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Arrow Wood-Prints (Social/Private)

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1 Arrow Wood-Prints (Social/Private) on 24/12/17, 08:36 pm


Unfrozen wood was a semi-luxury for the huntsman, alongside hides these were the two materials that he maintained for the mixed patterns that made up the memories of Vodarara. Specifically, focusing on the creation of his specialised arrows.

They were designed to deal with specific encounters and to bring down the many specialised creatures he could engage with or prey on in Imuchakk.

The two entombed within these wooden-weaves was a Charged Head - An arrowhead designed to cause its cascading damage effect after it was interposed by hide or scales, designed to penetrate into a creature.

The second, a venomed head was not much different from many of his arrowheads, It would rather carry a contact poison to afflict the creature it strikes.


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