles. Just another night of drinking, at least it wasn't Knuckles who got into a fight this time.

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Hearing the woman's words after Ganbo, Knuckles was a bit taken by the comment, it seemed as if the woman also had a problem with his race. This made little to no sense as she too was obviously the same race as him, she had the strength, hair color, and eye color, while Knuckle only had the strength and hair color. Well, he also had the rage, which was starting to take play a part in his upcoming actions.

"Do you have a problem being a Fanalis? Is it really so sickening to you that you have red hair and eyes, or that you're gifted with a physical power that Humans work so hard to attain? What is it that bothers you so much about it huh!? As his words kept coming his blood was starting to boil, he took pride in his race, he had made something of himself because of his race. After all look at him now, he was in one of the Highest section of the Military of Reim. They were so great there was a branch for ONLY them, and this woman seemed to hate and be ashamed of what she was so much she nearly killed a man because he called her what she was. From the man's words, she had entered the area battle as a Human, why would she do that and hate who she was so much? He couldn't understand her.

He set his drink down rather hard but not enough to shatter it just enough to let it be known he was passionate about this. His emerald green hues looked over at the red-haired woman waiting for her response. If anything was clear, he was ready to defend himself in need be and if would act out towards him, she'd face a duo like never before. It wasn't that he wanted to fight her, not even in the slightest but he had seen what she did to the last man who called her what she was. A Fanalis.


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She heard the man mentioning racism and maybe she was racist but it was because the Fanalis had killed her family, she had been put into slavery afterward and had a terrible life until she had become a guard in the castle. If she had never made her way to the castle she likely would have just become someones forced wife and been forced to do whatever they wanted with no rights as a slave.

The man she had been staring at began to rant calling her a Fanalis, was he that stupid she was a human not one of his filthy race. She only looked like this because of experiments, it was not her natural genes as she would suddenly slam her fist through the bar and begin to move toward the man. He had gone over the line calling her one of that race after she had just beat a man to a pulp for the same sort of actions, still he was a Fanalis and fighting him here would cause injuries to others so, for now, she would only yell at him.

"I already said I AM A HUMAN, not a Fanalis are you deaf or is that brute strength blocking any brain cells you have from flowing and thinking about my words. I do not wish to fight inside here as two people being strong could cause injuries to those that are innocent, but I will say it again don't you dare call me a Fanalis, I am not part of that disgusting race and never will be."

It was clear something was wrong with her, she was clear as day one of the race yet she seemed to deeply believe she was human. It was like she had been so deeply brainwashed that it was not possible for her to remember her true life before she had been brainwashed. Her fierce gaze never looking away from him as people backed away from the pair, one thing you wanted to avoid was being in the middle of a Fanalis fight.

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Smirking as Knuckles started to get angry, Ganbo already had a plan in mind. Now if you were looking at the setting from either Knuckles or the woman's eyes it looked like all the bystanders were moving out of their way. If you were a regular patron you knew the real deal was, Ganbo would often run under the table bets one of the most common occurrence bet, would Knuckles fight. Bets were coming in left and right, among the different categories of betting were who would start the fight. If there wasn't a fight who would deescalate. Over the months the categories had expanded now it had become a regular show some people who came to the bar didn't even drink. Just gambling addicts getting a new strange addiction not to mention Ganbo knew how to be a showman. As he whispered to the hushed crowd. "Alright fellas, you know the drill yeah yeah Amanda I see you over there you're a fella too today. Get me that money, if you don't get your bet in before it pops off you know thats your loss. Let's not forget last week's winner Wilter Shinnigan I hope you're out there you big beautiful bastard. Alright alright hush up she's talking."

The whole bar had fallen quiet as she spoke, though the reasons muddled now. Some started to silently curse their bets, Ganbo was reading the crowd. From the bets it seemed that most thought the girl would start the fight. So after she spoke many were sighing, worried that they just lost. Ganbo was at a table 4 meters away from the bar area where Knuckles and the woman stood. Every day an adventure, guess we really didn't need to join the military for that to happen. He had grown accustom to odd things happening to the duo, yet he still loved Reim it was an odd city but it was his. Everyone in the room was now watching quietly, the eyes of the whole bar on the scene.

