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Into The Woods [ Job / Amatus ]

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1 Into The Woods [ Job / Amatus ] on 22/12/17, 07:32 pm


Rain Eveque
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Job Name: Magical Berries
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A local farmer has recently been having livestock and crop trouble, his berry bushes have actually been coming to life and killing his livestock. Recently one of the berry bushes even threatened his life before disappearing into the dense forest. The farmer is offering a large reward for anyone who can help rid him of these creatures.

Enemy Name: Berry Bush Monster x4
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: C

  • Exploding Berry Barrage - The enemy launches multiple berries from their body that explode in a 2m radius on impact dealing C-Tier damage.
  • Thorny Suprise - The enemy will bury an explosive berry under the soil, and if anyone steps near it the berry will explode in a 5m radius dealing C-Tier damage.
  • Chomp - The enemies last desperate attack, they will attempt to latch onto you and bite you with their wicked teeth made of thorns dealing C-Tier damage.

You hear muffled sobs first this time. You're acutely aware of it coming from your side. You want to turn your head - you want to see the source of the cries. But you can't. No matter how hard you try, you can't turn your head. For a moment you have identified this strange, foreign emotion. For a moment you know the exact pain plaguing your heart. And then - you don't know. Your grip on the name slips away. Or perhaps it is still in your hands but instead of reading it you cast your eyes away. You never could handle the truth. A smile edges onto your face but it isn't happy. It is remorseful and… perhaps a bit tired. You sigh. You know it is immature and childish of you to deny reality. But then again - you are only but a child. An empty child with no moral sense of right or wrong.

A monster, in other words.

He exhaled. Another unsettling dream. This time he couldn't move his head at all which hardly matched the levels of discomfort the crying caused. Although, following the standards of an average person his levels of discomfort were far below the normal anxiety levels his dreams would usually provoke in others. But for him it was unusual and somewhat creepy. The slight shift from nothing to something caught him off guard and threw him off. Without the ability to comprehend social situations to their fullest discomfort simply did not exist in his life. So his slightly obsessive thoughts on the matter were perhaps understandable. What was it about that crying which alarmed him so greatly? Crying did not normally have this effect on him. Yet here he was, troubled by the fact that it did impact him. He groaned, placing a hand to his forehead. Someday these dreams would be the death of him.

Knowing by now that falling back asleep was near impossible for him, he chose to take a stroll around the capital in hopes of spotting something interesting. But almost against his will he found himself headed to the outskirts of the city. He walked past bandits and thugs and thieves sneaking through the night - and he barely offered so much as a glance toward the huddling figures shading exchanging goods and other forms of currency. Until finally, he stopped in front of a small house. Simple in design and not unusual among the similarly Reim-like houses. But this particular house was special. It housed a certain handsome man Rain had taken a liking to. Yet this has not been his intended destination. He blinked, unsure of what else to do. He hesitantly stepped forward. He attempted to push the door open. He paused. This… hadn’t exactly been his destination (granted he hadn’t a destination in mind at all) so he deliberated just leaving. But no, he had already walked here - why go back to a probably unexciting city?

A lock prevented him from entering easily however. He scowled. Locks. These abominable things made everything all the more annoying. Good thing he learned how to pick locks a long time ago. Obviously, this sort of thing wasn’t something he specialized in, but this particular lock barely constituted as protection and happened to be particularly easy to pick. Even a child could pick it with relative ease. But it was still annoying. With a huff, he pulled out a basic lock-picking tool and worked to open the door. Finally, as he pushed the door open the resistance faded. He slipped into the house quietly - he could be quiet when he wanted to be after all - and quickly scoured the house for Amatus. He peeked his head into the - what he assumed to be - bedroom.

“Oh, Amatuuuus~” he called out in a sing-songy voice. Spinning his hair through his fingers he stares at the handsome man with wide doe eyes. “Won’t a brave and strong man like you accompany me to the woods? I’m too scared to go by myself.”

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2 Re: Into The Woods [ Job / Amatus ] on 29/01/18, 12:07 am


Amatus lived within a decent home - not too small yet not that large, either. The abode was a single floor, sparsely populated by furniture. While it was a cozy, comfortable house it was clear that not much time was spent in it. However, that hardly mattered to its resident and his close friend. Close in the sense that they could both give what the other wanted for no strings attached.

The pair slept peacefully in the otherwise peaceful house. Once again, Livia was left to her own musing while her husband was out, and unsurprisingly she turned to the pink-haired gladiator for needed attention. After a fairly active evening, the two settled into sleep. Like fairly any other night, his sleep went undisturbed by dreams or tremors. His body felt pleasantly happy and the Fanalis couldn't ask for better sleep.

