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Karada Tatakai: Book 1️⃣ [WIP]

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1Karada Tatakai: Book 1️⃣ [WIP] Empty Karada Tatakai: Book 1️⃣ [WIP] on 01/12/17, 09:57 pm


Netsu Tatakai: Panchi

Netsu Tatakai: Ashi

Jaianto Tatakai: Panchi

Jaianto Tatakai: Ashi

Denki No Tatakai: Panchi

Denki No Tatakai: Ashi

Yoroi Hada: Panchi

Yoroi Hada: Ashi

Yoroi Hada: Dotai

Yoroi Hada: Hardens and increases the durability of a limb

Netsu Tatakai: Kokyu - User produces an oil type substance in his body and spits the oil out in the form of flames

Kaori Nemuri: User produces a scentless gas, a similar gas to when a yawn occurs, around his body causing anyone in 1 to 2 meters falls asleep for 4 posts if they breathe it in.

Men Masuku: User lightly secretes sn odd substance from his face that wraps around his nose and mouth in order to filter the air he breathes in. The mask the user creates filters the air, providing clean and safe air for the user to breathe in.

(Supplementary) Torakka Arashi: The user conjures a 40m radius storm overhead that detects all metal of the user's choosing under the storm and sends A-Tier electrical zaps into the metals for a total of 4 posts. Foes in contact with the affected metal are zapped with A-Tier electricity for each post they are in contact with it.

(Supplementary) The user conjures a thin supercharged storm cloud layer around his Shuriken. All of the user's basic actions now can shoot storm cloud shurikens the size of the Shuriken of Storms that deal B-Tier electricity and 3 post paralyze. The user's basic actions now shoot storm cloud shurikens that travel up to 40m before dissipating.

(Supplementary) The user creates a storm that is charged with electricity and shocks any flying or in the air opponents with A-Tier electricity damage.

(Offensive) The user conjures a tracking 40m storm overhead an opponent within 40m range and reigns down a gigantic bolt of lightning onto their opponent, shocking their opponent and all of the people of the user's choosing under the storm with A-Tier electricity damage.


shocking their opponent in a 40m radius. (Beware that you, the user, isn't within that 40m radius) (May need reworking)

Get trait points possibly instead of a heat resistant trait for SoS

Get a 3 sword style trait possibly

Lion's Pride Roar - An A-Tier move that increases the volume of the user's voice and

Mute - Mute your ears to defend yourself from sound attacks


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