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Walking towards the woman he couldn't believe this woman's hate. She was willing to cast he self as a human even now to avoid being what she was. "Oh ok, so I guess you're just playing stupid then! You have all the features of a Fanalis. You're either the stupidest woman in the word or the most ignorant! Anyone here can pick you out a line up as a Fanalis you Buffon!" If she was leading the way outside he would follow, however her hate towards him was getting him to the edge if she didn't see who she truly was then he'd have to beat it out of her. It wasn't that he really wanted to fight on his night of celebration, but warriors like she and him understood each other better through combat than words alone. Knuckles reached for his shield and wore it on his arm, putting his sword in close range to be grabbed and used if need be. He was about 2 meters away from her at this point and all things seemed to be heading to a fight. "What's so wrong with being a Fanalis anyway huh? Why is is such a burden to you?! Then again, it might be those experiments on did something to your brain. " he motioned his right arm to his head as he said that, motioning to his brain. If she was experimented on like she said that could be the cause of her hate.


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He had followed her outside once as she expected he would and he once again called her that filthy race. This was time for punishment now he had drawn his shield and his sword and appeared ready for a fight. She really did not want a fight right now but he left her no choice, he had been warned and yet he continued to call her by that race.

She would suddenly rush toward the man, he was one of that race so she was sure he could at least match her physical skills as she would aim her right fist directly toward the shield aiming several blows toward it. This was intentional as she knew her full powered punches could possibly break the shield or cause some recoil. While her last fist blow had just finished she would suddenly backflip aiming her feet directly toward the man's chin, she hoped because of the pushback he would try against her blows toward his shield he would not be able to block her flip with her flipping back outside the range of his sword for now.

"I asked you to never call me that race, was must you insult me over and over, I AM A HUMAN... I AM... I cant... be Fanalis... it is not possible I won't forgive you... I won't FORGIVE YOU."

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As they went outside the whole bar started to hoot and holler. It was turning into a regular jamboree Ganbo followed the others outside curiously. They were all watching the fight, as well as Ganbo people liked to collect their winning quickly. Not that Ganbo would ever cheat someone, but the longer the night drug on the more likely he was to leave with somebody for the night. Ganbo of course had bet that Knuckles would start the fight, now it seemed that he might be in for some disappointment. Because as they both arrived outside, after Knuckles drew his sword and shield. However, the woman rushed him first, to the sound of cheers all around the bar. As men and women both ran to Ganbo to claim their respective winnings. He would sigh as he handed out the money all around to the winners. After the crowd did that they would turn to watch the fight. There were even people hanging out from the windows of the bar. In fact people in the streets were even starting to get interested, not enough to draw authorities just yet. Ganbo would keep an eye out suddenly sobering up from the amount of attention he would straighten his uniform and start to move around in a patrol like pattern.

Checking in on the occasional citizen, anyone who seemed concern he'd comfort saying lines similar to this. "Oh no, sir/mam this isn't a bar fight why this is a sanctioned exhibition. It's one of our new initiatives to bring in larger crowds to the coliseum. Both of these fighters are competitors looking to earn some good fans so cheer on your favorite."Smiling Ganbo would watch the fight, he'd try to make sure that no one died. He didn't approve of such bloodbaths especially on a celebration day.

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As the crowds formed around the two, Knuckles was shocked she'd even made a real move towards him, once she committed fully to her assault on him Knuckles became focused his body moved three matters to his right the woman left, moving out the impact zone of her strikes, investing a bit more stamina the male moved another 3 meters one meter past the woman still on the right than another behind her now that he had moved 2 additional meters he had a great chance  to counter strike. Taking a deep breath as he moved from his original spot, by time he got around to behind her he let out a powerful roar which would cause server pain to the ears if she failed to move in time while attempting to grip the hair that rested on the woman's back with his left hand while quickly assuming an offensive posture he drove his sword forward into the middle of her back into the spine, due to the speed of his movements combines with her being fully committed to her punches, Knuckles saw little chance of this missing. The pull to her would likely offset her balance for a second, enough time for the sword to have mad contact and hit or so he planned anyway.  If everything had gone as planned Knuckles would jump backward putting 2 meters between the two.  If things wouldn't work as planned then he would have to adjust on the fly. By this time Ganbo was starting to collect the bets and hand out the winnings, he wondered who Ganbo had bet on. The crowds had grown though so if things didn't wrap up soon things were going to grow out of control.

