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A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior)

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1 A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 06/12/17, 01:55 am

Job Info:
Job Name: Bloody Rags
Job Rank: B
Job Location: Kou
Job Rewards: 200 XP/15,000 Huang
Job Overview: A serial killer is on the loose, attacking innocent people to get some sort of sick thrill. He has a steady hunting ground, go there and make sure that he's not a threat any more
Enemy Name: Serial Killer
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: Serial Killer has a machete that does B-tier damage.
Gutting Slash – Serial Killer moves his machete in a horizontal strike across his opponent’s torso, inflicting A-tier damage.
Disarm – Serial Killer uses his machete to strike an opponent’s weapon, flinging it 15 meters away.
Bloody Jab – Serial Killer jabs his blade forward at to inflict B-tier damage.

The red haired adventurer was walking through the city with his pole arm weapon strapped to his back as he felt his coin bag that was at his side, he was running a bit low on money at the moment but its nothing new to him. As he looked around he would notice that the streets were almost completely empty except for foreigners like himself. He wondered what was going on today till he cam upon a poster that he didn't remember seeing a few days ago. The poster read as shown, All residents of the city are to stay off the streets till said otherwise. over the past couple of weeks several young girls have been slaughtered by an unknown murderer. The victims all come from and are found in this quarter and the attacker has been known to attack during a full moon. A reward will be given for the capture of this murderer. Sesshomaru frowns as he reads the poster. He couldn't believe that someone was preying on the people of this city and decided to himself that he was going to put a stop to this threat. Tonight was a full moon so he decided that he would hide some where until the attacker shows his face.


Sessho's items:


Name: Chikara (Japanese for Strength)
Tier: D
Type: Bisento (type of pole arm)
Material: The blade is made of steel
Appearance:  Chikara is a long pole arm style weapon given to Hector by his father when he was old enough to fight. Chikara's pole is 152 cm (5ft) in length and 10 cm diameter and its blade is 46 cm (1.5 ft) long, and its largest width is 30 cm (1ft) and it thins towards the pole to about 15cm (.5ft) than thins to the point the opposite direction. The handle is black with a gold colored hilt and butt of the pole. The blade is styled similar to that of a scimitar and it has a black sheath with a god dragon on it. He has a strap attached to it to carry it on his back.

Name: Grasping Ring
Tier: D
Type: Magic Item - Ring
Magic Type: Strength
Appearance: A ring that is made of simple materials and has a small magic circle engraved into its surface.

  • Reach -  Feeding magoi into the ring causes a hand of strength magic to extend from the ring up to 3m away. The hand is the same size as the user's hand and can be used to grasp this to pull them closer or to pull the user up ledges and other such functions. The hand has D-tier strength but is brittle and is unable to perform attacks. 1k0 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

    Item Name: Flying Carpet
    Tier: A
    Type: Magic Item
    A magical flying carpet that allows the user to soar through the sky. It measures 2 meters in width, 3 in length, and about 20cm in terms of thickness, making it quite flexible.

    • This magical carpet gives a 25% word count reduction on traveling topics.
    • The carpet can fly at great speeds equivalent to an A-tier flight spell, up to a height of 60 meters. The carpet can hold up to 5 people at a time before being weighed down. This function is free in social situations but costs magoi to be used in combat or when under attack. 10 magoi to activate | 5 to sustain.

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“Ugh…. It hurts…” One of the injured citizen hissed in pain, closing one of his eyes and tried hard to endure the treatment as Noir rub the medical ointment on his wound. “Please bear with it, it almost done.” The black haired girl said with a flat tone as she took the bandage and began to wrap it to the injured area, wondering if there was anything she could do to heal the wound faster without using magic. It was true that if she use magic to heal them, it would be faster. However she didn’t have enough magoi to treat the people, especially when they keep coming with lots of injuries every day and the fact that Noir still need to preserve her energy for the battle later on. The magician sighed, wondering if getting stronger would make it possible to help everyone like she wanted to.

As she finished treating the injured person, the black haired girl saw two soldiers brought in several corpses, didn’t bother to cover the corpses with some sort of sheets. Noir noticed the look on the soldier’s face, burdened and depressed as many unfortunate events kept happening. Interested with what was happening, the magician approached the soldiers and followed them until they put the corpses in the room and left. She could tell from afar that the girls was killed, but who could possibly did it? Those girls wouldn’t possibly join the war to fight and die there, moreover, no sightings of the enemy’s soldier invading the city so far from what Noir knew.

