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Down with Yoshiro || Xion (Solo Job)

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1 Down with Yoshiro || Xion (Solo Job) on 18/12/17, 08:13 pm

@Solomon's Proxy wrote:Job Name: Down With Yoshiro
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 50 XP/3,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: Emperor Yoshiro has taken control after the death of his father and siblings. Many people are nervous about his new ideals for the country. Help to organize a secret meeting for these dissenters and stoke the flames of rebellion.
Despair looms about in todays society, as the country felt a bit mixed feels about who has to take place of the throne. Not many people shared the same feelings with one another, while others seem alright about the yoshiro taking the wheel in kou. The other half felt optimistic about it. It got to the point when, a secret meeting was a must and it was xion's job to make the meeting happen. For those that didn't want any of this to happen, feeling optimistic about it and what not. This meeting however isnt just your ordinary meeting, the meeting held more meaning- enough meaning for it to be secret and urgent. It was the beginning of a new rebellion, to set the flames up high and cause such things in order to throw yoshiro off balance.

There was a lot to do, in order for this meeting to actually go well and not out of the loop. There has to be people dedicated to do this and, those that aren't afraid. Those that show no regrets to there actions, are the individuals meant for this sort of action. If there weren't any of those kind in kou, then the country would have gone to shit. You simply can't be those type of people that can just leave stuff alone and, pretend everything is all buckets n rainbows. Not after learning that the father and siblings died shortly after yoshiro claimed the throne. Xion had to make sure that the meeting must remain a secret and, can't allow anything to leave the room. If it does then, he has to do what he was born to do. Kill them.

Xion doesn't want that outcome to happen and, wants to be on good terms with everyone else thats into this rebellion act. Getting people to want to actually rebel against yoshiro was the tricky part, as there are many types of characters in a book. You just got to be smart enough to pick out and, learn more about their characteristic before making the final agreement. With so many types of colors of paint, there is a lot to explore this evening and this was just the fun part that xion was interested in.As an assassin, he is good at picking people off, but this time he uses this to actually get people for this event that could shape his relationships with people along the way. Though this can only work if everyone, actually is willing to put enough effort.

After so much prep being made, xion made it possible for it to become a mere task to handle. Getting the amount of attraction and, followers in order to make it happen was never easy. But one good thing, was the ability to communicate well with others and reason with them. The meeting with different souls circling around the room, as xion and his colleagues began to trade in their thoughts and what they think is right for the country with everyone else that was present.

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