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Rebuild armour (Solo Job)

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1 Rebuild armour (Solo Job) on 22/12/17, 08:28 pm

Xion was never the type of person to be interested in the thought of war and, going to war in that matter. He never saw eye to eye with the empire and, shouldn't feel loyal to the people in kou, despite being his birth place. Xion was always the neutral type, and wouldn't favor sides unless something peaks his interest like: if something greater was brought to him, instead of being respected throughout the empire. However no matter what, there's always those kinds of people that are snakes and ready to stab you in the back. No matter if you're there king, the old great one. Rebels are always lurking and ready to throw you off of your game, if it means getting caught in the process.

There was a task that was brought up to xion. At this current time, xion never had problems doing jobs for people, just as long as he's getting paid to do it. It's out of his character, to do something without being awarded. Let alone, doing stuff for free. There was a job for him, a job to help restore broken amour from the kou-reim conflict. Xion assumed that, the conflict occured not that long ago. Though it wasn't like he would keep himself updated, with all the shit that happens around here. The armout itself is beyond worth to be saved, and there was very little supples so it was xions job to help transfer every amount that needs to be transferred, so the military can be prepared better. What's the point of trying to look badass, with really shitty armour that can easily break.

Xion could bet that an old guy, can give one of these dupes a run for there money and shatter that shit with little effort. Just thinking about the scenario, gave xion a little laugh. One of the guys was curious about why he was laughing, but told them it was nothing. Xion didn't like the idea of being in the military, as he doesn't have much loyalty for them to begin with. He's very optimistic about certain things, such as the future of the empire. Xion thought about why do blacksmiths and, carpenters needed so much material to make simple things. But at the sametime, xion didn't want to seem dumb despite claiming that he doesn't feel or think he's highly intelligent at all. You can pretty much do whatever you want with these kinds of materials, build whatever you want if you will.

These people sure put hell of a lot of effort, in making things that may seem useful to people like merchants and what not. It looks to xion that they need better and, tougher material. However, he isn't like an expert in crafting things. He just knows how to kill people and, take orders. The job was kind of a drag, having to go out of the way to deliver specific material in order for them to have some later on. With that being said, he hoped that both the carpenters and blacksmith do good work with these things and, making sure its not useless junk.



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