“There’s a warning all over the city about the killer.”
A voice startled Noir and she quickly look at the voice owner, “Zhu Liang…” She called the man, aware that he had some kind of information for her. Zhu Liang would then put his hand inside his pocket before taking out a piece of paper and handed it to Noir, “There’s a rumor about serial killer, sick enough to target innocent young girls, possibly is taking advantage of the current situation in Kou at the moment.” The black haired girl nodded to Zhu Liang as she read the poster, wondering if Emperor Yoshiro had known about this matter. “Thank you for the information, I will start hunting the culprit as soon as possible.” Noir bowed her head to the man and headed to the town, thinking that she could ease Yoshiro’s burden a little bit by solving this matter.

Like a coincidence, it would be a full moon tonight and the black haired girl planned to use herself to lure the killer. She wouldn’t bring any weapon with her as she wanted the killer to think she was helpless and weak, same girls that he could easily put a knife on their throat and slit it. Her teacher had taught her well and breaking someone’s bone with her fist only was not a difficult task, especially when she was determined like this.

A sigh escaped her lips as she walked under the moonlight, bringing a basket filled with fruits and breads to accompany her in the lonely cold night. Her nose became slightly reddened because of the cold air and she pulled up her scarf to cover her nose, wanting to warm up a little bit. As she arrived at the rumored quarter, Noir looked around and found an empty bench before deciding to sit there and waited patiently.

WC: 570/1500


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The red haired warrior decided that it would be best to keep an eye out for the serial killer as he scoured the area of the city was from above. So he found a building with a ladder that was accessible and climbed it quickly to get to higher ground. The buildings we're close enough together that he could move from roof top to roof top.

While he was on top of the building he took time to look at the city. All around him he could see signs of the war that has been raging since he got here, a war he wished he could have stopped. So many lives have been effected by this war and all that were affected by it had scars that ran deep. Families were split as they rather lost love ones or were pitted against thier love ones. It twisted his gut seeing all that was happening so that was why he didn't join the war but decided to help the citizens by doing jobs such as stopping this killer.

He did not see anyone in this area so he decided he would roof hop until he came across a lone girl sitting on a bench by herself. He stops to look close the at girl with long black hair. He thought it was strange that she was by herself at this time of night just sitting there. Most people are on their way home at this time. There was no mention if the killer was a man so it wouldn't surprise him if she was the killer. He decides to would confront her to see if she was the killer or not. It wasn't the brightest choice but then again he was to angry to think clearly. He jumps down from the building rolling once he hit the ground to break his fall. He stands up and starts walking to the woman ready to attack if he needed to. He smiles at the girl in order to throw off any suspicions in case she was the killer.

WC 564/1500

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Noir was bringing an apple to her lips and took a bite from it as the juice started to drip into her tongue as she savored the taste when somebody suddenly approached her. There was a smile carved on the man’s face, something that Noir was not fond to see especially when the man could be the killer. She would put down the apple, bringing it back to the basket where it belonged before and watched the man walking towards her with her shimmering golden orbs. There was no expression on her face and she stayed still until the man was in a close distance before opening her lips, “Greetings, a beautiful night isn’t it?” The tone of her words was flat as well, although she didn’t mean it that way. It was only something that becoming her habit after all those years trying to survive in the slavery, in the other words, for her freedom, she lost something inside as the price.

The black haired girl slowly stood up, walked towards the man to make their distance even closer and beginning to deliver a jab right at the man’s abdomen. She thought that it would be better to deliver the first blow no matter what to ensure she could subdue the man, whether or not he was the killer. Of course she hoped he was the killer so she could call it a night after she handled this matter, but perhaps there was more that would happen.

WC: 818/1500


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He smiles at the girl as she puts down her apple and talks to him. She seemed nice enough but he wasn't so sure. He would probably act nice too if he was in fact a murderer. "yeah. It is a great  night." he says trying to act friendly as well. He was trying to figure out if she was in fact the killer or not. He wanted make the first move but he didn't want to strike if the girl turned out to be innocent.

