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No Love! Nobody Cares! But He Lends a Hand Of Help! [Solo Job]

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Job Name: Help the Wounded
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 100 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
You have decided to volunteer at a military hospital that is short on hands. Due to medical inexperience, you're just tasked to help get supplies to where they need, help the nurses with simple duties, and make sure that the soldiers are fed and well. It's during a volunteer hour a group of soldiers (opposite of either side you are currently on in the Kou War; if neutral, decide which faction the soldiers are) attack the hospital. Defend the staff and already wounded soldiers from harm by defeating the soldiers.

Enemy Name: Officer
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: The officer of the group of soldiers is dressed in fine armor typical of a samurai, with the symbol of the faction he supports on his armor. He wields a katana that deals B-tier damage.
♦️Deathly Strike: The officer steps forwards and gracefully slashes their sword, hitting their opponent with the calculated attack. Deathly Strike deals A-tier damage.
♦️Twin Swallow Strike: The officer lunges forwards, and in two fluid motions, he slices the opponent twice with his sword. Each slice deals C-tier damage for a combined total of B-tier.

Enemy Name: Soldiers x4
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Soldiers dressed in simple armor expected of a soldier. On their armor, they have the symbol of the faction they support. The soldiers wield cheap iron swords.
♦️Charge!: The soldier rushes forwards, yelling a battle cry as he wields his sword in the air. Once he comes close enough, the soldier lunges at his opponent and swings the blade down, dealing C-tier damage.
♦️Lunge Attack: The soldier lunges forwards and thrusts his sword forwards, stabbing their opponent and dealing C-tier damage.
It had been days, no, not days, weeks, since the last time Trently had been seen actually. Trently was out on a mission to further hone himself, not physically but instead mentally this time around. The boy had much to still learn about the world and was quite curious about where exactly he should begin even paving the road for his future. Trently needed some time to himself to think about what he should do next. What Trently had at his disposal power wise would surely be enough to help him achieve what he'd want to do next but even so, he felt like something was missing.

Being placed in such a massive world, a truly magical one too, Trently couldn't help but start to feel overwhelmed. The young Yanaihara was surely capable of lots of things and could overcome many obstacles in his way but at times, he felt as if something was just missing. Being left absolutely clueless on what the missing piece to the puzzle exactly was, Trently would begin aimlessly wandering the lands of Kou once more.

Amidst his travels, Trently would stumble upon a military hospital, this hospital seeming to be for those wounded as a result of the war. Yet anyway, as Trently had begun to approach the hospital he'd have been stopped, stopped by who you may ask? Soldiers of Kou, that's who. This hospital was strictly for those loyal to Kou and not rebels. Trently being a person who would most likely be considered a rebel and not yet aligned with the official nation of Kou, he would not be allowed in. Plus, on top of that, the hospital he had attempt entering was a pure military hospital. Trently wasn't a part of Kou's official military so thus why he wasn't allowed in.

Depressed about not being let into the hospital despite not having any business there, Trently goes on to lay himself down under the shade of a tree nearby. However, though not being let in kinda bummed him out, I can't say that he was depressed for that reason alone.

The sun shone down from above on two different worlds of the same land, Kou split in two in more ways than one.  Ideology, customs, choices, and the people all divided in two, all because of a war.  The only thing not torn asunder was the land itself, which remained relatively the same as a result of all of the skirmishes and bloodshed. Much happened, but this was where the country would work toward becoming whole, someday, someday far down the line.

"Why is it that I feel so... alone? Is it cause I simply am just alone? Sure, I have my grandma, I have my mom but what does that matter? I promised in a note I left in their rooms that I'll one day return with riches and wealth beyond their wildest dreams, however, I've yet to achieve any of that! I have nobody at my side, nobody here to keep pushing me forward! I only have the voice of Grandpa Chien alongside me! Is that enough? Especially when I'm so down in dumps!" Speaking so depressingly about himself, Trently would have begun tearing up. A wave of depression as great as this one would be a first for Trently.

Losing his father, having now to uphold the name of Smiling Swordsmen, and now wanting to change Kou yet not being able to at the very moment, Trently would start to break down. "How can I change Kou if I feel this shitty!?" Trently would yell out to the sky in anger, feeling somewhat burdened by the events of that day.

