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Regrets: Fishing Job

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1 Regrets: Fishing Job on 04/12/17, 03:39 pm

There is one type of weather that xion can't stand and, that's the cold. This particular rainy weather doesn't bother him much. However he does have to watch out in case he ends up with the flue by the end of this job, that he took upon himself to do. Near the shu fang river were helpless people, with little to know food out here having to risk there lives in this god send rain that didn't bother xion. At first he didn't want to do the job, because he doesn't have time to waste on other people and having to fish out for food. But at least there was a small ounce of goodness that is still left in xion. He couldn't see himself in the war refugees shoes, because participating in wars and protecting his empire isn't something that he's interested in. He prefer to keep himself away from big events, that could change the course of the kou empire history. No matter how overpowering this empire may be. With the exception in mind, many refugees were thankful enough of his assistance and gave their blessings from the gods. Though this sicken him, just by god worshipping alone because he doesn't believe in gods.

The dark clouds engulfed the sky, leaving little light left for people to hope that the storm will pass by. Xion patiently awaiting for a fish to be caught within the grasp of the bait that was placed. There was a bucket right beside xion, as he was standing next to it with the wind blowing his long golden blonde hair. Man war refugees called him a female, in multiple occasions as he made way to catch the fishes he was assigned to do in order to assure their survival. Well at least until the storm set aside. "Good grief, this rain couldn't get much worse can it"? It could, but maybe this was just the beginning as xion put thought into the words. Xion noticed a tug, as he was fully on his guard ready to pull the fish in which he assumed he jad caught, into his position. This has to be his first time helping any sort of human with stuff like surviving. Xion never cared about people and, would rather see them dead. If he wanted to be honest, he wasn't here to lend a hand- he was mostly in it for the money. He didn't expect gaining much, since this is his first jobs out of many others. he wanted to be beneficial to all of the people of Kou, because this is his country afterall but again; he prefers people dead. The storm jacked up most of his fishing time, because it sure as hell wasn't an easy one. He sometimes regret some of his mistakes and, this is being one of them. Only an idiot would try to fish out in the storm, refugees or no you gotta make sure you won't get fucked too.

Xion hoped to get this job done and, get in a relaxing bath.

Word count: 511
Total words: 511/500

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