He was about to question her about what she was doing out so late but was interrupted as she goes to jab him in the abdomen. He was taken by surprise and was unable to block or Dodge it. He gasp as she makes contact with him knocking him a couple of feet backwards. He stumbles but manages to stay on his feet. He looks up at her with a snarl on his face unable to hide his emotions as his hazel eyes shine with anger. "I figured you would put up a fight." he would say as he then charges at the girl. He would go and try to perform a leg sweep on her then follow it with an axe kick bringing his leg down on her with full force. he was hoping to finish her with that so he could put an end to the killers evil.

WC 810/1500

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The red haired man took the blow on his abdomen but it seemed that he was not weak as he managed to stay on his feet although he stumbled a bit. The red orbs shone brightly and the moonlight was just illuminating it, making them to be more beautiful despite of the anger that was hinted inside the glare. His words made Noir carved a small smile on her lips, amused that the man could challenge her back. The black haired girl jumped back a little, just enough to avoid the leg sweep as well as the axe kick, although it seemed impossible to be done, the man might have a great flexibility to be able to do that.

“Simple fight wouldn’t be enough to bring down a killer it seems…” Noir murmured as she charged towards the redhead again, delivering a knee kick towards the vital part while her left hand would deliver a horizontal punch from the left side of the man’s face at the same time. Medea had taught her to fight and she wouldn’t disappoint her teacher to lose in hand to hand combat.

WC: 1006/1500


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He was a bit surprised to see that she was able to dodge his attack with seemingly ease. She was the first he had fought who was able to dodge his attacks. He had always boasted superior speed do to his proud past. He grins wildly starting to enjoy this battle with the dark haired girl.

He was a bit confused by what she was saying but he figured that she must be talking about herself in the third person. He felt like he was totally outclassed while fighting her, she seemed trained where he was self taught.

He sees her charging and he laughs welcoming this fight. He blocks her knee with one arm grinning on the inpact and grabs her fist with his free hand. He smiles looking at her. "I am not going to let you get another hit on me" he says.

He jumps back hearing footsteps and looks to see a man clad in black carrying what looked like a machete. Even though the man was armed Sesshomaru found he could handle her."Get out of here, it's not safe!" he shouts as the stranger keeps walking and pulls out his machete. "Looks like I am going to have some fun tonight." He says ignoring Sesshomaru and looks directly at the girl licking his lips.

WC 1037/1500

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The redhead managed to block her attack once again, making Noir thought that she might need to spend more time to defeat the man in front of her. He would confidently said that he wouldn’t let Noir to land another hit on him, which triggered the black haired girl as her competitive spirit burned up suddenly. However, as Noir was going to think about what kind of attack that she should use to subdue the redhead, there was two footsteps coming closer towards her. Not only that, a girl seemed like trying to run away from whoever that was chasing her as she screamed for help although nobody wouldn’t bother to listen and take action because most of them was already being drowned into their deep slumber.

It seemed that she was wrong after all, the redhead in front of her was not the killer, although there was a chance where the redhead could be the killer’s accomplish. The killer didnt seem to notice that both Sesshomaru and Noir were there as he licked his lips as he looked at the girl with a creepy gaze and a maniacal laugh. With a sigh, the black haired girl would use her exceptional speed as she ran towards the man and the girl after looking towards the redhead and said, “I apologize.” Saving the girl would be a priority first and after that she could deal with the killer soon, so Noir would grab the girl’s wrist before holding her and running away from the man as she head to the bench where she sat before while waiting for the killer. “I am going to deal with the man, at the mean time please take your time and calm yourself.” She said as she slowly put the girl on the bench.

WC: 1305/1500


Trait Name: Exceptional Speed
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.
Trait Description: Through excessive training, the character has reached a level of speed that exceeds the average human.
Trait Effect:The character can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls. They can maintain this speed for hours. At this level they are equal to a B-tier fanalis in speed.


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The warrior looks at the man chasing the grill a bit bewildered about it all. If he was the killer then who was this girl he was fighting with? He just shakes his head, he had no time to think about it he will take care of the man then finish off the girl. However as he was thinking of these things the black haired girl apologizes to him then runs forward carrying the girl to safety. Guess she was in fact on his side, he will have to appologize about that later. But for right now he would have to take care of the killer. He was still excited from his battle with the girl and hoping to enjoy his fight with the man as he charges at him.

The killer almost made it to the girl swinging his machete as another girl pulls her away. He growls at her as he interrupted but it didn't matter since the darker hair one would be next. He grins his stare turning to the red haired boy closest to him, he looked like an easy target, especially compared to the dark haired girl. He takes a step forward but gasps as the boy rushes at him with gratitude speed.