Tears streaming down his face, Trently would come to realize something. "I'm the last standing male of the Yanaihara household! Th-that means I can't give up! I have to ke-keep on going! In name of my predecessors, the people had come before me, I have to advance onward! I just can't simply loathe around here much longer without taking action, it's my duty to uphold the great name of the Yanaihara family! Without my father on this earth any longer, it's up to me!" Grabbing hold of his grandfather's blade, Trently would have begun to feel invigorated.

Rising up on his feet, Trently raises his head and meets eye to eye with the sun, the sun glaring down on the boy, Trently starts to scream. "Aaaah~! Fuck! My eyes! It HURTS!" The clumsy kid known as Trently had begun to shout at the very top of his lungs. However, shielding his eyes from the sun, he'd soon calm down.

A sound of what seemed to be a stampede of horses or maybe even calvary off in the distance behind him, Trently would turn around. "Huh? Just what is all that commotion I hear?" Trently would ask himself as he'd have begun wiping the tears off his face.

"Men! Fire your burning arrows of rebellion! Ignite the wooden structures they've built near the hospital ablaze! Once you've done that, begin slowly killing every off every one of those damned traitors!" A man who seemed to be the leader of a cavalry unit would yell out, pure anger and rage in his voice as he'd do so. A loud and yet annoying voice abrupting the peaceful day he's had so far, Trently would get heated. "Fuck do they want!? Dumbasses need to go somewhere else!" Trently would exclaim as his eyebrows would begin to furrow downward in displeasure.

"Oi~! Kid, out our way or else your head will go flying! Ahaha!" A man with irritating clean slick back hair would yelp out to Trently, getting his blade ready to slice Trently's head off his body.

"Deathly Strike!" The leader of the cavalry would shout out as he'd attempt to cut Trently's head off his body.

"Kekeh~! Hikari Tori~!" Chuckling a bit at what the man had said, Trently would grab the man's blade. Proceeding to grab the man's blade, Trently would go on to rip it from the man's hand and throw it to the side. Smiling fairly wide in front of the man's face, Trently would then go on to smack the man off his horse. With the force of Fanalis, Trently would break the man's arm.

"Oh no! Officer Niu! You'll pay for that you shitty blue hair!" One of the right-hand men beside Officer Niu had gone on to say to Trently. "Let's get him, Su! Hia~! Charge!" The two young right-hand men to Officer Niu roared in anger as they would direct both of their attacks toward Trently.

Anticipating their attacks, Trently would attempt to move out the way. Yet, due to his foolish mistake in trying to dodge right in front of the enemy, the two enemies he was up against would manage to cut his arm. Having been wounded two different instances of C-Tier damage by his enemies' blades, Trently would have begun to start bleeding. The bleeding of his wounds wasn't too bad but he took note to be much more careful from here on out or else who knows what could end up happening next to him.

Retreating back a few steps, Trently would unbind his katana from its sheath and proceed to take on an offensive stance. "Hiah~! Hiyaku Tobu~!" The young lad would have shouted out, jumping up into the air as he'd slam his blade down upon his foe. Due to his opponent's lack of strength, it didn't take much for Trently to break his opponent's block. Now with his opponent's block broken, Trently would strike, reigning his blade down upon his opponent's arm and slicing it up pretty bad. Trently's opponent bleeding tremendously, Trently would move on to his next foe.

Trently's next foe was right next to the opponent he had just got done with, so it wouldn't take very long defeating his next one. Anyhow, witnessing his comrades getting defeated, the final right-hand man to Officer Niu would attack, and attack with the intent to kill.

Noticing the bloodlust in his opponent's eyes, Trently would quickly get rid of his opponent. "Subatomic Slice!" Yanaihara Torento would exclaim as he'd send a flying edge of razor magic hurling at his foe. "Giah~! Damn you kid!" Trently's foe would scream out in pain upon his defeat.

Finishing up with the three of them, Trently would only have exactly two left. "Crap, this hurts! Kekekekeh~! Cmon, come at me!" Trently would say, taunting the last two men as he'd grab his wounded arm in pain.

