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Arashi Adventure [TRAINING]

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1 Arashi Adventure [TRAINING] on 29/12/17, 03:03 am


"Arashi, Arashi, Arashi, Arashi~!" Is what Trently would continue to say day after day, trying to come up with some moves that he could hopefully use in the near future. However, Trently's capabilities with magic spells just weren't quite there yet to the point where he could just come up with moves on the whim and begin training them. It would take multiple days on end of him using his Magic Weapon to figure out a move he would like to start working on but eventually, he would come to understand what he would want in a move. The move Trently had thought of was only roughly sketched out in his head but he had it definitely sketched out, so that was good.

In his head, Trently would imagine the move he would begin training as a buff type move, a move that would allow him to shoot sparks of electricity out of his Shuriken of Storms. It would certainly take quite the while to train his move but Trently was ready to put in the time, the sweat, and the effort into crafting the best move possible.

The young Yanaihara's adventure would take place many months before he had ever met Gao Yuan Zu, and so the Yanaihara would have no knowledge of the day he met Gao Yuan Zu, nor the day he fought Chen and lost his father. However, despite not having experienced those events yet, Trently would still be aware of how dire his situation was soon to become. So, in anticipation for the future, Trently would train, train as hard as he had ever trained in his life.

On a rainy night, as a storm would begin to start kicking up, Trently would head out to train. With his Shuriken of Storms in tow, Trently began training. Outside in the pouring rain, his clothes quickly became soaked. Yet, no matter what type of weather conditions there were, Trently would continue his training. The warrior's purpose for training only his Shuriken of Storms was so that hopefully, just hopefully, he could learn how to bring out the true potential of his Shuriken's magic. However, learning to bring out the true potential of his Shuriken would not be easy, it would take many days on end of practice.

Feeding his Shuriken of Storms magoi, Trently would try to force the magic function of his Shuriken to create a bigger storm. The Shuriken of Storms reacting to Trently's flow of magoi, it would activate its function, it's same old function it always does.  "Ah~! Shit! Why is this so hard! I managed to create spells using Meinu, so why won't it work with this Shuriken of Storms!?" Trently would ask himself, wondering why his Shuriken of Storms wouldn't perform the type of magic he wanted it to.

"Hm! You know what!? What I'm gonna do is I'm gonna try to wrap the storm clouds that you produce around you!" Trently would say to his Shuriken of Storms as if it was a living creature. "Okay! Here I go! Take my magoi!" Pouring absolute crapload of magoi into his Shuriken of Storms, his Shuriken of Storms would activate it's Tempest Zone function. However, this time, Trently would try to focus the Tempest Zone function into a thin layer of storm clouds around his Shuriken of Storms. Managing to slightly pull it off but failing in the end, Trently rejoiced anyways. Trently was beginning to get the slight hang of what he wanted to achieve with the Shuriken of Storms and so he would persist on training day by day for a week straight.

"Arashi Denki~!" Trently would roar, slashing down at the ground two times. Upon Trently slashing down at the ground two times, his blade would begin to wrap itself in a layer of storm magic. "Bzzzzt! Zcht! Bzzzzt! Zcht! Kaboom! The Shuriken letting out a burst of electricity due to Trently having run too much magoi into it, Trently's Arashi Denki ability would fail yet once again.

"Why~! You damned Shuriken! Did I give you too much Magoi? Crap, I need control my Magoi output more carefully next time! Trently made sure to take note of before returning back to the Gao Yuan Zu infantry camp he was stationed at. Trently did indeed work for Gao Yuan Zu's army at the time but not as a soldier, Trently worked for Gao Yuan Zu's army as a mercenary soldier.

Anyhow, the very next day, Trently would go out yet again to train. Trently was so close to finally getting the hang of it and he wasn't about to let a couple failures just stop him there. The Yanaihara was set on bringing out only the very best from his Shuriken off Storms. So, as he would get back to training, he'd continue to run into failed attempts at creating the exact move he had in mind but he was getting close he felt.

As Trently would be training that day, a few dozen of Yoshiro's men would begin dispatching in the area nearby. Yoshiro's men were dispatched and asked to take down any nearby lurking Gao Yuan Zu soldiers in the area, however, Trently wasn't going to let that happen.

"Arashi Denki~!" Quickly slashing at the ground twice, Trently's Shuriken would start to coat itself in storm clouds. "Kekekeh~! So they want to try and take me down, huh? Good thing I got the hang of this! Best put this to some good use!" Trently would say as he would begin to intercept the dozens of Yoshiro's men, electrocuting them with his new ability.

Every motion of his Shuriken Trently would make would prove to be devasting, very devasting. Sparks of electricity flying everywhere Trently hit, the dozens upon dozens of soldiers would be defeated in no time.