As for Knuckles himself, he just felt that things were going to get resolved, either he was going to accept her fate of always hating his race or she would realize he was right. Either way, the battle of wills was currently ongoing,  it was more of resolve than skill at this point. He couldn't say where the woman stood this point.  He hoped that things were starting to get resolved in some way or form. Perhaos tho within his rage he had taken thing too far, losing a bit of control in his counter move.



Fanalis Roar

Tier: C
Specialization: Fanalis Racial
Type: Supplementary
Range: Short(3m)
Requirements/Drawbacks: User must inhale a deep breath before roaring.
Scaling: AoE
Sustain: -
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: -

After taking a deep breath, the fanalis lets out a mighty roar to stun and intimidate enemies. The enemy does not suffer any actual paralysis, however, the noise is loud enough to cause pain and will stagger foes using basic actions or lower ranked abilities.


Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must already be moving in the direction of his choosing before using this ability.
Scaling:  Range, +5 Stamina Cost for every additional 3m travelled.
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

The user dashes at on teir higher than normally allowed in any direction up to 3 meteres per dash. The User may dash for up till 9 meters beforing becoming to tired to dash again.

Enhanced Attack

Tier: D
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: To use this ability, the user must have a short sword and plant their feet firmly before using this attack. Must twist torosso while swinging sword.
Cost: 10

The attack is with a quick stabbing motion before ludgeing at the target.This is to attempt a stab into the body of the target. Deals D Damage.


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It appeared he was a good fighter as well as he seemed to easily avoid her attacks. She expected he may try to dodge the attacks as she kept up with his movements easily, despite her claims she was not a Fanalis is reality she was and he appeared to be as strong or near her strength and speed. She watched as he appeared to try to move behind her, this was when she was going to show him she was not normal, she had trained her agility and was extremely acrobatic and able to move very well.

As he had appeared behind her she suddenly jumped to her right one meter slamming her feet into the wall of the bar close by. She would then jump high into the air pressing her feet hard into the wall causing the wall to crack and break under the pressure as she jumped three meters into the air. She knew exactly what race he was as she watched him begin to take a deep breath she would cover her ears as his roar would come out, no way she a person built to destroy Fanalis was not prepared for such actions. As his roar ended she would smile with her hands moving from her ears before diving down toward him. As she got closer suddenly her arm would shift shape into the form that appeared like a sledgehammer stretching two meters aiming above his head before slamming down with tremendous force.

She would if the blow landed or not dash back away from the man and appear around five meters away from him. He had a smart game plan it appeared as she could see his plan was to try to stab her from behind after the roar, his miscalculation, however, was expecting her to not move before the combination of things he had planned. If he knew she was a Fanalis he should have expected her speed plus she had been a known competitor in the Coliseum.

"Did you not think I would be able to avoid that, you called me a Fanalis even if that is a lie... I told you I was created to battle Fanalis I know all the tricks, the roar did you really think I would not be prepared for this. I think this is enough, for now, don't you say, I still hate your guts but we will cause damage to the city and I really do not plan to go to prison again. Everyone... I am sorry for the trouble I will buy a round of drinks for everyone."

She wanted to crush him badly but she knew this would lead to a very violent fight and with houses not far away she did not want to hurt the poor in the area. They were in the slums they could not afford to repair damage to their houses and these two would certainly cause far to much damage. She waited to see if he was done as well, she simply wanted a fist fight but he pulled his weapon and was planning to use it, this was too serious of a fight to have when it could put others in danger.

"So will you stop calling me that now... unless you can prove I am Fanalis I do not want you to call me that race again. I mean you need solid proof besides your hair and eye color, prove to me one hundred percent I am this race and I will apologize to you and your kind until then don't, call me an it I don't care."

