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Betrayal, a hefty word that is said to ring through someone’s mind for years after the act occurs upon whomever it might be. It is a word that directly correlates with acts of treason and total removal of honor from a person. Betrayal is the death sentence for most, and therefore, the average person, in order to save his or her own skin, would wish to stay away from committing such an act. Sometimes hatred, revenge, or overall greed overpowers a level head however, and it leads to the smitten word that is betrayal. Then comes the rope…

    Julius Virgil was last know to be upon a docked merchant’s ship in one of Kou’s ports. It’s deckhands and him had staged a mutiny upon the sea-bound ship weeks prior. Joana Windrunner was the name of the inexperienced captain who had let her crew turn on her; her weakness as a leader was obliviously showing and most of the crew locked into that salty dog’s plan to overwhelm her. With that, it took little to no effort to throw her in the brig with a success. However, they didn’t stop there with her.. Julius took the role and hat of the captain. Loud cheers and sounds of metal pints clashing against one another echoed within the starry night. A lot of the rum and wine that the vessel had been carrying washed down into the bellies of the men.

    Days after, upon reaching the coasts of Kou, the sea hands quickly thought of how returning to Reim with cleared names would be impossible. Merchant cargo ships such as that had always been logged, and it was logged that it had arrived in Kou. If they were to return to Reim and someone were to see the new means of administration, it would only be a matter of time before the word got out and back to the merchant who had owned the ship. Mutiny was punishable by death, every single authoritative figure in the world enforced it.  This would most likely result in them being hung for their treacherous crimes if not worse. Everything they had left on Reim would be lost. Gold, women, businesses, and even families gone with a snap of the fingers.

    Thoughts of betraying Julius just as they betrayed Joana echoed within their moron heads. They had thought up a scheme to put Joana back into power, and she was onboard with it, except she knew better than to forgive them for what the savage things they’d done to her. Whether the crew sided with her or not, they were to be hanged and she would make sure of it. She wanted to spit on their corpses.

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In the belly of the ship, audible snoring could be heard. Julius had his back against the inner-hull of the ship and his bottom to the floor. His eyes were shut eerily and his chest would ease up and down as he had breathed. It was almost as if the world in which he was in was perfect in slumber. Around him, empty bottles of wine and rum littered themselves across the floor. The precious cargo in which the ship once held was gone with the wind. One bottle had been loosely held within the sleeping left hand of the pirate. Even though it hadn't been completely empty, all that was left was only but a sip.

    With gravity taking it’s toll, the bottle would slip out of the sleeping pirates grasp, dropping to the floor. Glass screeched as bottles clashed and the salty dog woke up with a loud heave. His eyes shot open in an instant, paranoid, almost as if this scenario was familiar to him. His back arched off the wall in a panic while his pupils stressed down upon his surroundings. After realizing his stalled safety, he’d quickly calm himself. With a sigh, he’d slowly calm his breathing by watching some of the bottles, struck by his own, roll away from him.

    As short times passed, a large pain grew within his forehead and it began aching. He fastened a hand against it and closed his eyes tight. A groan muttered from his lips. He realized that must’ve drank what was left on the ship by the looks of what was around him. His free hand dug into his baggy pants’ pockets to fish out a cigar in order to relieve him from this battle with his head. Upon feeling nothing but some old lint, he reflexively jerked his head down in order to check if his hand had been deceiving him. Unfortunately to him, it was trustworthy. Defeated, he pressed his skull to the wall behind him.

    As his hands dropped to relax from their lazy tasks, his left would brush against the bottle that had fallen out of it. Not being able to stay still for too long, he picked it up in order to read the label. Everything was standard alcoholic stuff. He would turn it slowly, and he stopped at his reflection. In it, he would see a god

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