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Ah, Dingle Berries![Job/Solo]

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1 Ah, Dingle Berries![Job/Solo] on 28/11/17, 07:40 am

It was an early morning in the market area of the part of Reim he lived in. The Farmers were bringing in their good so the stands could buy from them.Knuckles also went at this time to get better prices on which foods he wanted, and have the selection of choice.  Before long the male had entered the shopping area, he noticed the older man whom he usually buys from was lacking his normal delivery, waiting until the crowd started to clear he'd seen the man start nailing a paper to a street post. Walking up to him, Knuckles greeted him like every other morning. "Good Morning sir, what's that you're putting up? Did you need some help with harvesting?" The older man turned to face Knuckles as he offered his hand to shake with Knuckles. "Oh well good morning son, hehe. Noo needs any help harvesting but the strangest thing had happened. My berry bushes have sprung to life!" He said with excitement as his arms rose up from his waist and his body wiggled. "Well it's that a good thing?" Knuckles asked after shaking the man's hand, he became a bit confused by what the man meant.   Shaking his head the straw hat shifted around a bit. "No, I mean literally have come to life, they are destroying my other crops. Say didn't I see you in that battle the other day with Rufi?
I bet you can take them out for me! I'll pay you! Please,
just help."
Nodding his head Knuckles agreed. "Alright, well when you're finished here we can head out. "  

It was only a few more minutes before the two set out for the farmer's lands. It wasn't too far, about a 30-minute ride from behind the man's wagon pulled by horses.  Knuckles could have ran there in half the time, but it was a nice little ride, he hadn't really ridden behind a wagon in a while. Reminded him of his childhood.  Once reaching the Farm knuckles hoped out of the cart and headed towards the field. His shield was on his left arm and he was ready to draw his blade if needed.   Sure enough, Knuckles could see 2 pairs of walking berry bushes roaming the fields with lots of unharvested crops. They were shredding some of the wheat fields currently.   Knuckles began to run, in a few seconds, he was running faster than most mounted animals, leaving a trail of dust behind his path.  The bushes had seen him, however, and picked up on his threatening intentions.  

[bT]wo of the fired berries at him, Knuckles sidestepped them with ease[/b],  he had now gotten as close as two meters in front the two that had fired at him.  The Same two bushes quickly lunged forward with thorn-like teeth attempting to stick them into each of his arms. Knuckles rose his shield and sword blocking both bite attacks.   It was then when he felt something hit his back and an explosion happened to push him forward with the two bushes he was fighting, a third bush had made it to him now, and landed his exploding berry attack. Shaking it the C rank damage off he got back to his feet, it seemed the bushes had taken some damage as well, walking over to them Knuckles gave each one a slash down the middle dealing C damage to each of them.  

Judging from how powerful that last attack was that had hit him, his shield wouldn't be able to take more than one of those in its current state, and so he placed the shield onto his back before continuing the fight.  The Third Bush was about 6 meters away from him, Knuckles ran towards it while it was burying something in the ground, which was confusing to Knuckles, either way, he pressed his attack.   When he got 2 Meters away from the bush leap back, this put Knuckles on high alter for something going on. Though he was still caught in the explosion that came from the buried berry. Taking another set of C damage Knuckles was pushed back into the air, his shield taking the impact of the fall as he landed on his back and slid through the plowed fields about 1 meter.   At this point, he was already getting angry. Standing to his feet  He'd Dash in putting out extra stamina to travel a total of 3 meters per dash, doing so twice. WIth this quick burst of speed he had moved too fast for the bush, allowing Knuckles to end it's magical life with a slash from over his head ending  at the bottom of the bush, cleaving it in half as it fell to the ground.

There was one remaining, and he was ready for it. Knuckles lifted his sword, ready to get the battle going.   Starting a light jog towards the berry bush, it too began to move towards him. As they were coming closer to each other the Bush leap forward  trying to sink it's thorn like teeth into Knuckles left shoulder.  Knuckles Swung his sword trying to strike the bush in it's mouth but missed, taking C rank damage to his shoulder. He could feel blood pour down his arm, and a tight pain when he took a breath. It was likely his collar bone had been damaged.  Letting out a grunt as the thorns ripped into his flesh, the bush jump backwards and fired an exploding berry at Knux hitting him causing him to fall backwards again.  Standing to his feet, Knuckles' green hues starred at the Berry bush and smiled. He was having more gun than he thought he would have.   Moving in again, the berry monster tried to bury a berry, Knuckles wouldn't fall for that once again.  Knuckles darted to his left swinging around the bush monster, it seemed it couldn't keep up with his full speed, using this he'd run in a zigzag pattern until he reached the monster giving it a clear blow to it's would be end, defeating it.

Taking his shield from his back he placed his sword back into the holster on the shield, then placed it back onto his back.  Knuckles walked over to the farmer with scuff marks on his body, as well with blood running down his arm.  Giving him a thumbs jump, the farmer handed him his payment. After taking it, he began to walk back to town waving off to the farmer.

wc 1139
Job details:
Job Name: Magical Berries
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: A local farmer has recently been having livestock and crop trouble, his berry bushes have actually been coming to life and killing his livestock. Recently one of the berry bushes even threatened his life before disappearing into the dense forest. The farmer is offering a large reward for anyone who can help rid him of these creatures.

Enemy Name: Berry Bush Monster x4
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: C

  • Exploding Berry Barrage - The enemy launches multiple berries from their body that explode in a 2m radius on impact dealing C-Tier damage.
  • Thorny Suprise - The enemy will bury an explosive berry under the soil, and if anyone steps near it the berry will explode in a 5m radius dealing C-Tier damage.
  • Chomp - The enemies last desperate attack, they will attempt to latch onto you and bite you with their wicked teeth made of thorns dealing C-Tier damage.

Skills used:

Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must already be moving in the direction of his choosing before using this ability.
Scaling:  Range, +5 Stamina Cost for every additional 3m travelled.
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

The user dashes at on tier higher than normally allowed in any direction up to 3 meters per dash. The User may dash for up till 9 meters before becoming to tired to dash again.

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