Tier: D
Class: Body Manipulation
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Can only be used with her arms and no other limbs.
Scaling: She will increase the damage when more Stamina is added to the attack.
Sustain: 1
Cool Down: 1 Post
Cost: 10 Stamina/5 Stamina

She will turn her arm into a sort of jackhammer and charge the enemy. When she nears them she will fire a blow using that arm. This attack will aim mostly for the body or large targets. This will be 2 meters in length with the head of the hammer being 1 meter wide.[Spoiler]

Stamina: 245/255

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As both fighters flashed their move, Ganbo was surprised. Partially because of his lost bet, he couldn't believe the girl had attacked first only to be so outclassed by Knuckles. Shit man I can't let him kill another person outside this bar what if they stop liking us. As soon as Ganbo saw the look on Knuckles face he knew from their practice together. Ganbo would concentrate planting both of his feet on the ground hardening his torso and both arms. He pushed the woman out of the way. He knew this attack would be to fast for him to stop Knuckles.Stupid fucking Red headed murderer... Before he could think his next thought his brain was melted courtesy of a Fanalis roar he didn't anticipate. As the blade connected with his hardened skin he hoped Knuckles didn't thrust hard enough to break the sword. "HEY BRO CHILL OUT MAN CAN'T YOU SEE SHE'S MORE BARK THAN BITE! IF WE KILLED EVERY RACIST WE MET HOW WOULD WE EVER GET PAID!" Ganbo would then offer his hand to help the woman up and say to her." YOU CAN COME IN AND DRINK BUT NO MORE OF THIS RACIST SHIT AS LEAST NOT WHILE IN THIS BAR. CALL THEM WHATEVER YOU WANT ON YOUR OWN TIME BUT IN THIS BAR WE ARE ALL CITIZENS OF REIM WE CAN AT LEAST AGREE ON THAT RIGHT?" His ears still hurt Ganbo shouted at Knuckles and the woman unknowingly. At the Reim citizens line a couple other men in the bar would make some low patriotic whoops. Rubbing his ears he'd point to the bar and go walk in he couldn't hear if the crowd was making noise. He expected to see Knuckles inside shortly, if the woman followed that wouldn't be bad either.

Inside the bar there weren't many patrons left many still outside watching. Ganbo didn't have much to worry about, as he sat down at his stool. Another bar patron would come to sit with Ganbo it wasn't entirely odd out of the couple Ganbo was the more sociable. "Do you think he'll ever learn how to hold back?" Of course the man was talking about Knuckles, it was known that once you entered a fight with him it wasn't stopping until someone was down. "I don't know pops it depends on how the next year goes, I've never seen someone talk to him in the middle of a fight."Ganbo chuckled thinking about how this started with him thinking the girl had a crush on Knuckles.

Well, by the end of this year Knuckles will have run out of people to fight in the city. I hope we don't have to move after that. He'd take another sip of his alcohol, looking out the window again to see the scene. The streets were a little less packed, it seemed Ganbo's stunt had taken the fire out of a couple of the curious bystanders. He still didn't see any authorities, granted it was unlikely anyone would report the fight at the moment. So far there had been zero property damage, and no innocent bystander damage. Hopefully this would be a day with zero arrest for Ganbo and Knuckles.

Now Edited to Reflect Changes

Stamina: 185

Skills Used:

Skin Hardening

Tier: B
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Defensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user has to have both feet planted on the ground, and can't move from that spot until skin is hardened.
Scaling: Defense
Cool Down: 3 post
Cost: 30 stamina

  • The user concentrates on their skin and hardens it on 3 limb locations creating a B rank shield on those limbs.  
  • The skin once hardened is darker than the usual skin color and the veins appear purple in that location.
  • Lasts for 3 posts then the skin becomes normal again.

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Firstly, As it has come to our attention that one of the combatants in this thread does not have a vault set up, we've come to the conclusion that the damage that Knux has dealt with his D-tier ability will go through as a blow to the torso, inflicting a stab wound to Sara.

Secondly, Sara McDonald must finish her vault before she continues to post using abilities. It is a required part of this forum. All abilities that are used before the vault is updated are considered to "fizzle" and their effects will be nullified.

Thirdly, We would like to remind all of you that you must link to your vault in your signature. It is a required part of this forum.

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OOC: my vault was finished I just forgot to switch it from saying wip the only thing that was not done was putting it in the signature.