That is before a certain mouse crept its way into the house uninvited. Undoubtedly, it didn't take the intruder long to mousey his way into the bedroom. Upon opening the door, Rain would reveal the sight of the pair nestling together. Amatus laid on his back, his hair -that reminded the other so dearly of a flamingo- was a mess; one hand dangled over the edge of the bed while his other arm was wrapped around Livia. A thin sheet was pulled up the waist and even the creak of the door didn't stir either.

But then Rain broke the silence, his eyes not yet upon the scene before him. His words caused Amatus to stir, his head turning to the side with a quiet yawn. A hand rubbed at the bridge of his nose while mismatched pink eyes blinked away the sand. The rest of Rain's speech would filter out as Amatus focused more on waking himself up. He propped himself up on an elbow, his hair falling ungracefully into his face as another yawn interrupted him.

His gaze slipped over to Livia - the dark-haired human still sleeping peacefully now that she curled into a ball - before he looked up. His brows furrowed together, his mind still occupied by the haze sleep leaves behind. But then recognization snapped forwards and the man's eyes widened. There was a flash of anger as the tips of his ears flared up.

"You-! What're you," The fanalis snapped as he began to get out of bed. But he paused as the covers slipped further down his waist, stopped only by a hasty grab. A quiet groan from Livia stopped Amatus from continuing with his tyrant, but only briefly. He separated the two blankets on the bed - leaving the thinner one for his momentary partner- before wrapping the second around his waist and approaching Rain.

"Who the hell do you think you are?" He growled quietly, using a hand to push Rain out of the bedroom and shut the door behind him with a near-silent click. "This is my house - don't you have any decency?!" He further snapped, the corner of his mouth lifting into a displeased scowl. "Get out of here, now! Before I put my fist through your teeth!"

WORDS: 517/1000 TAGS: @Rain NOTES: You heard the man

Equipment Brought:

Name: Asada
Tier: D-tier
Type: Shield
Material: Tempered Steel; Leather
Appearance: Asada is a shield that Leo passed down to his son, Amatus. It's engraved with laurel leaves surrounding a lion head. There's a slot in the shield for someone to sheath their sword into the shield. Asada is fashioned in a round, disk-like way that is 66cm x 45cm (width x length) and allows it to be easily swung. In the back, there is an adjustable strap that allows for the shield to be worn on the forearm or fastened to the back.

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3 Re: Into The Woods [ Job / Amatus ] on 19/02/18, 11:16 pm


Rain Eveque
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And in that moment he found himself thirsting for a certain lady's blood. Her dark strands of hair against the white sheets glared at him like a constant and annoying reminder of Amatus's inability to understand he belonged to Rain and Rain alone. Seeing the woman naked with only a sheet to cover her in lying in Amatus's bed erupted what existed of his heart into flames. This outrage of his heart and mind… He clinged onto each moment of something akin to the passion he so yearned for. Not enough, not enough - he needed more. Yet as if a cruel god wished to withhold Rain's catharsis, he found himself just short of the emotional strength he often observed in others and wished to possess himself. And he couldn't even hiss and lash out about it. He could only close his eyes and sigh in shallow sorrow. Fate's fickle reputation spoke volumes of its nature, yet why out of all the curses and misfortunes it could place upon him, did it chose to deprive him of the very essence which made him a human being? Fate's cruelty only brought him an empty, meaningless life. No hopeful silver lining existed like the prospect of improving from his pain and suffering. After all, how could he emerge victorious from his suffering when he felt neither pain nor ache to hurt the soul. Only endless lack thereof.

isn't it a funny joke?
isn't it a tricky rhyme?
to satisfy our thirst,
the flap of each bird wing,
brings with it joy.
as the knowledge of freedom,
closer and closer,
thirst it departs,
and the further we fly,
the freer we can be.
among the bloodless heights,
pure and white,
nothing to cage us,
nothing to cry,
simply a vast and endless sky.

Amatus's anger(?) surprised the small fanalis. Of what cause warranted such madness? Surely his act of visiting his dear, beloved toy could not actually cause such anger! After all, he had a right to pay a visit to Amatus, his toy and plaything whenever he liked. The other fanalis had no right to deny him of an early morning visit. This unfounded rage struck him as silly and rather childish. So, as a result, he mocked Amatus's anger. He acknowledged the hypocrisy of calling something else childish besides himself, yet even as a hypocrite spoke words which mocked their actions, the status of hypocrisy did not necessarily equivalate to a lie. Yet the moment Amatus pressed his hand against Rain, he found himself dissipate as something of a lighthearted mood replaced his slight indignation. From Amatus's touch sprouted discomfort of a pleasant nature. A wishy smile fluttered to his lips as he looked up at Amatus with adoring teal eyes.

"I'd like it very much if you put your fist through my teeth~" he purred.
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@Amatus Laertes | he heard, yeah, but that doesn't mean he'll listen ;)


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