WC: 1016

Move Used:

Arashi Denki
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user needs to slash downwards twice to activate the move.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 4 Posts
Cost: 20 Magoi

    The user conjures a thin supercharged storm cloud layer around his Shuriken of Storms that lasts for a total of 4 posts. The user can discharges electricity sparks from his Shuriken of Storms that will go as far as 15m, dealing B-Tier electricity damage and 2 post paralyzation when the user performs a basic action. Things struck by the electricity sparks are knocked back 5 meters every time each time they are hit if the user so chooses.

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2 Re: Arashi Adventure [TRAINING] on 31/12/17, 03:42 am


"Don't stop! Don't stop! Don't stop! Danger is ahead and you know it, Torento! You need to train and get stronger, to protect the people you love! Your mom! Your grandma! The many people of Kou you've come to meet!" The voice of Trently's late grandfather would say, in hopes his grandson is encouraged to get stronger, to not give up, and to protect everybody he's come to know and love.

"These people of Kou need someone! A someone who is going to stop this war! A someone who can usher in an era of peace and give this land hope!
Why!? Why!? Just why!? Why hasn't Yoshiro taken care of Gao Yuan Zu yet? I don't understand! If I had that power,
I would take him down, MYSELF, alone too!"
Sobbing from his eyes as he'd begin training underneath a large tree, Trently would question why Yoshiro hadn't taken care of Gao Yuan Zu yet.

The horrors of the war Trently had seen and witnessed in the past few weeks slowly began to haunt his very dreams, with his nightmare plagued dreams only getting worse day by day that passes.

"I have to stop this war soon! If I don't stop it soon, I don't know how I'm going to LIVE WITH MYSELF! Damn!" Trently would scream out loud in anger, banging his closed fist against the tree in which he trained under.

However, despite Trently's anger for this war, he himself was actually being quite the hypocrite. Trently had instigated many fights in fact over the past couple weeks that could have been avoided. Yet, even with Trently being a hypocrite and all, Trently wouldn't learn of how much of a hypocrite he was being until much later into the war.

With his Shuriken of Storms latched onto his back by a string, Trently would depart on his mission. Trently had gotten orders from the infantry base he was stationed at to head out and intercept an encroaching Yoshiro hundred man unit. Being a single man mercenary, Trently would have to rely on his Shuriken of Storms to get the job done.

The Shuriken of Storms wasn't quite on the level Trently wanted it to be yet but it was sure getting close. So, using only his Shuriken for this mission, Trently hoped that he could begin to get an idea for the next spell he wanted to train. The one-man army was relying on being pushed to the brink of death in this fight in hopes he would be able to obtain a new move for his Shuriken.

If there was any word to describe Trently's mentality for getting stronger right now then it would "Suicide". Trently was going to strive for near suicide on this mission, all in hopes of getting stronger. Regardless of the pain, he may be put through, regardless of what may happen, regardless of his own well being, Trently would strive for absolute near suicide. In Trently's eyes, near suicide was the only way of getting stronger at this point within a short amount of time, so he'd do just that.

Anyway, departing on his mission, Trently would first have to travel through a forest. The forest Trently would travel through would be a very thick one, littered with many types of bugs and whatnot. So many bugs were in this forest in fact that it would actually become annoying as Trently had begun to travel deeper in. However, remembering his recently trained move for the Shuriken of Storms, Trently would slash down at the ground twice.

"Arashi Denki~! Ah! Here we go! Using this move I can burn anything in my way to a crisp!" Trently would exclaim as he would begin to fry any and all bugs in his path. Yet, eventually, after hours of traveling through the forest, the exit would finally appear in sight.

"Phew! That forest felt like forever!" Wiping the sweat from his forehead, Trently would drop to the grassy plains in which he finally set foot on and begin to take a short rest. "Exhausting!" Trently would say, trying to catch his breath. After a while of resting, Trently would get back to his travels, beginning to traverse across the grassy plains over into some mountains in which his opponents laid dormant.

Trently's opponents who he had been asked to take down were said to have been in the mountains, awaiting the right time to strike. However, unluckily for them, Trently wouldn't let them strike. Before his opponents would strike, Trently would first.

Well, anyway, enough of that. Trently was headed for his opponents' location and he had to quickly pick up the pace but he had nothing to really help him get there quicker. The thought of maybe that he should use his Magic Carpet kept coming to his mind but the problem was that Trently had only brought his Shuriken of Storms and nothing else. Trently had to try relying on his Shuriken of Storms more often instead of his other tools.