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Knuckles saw Ganbo's frame enter the fight, his eyes became larger as he was shocked, his jaw had even dropped. Still, it was too late to yield his attack at all but time Ganbo had steeped in. The point of his sword made contact with his lower midsection due to the height difference between his target's height and Ganbo's height. There was no Damage that would Cause Ganbo any harm as he used his Harden stone like skin to take the force of the attack. For Knux's blade it would dull the tip a bit like if he had stabbed a wall with it. About a second or two passed before Ganbo began to yell at Knux, once he started getting yelled at Knuckles sheathed his blade on the slot for it on his shield. Standing straight up, his anger seemed to fizzle out with the site of Ganbo at the end of his attack. He knew he needed to control his strength but it was a bit hard for him to do so with the years of slave fighting and his natural rage. Sometimes he just lost it, lucky Ganbo was here though to prevent him form taking a life for no need. After being yelled out, Knuckles was confused as to why he was yelling at the woman too, it was then he realized he took the roar as well as the Sword hit.

Knux began to follow Ganbo into the bar, he paused for a second looking back at the woman. How much more proof did she want? She also owed Ganbo a favor, because without him her spine would have been broken likely leaving her paralyzed from the waste down. He started to walk again entering the bar going right back to where he left. Once at the bar he lifted his right Index finger ordering a drink. Looking over to Ganbo as he grabbed his drink he spoke a bit louder to carry his voice over the sounds of the Bar. "Who'd you bet on?"


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She had been saved by the large man or he assumed he had, either way, she did owe him as she would move to the man and take a bow before smiling and returning to her stool. She had to go figure some things out, everyone had been calling her a Fanalis forever and she had major questions to ask Lagi. He would know the truth and her mind could not handle this anymore. Her mind was slowly going mad as she realized she nearly went to war over being called that race, despite the fact they had killed her parent's something else was driving her hatred.

She would pay the bartender enough to cover a round for everyone as she would cover her head in her cloak and head out the door. She had to go and find Lagi, it had been far too long and something felt dark in this country, something had been going on as she had been crushing slave traders more and more. The country needed him to return to being king, it had become corrupt and it was in danger of becoming a nation in ruin, Lagi was the only hope this nation had.

She was now on her way to find Lagi she would get the information she knew was from very reliable sources as to where his location was, one thing was certain she would find out the truth. Was she actually a Fanalis this entire time and if she was why did he never tell her the truth, her blood boiled at the fact he never told her the truth, still maybe he had a reason.

-Exit Thread-

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After the woman bowed to him she would return to the bar along with rest of the patrons, Ganbo had deescalated the situation alright. As everything calmed down in the bar and Knuckles started to drink he'd ask Ganbo a question. At least he's learning to clam down faster, crazy the progress we've made since we came to this city. I remember when we first met and all we wanted to do was murder, well I guess that hasn't changed that much.

Looking at Knuckles Ganbo would respond, "Well I bet that you would start the fight, so I lost kinda surprised. Though the ending was more predictable than I would of liked. He'd laugh  while a bunch of the other losers from the bet would laugh with him. The only sullen face in the bar was a small man named Jimmy. He was muttering in the corner, Ganbo did feel a little for the man he had already bought him a drink. "Though Jimmy got the shit end of the stick, he bet that she would start the fight then doubled or nothing that you'd kill her. That's a real fan for you right there bro, though I doubt he'll say anything to me about interfering. Ganbo would smile Jimmy's way and raise his glass to him. It was probably one of the few benefits of being 8 ft tall, people were generally intimidated by Ganbo's stature. He'd  Watch the woman order everyone a drink and leave.Hm, I wonder if our paths will cross again, I hope she's a little less angry. If it wasn't for her story I'd swear that rage is a genetic Fanalis thing.Ganbo would drink at the bar celebrating with Knuckles for a couple of hours. Afterwards he'd head home for a night of recovery, he wasn't in much of a mood for a nightcap.

Stamina: 185


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After everything was said and done, Knuckles had left his first foe live, it didn't feel right to him. His gut told him not killing her would come back to bite him in the ass later, as it usually would when mercy was shown. As Ganbo headed out Knuckles would finish his drink before walking over to Jimmy."That was a winning bet, next time make the same one I won't hold back again." Knuckles handed Jimmy a handful of money for his loss and gave him a wink and a pat on his shoulder. The night was young enough to find some trouble, stumbling from the bar Knuckles noticed the rain was starting to fall. It was just his luck, he was heading home but was hoping to find a place to hide out from the rain. Whatever it was, it seemed all three walked away tonight with a different feeling about the whole fight.



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