Sessho punches at the killers stomach hoping to make this quick but the man blocks with the side of his blade replying with Bloody jab aiming for Sessho's heart Wich the warrior dodges easily
The killer then follows that attack with a gutting slash aiming to separate the boy's torso. The warrior ducks below the blade and jumps forward ramming his head into the killers stomach knocking him back a few feet but still standing in his feet gasping for air now. Sesshomaru groans as there was now a dull pain in his head, clearly he did not think this through clearly. The killer growls furious now as he takes this chance to run past the warrior charging at the two girls with his machete raise high.

WC 1361/1500

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10 Re: A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 09/02/18, 11:42 am

It was a mistake for the killer to underestimate her capabilities, because the swing of his machete barely scratched her as she stole his target as she ran using an exceptional speed that she had. Right after she guide the girl, Noir would immediately walk towards the killer as she saw the redhead began to attack the killer, didn’t want to give all the fun to the Fanalis. Although the redhead was strong enough to take the killer down, it seemed he did something….weird… well, at least for Noir it was a weird movement. He used his own head and rammed it against the killer’s stomach and made himself have a slight concussion, although using that word was somewhat exaggerating.

The black haired girl would walk again before stopping, waiting for the killer as he charged towards her as she began to maneuver her body into an offensive stance. Noir would slowly breathe out, her golden orbs were simply focused on the killer only, as if anything else didn’t matter at all. Right before the killer entered the appropriate distance to swing his machete, the black haired girl would use the momentum after putting her weight on her left feet to charge towards the killer, surprising him. The female magician would grab the killer’s wrist, stopping him from swinging his machete around with her exceptional strength. Right after that, Noir would pull the killer to be closer towards her as she delivered a strong knee kick towards his abdomen, possibly enough to break his ribs. Noir would quickly use the element of surprise to disarm the killer, taking the machete and hold it tight just in case.

The killer, as much as he wanted to deny the fact that a female was able to do this kind of thing, couldn’t withstand the pain and began to cough blood before he clutched himself on the ground and screamed in pain. She thought it was enough for the killer, so at the moment, she walked towards the redhead before pointing her machete to the Fanalis. “So, tell me…are you innocent? Or…are you evil…”

WC: 1500+/1500

Magoi: 480
Stamina: 200


Trait Name: Exceptional Strength
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.  
Trait Description: Through extensive training, the character has exceeded the traditional limits of strength for their race.
Trait Effect:The character can now bend steel and shatter iron with their bare hands and deal A-tier damage with their physical strength alone. This level is equal to a B-tier fanalis.


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11 Re: A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 09/02/18, 06:36 pm

He groans a bit but recovers quickly from his brazen attack. He looks up ready to fight the serial killer only to see that he was going to the girl he was fighting just moments ago. He begins to run to intercept the killer but then he stopped feeling that the girl would be more then the killer could handle. He begins to smile as he watches the two fight. She did not appear to be holding back and he was certain that she would be the victor in this fight. He was correct as he sees the girl disarm the man followed by the man collapsing to the ground.

He looks at her as she walks up to him pointing the weapon of the killer at him. He takes this moment to do a deep bow towards the girl. "I am deeply sorry about attacking you earlier. I saw you by yourself and you carry yourself as someone with experience in killing so I jumped the ship there " he says hoping that she wouldn't attack him again. He would the stand up grinning at her speaking again, "I am Sesshomaru.
I am a warrior from the country of Riem here to lend my help not to the warring leaders but to the innocents who are caught in the middle."

WC 1500+/1500

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12 Re: A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 21/02/18, 10:55 am

The black haired girl would listen to what the redhead would say before nodding and threw the machette away, “I apologize as well, I thought you were the killer too when I first saw you.” Noir would also bow deeply towards Sesshomaru, exchanging respect as she introduced herself as well. “My name is Noir, it is a pleasure to meet you. Im simply an ordinary girl who is capable of fighting.” As soon as she was done talking, the girl would look at the woman that they saved together and wondered if she was still afraid with the whole incident because she was trembling a little bit and she looked a pale too. After spending several second to decide mentally, Noir thought she had to walk the woman home just in case. So she shifted her gaze, locking her golden orbs towards Sesshomaru before asking, “If you dont mind, would you like to walk her home together?”