As Trently would start to reach deep into the mountains, he would find himself very tired, so Trently would decide to call it a day for the night and head to bed. Setting up his camp and tent, Trently would notice that something seemed to be missing from his bag of items. What seemed to have been missing from Trently's bag of items would appear to have been the food he had stocked up on for the mission he was now on. "Wh-who took my foo~d!? I solemnly swear, whoever took my food is going to pay! Now I'm hungry and tired, great! Welp, I should probably best look for whoever took my damn food!" Noticing his food had been taken, Trently would leave his tent he had set up and would begin searching for the culprit. Using his Shuriken of Storms's Tempest Zone in hopes of discovering the culprit, Trently would start searching the mountains far and wide. "The culprit can't be too far off! I know they can't! Nobody is fast enough to run off from these mountains in just mere hours! It has to be a group of bandits I bet!" Coming to the conclusion that the culprits are bandits and are still somewhere in the mountains, Trently would search and continue to search for hours on end. After a while of using magoi on his Shuriken of Storms, Trently's magoi supply would begin to get exhausted but Trently wouldn't quit.

"Hm...? Maybe I can increase the range of Tempest Zone if I just pour some magoi into it and try to envision it's range?" Theorizing that maybe trying to use more magoi on top of his function would help increase the range, Trently would decide to pour more of his magoi into doing so. However, as Trently would feed his Shuriken of Storms more magoi, it would not increase it's range but instead, it would accidentally create an actual living storm that floated forty meters above the user's head.

"Oh! Crap! It's huge! This isn't what I expected it to do but this may work!" Trently would say as the storm he would have conjured began to send out flurries of wind, slowing down Trently and possibly even the bandits that were nearby. "Crap! Why is this storm affecting me too!? I need to figure out how to control it to not affect me! Geeeeh~! Hiah~!" Figuring out a way to nullify the effects of the windy storm via manipulation of the Shuriken of Storm's magic, Trently would be able to be seen within what seemed to be an eye of a storm, an eye where the storm had no effect on the people within it. "Kekekekeh~! Now that I got the hang of this, I think I see where those bandits are at!" Trently would exclaim, smirking at the fact that his bandit opponents had left crumbs of rice, leading right to them.

"Got ya!" Trently would shout to his foes as he would begin to coat his Shuriken in a cloud of electrically charged storm clouds. "They say I was known as the Storm Child at birth! It seems that name of mine fits perfectly now, doesn't it? Kekekeh~!" Trently had lastly said to his foes before running up on them, paralyzing them using the electricity of the storm clouds wrapped around his Shuriken. Once his foes were defeated, Trently would undo the storm, undo the coat of storm clouds on his Shuriken, then simply just take his stolen food and go about once more on his travels once morning hit.

As the sun had begun to rise, so did Trently, the young warrior would start to wake up and prepare for the plan to intercept the hundred man unit of Yoshiro soldiers encroaching onto Gao Yuan Zu's land. Taking with him his Shuriken of Storms, Trently would head out to bother the fast approaching fifty man unit.

Seeing the fifty man unit off in the distance, Trently would smile. "I should probably take one of their horses while I'm at it too in order to make the journey back to Qiangda less hard on me!" The mercenary boy would make sure to remember as he would begin charging at the fifty man unit in front of him. He summoned a storm around himself and ran toward the fifty man unit, bringing the Shuriken of Storms to his chest, he poured some of his magoi into it. Trently had to figure out a way to conserve his stamina and magoi all he could if he wanted to survive future battles. A week prior to now, Trently had been attempting to craft a better and more magoi cost efficient ability to replace his magoi manipulation ability but he was having trouble doing so. His control of his Shuriken of Storms was not at the level it was now, so Trently decided to try his hand again at a defensive ability using storm magic now of all times.

"Arashi Yoroi!"

Casting a spell with his Shuriken of Storms, a cloud of electricity began to swirl around him, nearly enveloping him in its puffiness but not quite. Trently had started to get the hang of sizing storms he summons but he needed to manipulate the magic to shrink and condense more or else he was going to get nowhere. Approaching the fifty man unit, on foot, alone, he was up for quite the struggle. Trently did not intend to fight them though, he just was trying to take one of their horses to make the journey to Qiangda easier on him. Puffy storm clouds surrounded his body but they needed to become tighter around his limbs in order to be proper armor. Using a bit more magoi to fully condense the storm clouds to wrap around him, he was finally able to form an armor of storm magic to protect him from danger. Though, it would suddenly just disperse if enough of an outside force was applied to it. The magic warrior has to proceed carefully with caution if he did not want his armor to be broken through. Diving into the cavalry unit of fifty men, Trently swiftly dodged an incoming swing of a sword and hopped on top of a horse, pushing the rider off. "Arashi Denki!" In the blink of an eye, Trently had cast a spell using his Shuriken of Storms and begun to reign down sparks of electricity upon anyone trying to stop him from taking the horse. Of course, some attempted to halt him in his tracks but once scaring them with lightning, they could not do anything but just retreat and let Trently be.

"Ehehe! Thank you and my apologies!

Said the cunning warrior as he rode off into the sunset with his newly attained calvary horse. He was headed for a city named Qiangda where he was planning to meet up with a guard captain situated in a camp he frequents to acquire another task to do for the war.  The armor of condensed packed storm magic dispersing with time, it had seemed to Trently that he had obtained a new ability for the future.

WC: 2032


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