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13 Re: A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 22/02/18, 11:27 am

He grins at her as she bows as well, apologizing. His eyes changed from their bright red to a hazel color which was his normal eye color. "it is a pleasure to meet you Lady Noir." he would reply, "You are clearly more then just an ordinary girl. Not everyone can keep up with my moves as easy as you were." he replies knowing there was much more to her then meets the eye. He smiles and nods. "I do not mind helping you escort this girl home. This will be easier then walking though." He replies removing his magic carpet from his back and rolling it out onto the ground for them.

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14 Re: A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 25/02/18, 11:05 am

The black haired girl frowned when the redhead called her name with lady title, thinking she was unworthy of that graceful title. "I am no lady, my good Sir." She said with a flat tone and a hint of sarcasm before continuing to reply to the Fanalis, "I see you are exaggerating when you yourself are such a great fighter." It felt weird, her mood was messy at the moment and she didnt really know why. Perhaps it was because she despised someone like the killer from before and now she was kind of throwing it to Sesshomaru? She was not sure.

A sigh escaped her lips, foaming a vapor outside her lips. "I agree." She said after the redhead suggested them to ride on the magic carpet. The black haired girl would help the other girl to climb on the carpet before climbing on it as well and waited for Sesshomaru to start maneuvering the magic item.


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15 Re: A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 28/02/18, 06:48 am

He just shrugs off what the magician, she was probably just upset or still overly excited about the battle with the serial killer. He was hoping that he could possibly become friends with this woman since he didn't really have any in this country, or any at all to be honest. Once everyone was on top of the carpet he stands on it striking a pose causing the carpet to rise into the air and going off after asking the girl to point towards her home. The posing was not necessary but he thought that he looked cool while he was doing that. Once they arrived to the girls home they lower the carpet letting the girl off. once the girl is in her home the young adventurer looks at Noir. "Is there a certain place that you want me to take you to?" he asks smiling.

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16 Re: A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 05/03/18, 09:44 am

It was awkward yet so amusing when the man posed on the carpet before feeding it with some magoi and Noir could only stare with a judging gaze although she didn’t mean it. Right after she and Sesshomaru managed to get the young girl home safely, she would wave her hand and listened to what the redhead wanted to say. “A certain place?” She asked, although it felt like she was asking herself more. The girl looked aside and tried to think, but it seemed that she didn’t have any idea on where to go beside of her current living place. “I guess I will go back to the palace, also… let me treat you something tomorrow, perhaps for an early lunch if you don’t mind. I still feel bad for attacking you.”


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17 Re: A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 06/03/18, 11:53 pm

He smiles as she mentions the palace and nods posing once again sending the carpet on a path towards the palace. He looks over at her as she talked about meeting up to get food tomorrow. He was not going to deny the chance for food, plus noir seemed like a cool person that he wanted to learn more about this person. She seemed like a big mystery and mysteries always meant an adventure. "Sure that sounds great! How about we meet at the palace gate tomorrow?" Oh and don't feel bad about attacking me, I was about to do the same. Plus it was a better fight then the killer " he would say grinning

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18 Re: A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 09/03/18, 10:50 am

With a small smile, the black haired girl nodded at the man. She was glad that Sesshomaru accepted her invitation and she would make sure the man got treated nicely with a good food and return home with a belly full of happiness from eating the food. “Mhm, palace gate sounds nice. Just…” It was weird, she didn’t know why but she felt it would be kind of dangerous for the man to just wait for her at the palace gate. “Let’s meet in front of that small pagoda, I don’t know but I just don’t feel comfortable meeting at the palace gate.” She said as she pointed towards the pagoda just near the palace, it was tall enough to be seen although not as tall as a real pagoda. When they arrived, the girl will bid the man farewell before she head towards her own room to call it a night.



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19 Re: A Crimson Night (B-tier job/Nior) on 17/03/18, 01:09 am

The red haired boy smiles as the girl says to meet at the Pagoda instead of the gate which he was completely fine with. He nods looking at her."Sure, that is fine with me. I will see you then." he says as he watches her walk off and decides he should do the same. He gets off his magic carpet rolling it up and carrying it as he walks off. He was really excited about hanging out with a new friend. That and he got a nice warm up fighting that serial killer from earlier. He whistles as he walks off to his house off in the distance.

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