"We'll show you! You're wounded, how easier can this be!? I don't know who you are but you better sit down chump!" One of the last two standing men would state as him and his comrade would charge.

"Heh! Sure I'm wounded but I'm no chump! I'm a Yanaihara!" Trently would shout out loud, grabbing his treasured shield known as Cold Casket. "Cold Casket! Cold's Grip!" Trently would yell out at his foes who were being turned into frozen popsicles.

"Now just to finish off the job!" Young Trently would say to the audience as he'd begin to ball his metal hand into a fist. Staring at his frightened foes trapped in ice, Trently would smile. Then, Trently would go on to let out one great burst of strength using his metal arm, punching the cube of dry ice his foes had become entrapped inside and sending his foes soaring.

Is the last thing Trently would say to his foes before their sudden defeat at the hands of a real Yanaihara man, a Yanaihara destined for greatness, Torento Yanaihara. "Yare yare daze..." Trently had then said as he'd begin to walk off into the sunset.

MAGOI: 210

Moves Used:

Hikari​ ​Tori

Tier:​ ​A-Tier
Class:​ ​Warrior
Type:​ ​Defensive/Supplementary
Range:​ ​Close
Requirements/Drawbacks:​ ​It​ ​is​ ​required​ ​that​ ​the user​ ​imbues​ ​themselves​ ​with​ ​Magoi​ ​as they​ ​focus.​ ​If​ ​distracted,​ ​they​ ​must​ ​refocus​ ​on​ ​the​ ​ability.​ The user may only move at a walking pace during the duration it is up.
Scaling:​ ​Amount​ ​of​ ​Layers
Sustain:​ ​0
Cool​ ​Down:​ ​4​ ​Posts
Cost:​ ​40​ ​Magoi

    Wrapping​ ​a​ ​thin​ ​coat​ ​of​ ​magoi​ around the user ​to​ ​harden​ ​their ​body​ ​and​ held equipment that​ ​shields​ ​the​ ​user​ ​from an​ ​A-Tier​ ​worth​ ​of​ ​damage.​ ​If any equipment ceases contact with the body, the shield will dissipate on that object. It​ ​lasts​ ​indefinitely until​ ​broken or canceled by the user.​

Hiyaku Tobu
Tier: D
Specialization: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Must be able to swing a blade with enough space. This will not work if the user is tightly surrounded and or is arms are being restrained.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain:  0
Cost: 10 Stamina / 5 Stamina to Sustain

    With a blade in hand, the user raise their blade into the air and brings forth his blade onto the foe as they bounce up 2m. Striking at the foe from above, the user forces his blade in an attempt to deal a D-Tier wound. If not and the foe defends, the user is blown back 2m. As the blade falls onto the foe, the user's feet are not touching the ground as they are forcing their weight on top of their strike.

Name: Kutter's Katana
Tier: A-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Sword
Magic Type: Razor (Wind + Strength)
Appearance: This 100 cm long katana once belonged to Kutter, an adventurer from Kou who lost to against Caim's traps. The body of the adventurer was swallowed up, but the sword remained, absorbing the magoi of the dungeon and eventually gaining powerful magic. With a 75 cm blade length, 1.5 cm blade thickness, 25 cm handle length, and a 15 cm guard diameter, this sword is indeed as beautiful as it is sharp.

  • Subatomic Slice - The user feeds magoi into the sword using two hands, causing the sword to coat its blade in an immeasurably sharp razor edge. The next slash of the blade will send a flying edge of razor magic up to 20m through the air severing things with A-Tier damage. Things cut with razor magic are unable to be put back together again regardless of healing spells used on them for a minimum of 3 posts.. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain.

Name: Cold Casket
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Magic Weapon - Shield
Magic Type: Dry Ice (Heat + Ice)
Appearance: A 150 cm tall and 90 cm wide, kite shield made from what looks to be a skull encased in dry ice. Perhaps the skull is from an unfortunate dungeon challenger? The shield is 25 cm at its thickest making rather heavy and cumbersome without the use of above average strength. It has two straps and a grip for easier and more comfortable maneuverability.

  • Cold's Grip - When the user feeds magoi into the shield and blocks/touches a physical attack/object, the dry ice flash freezes 1 square meter of the physical attack/object. The flash freezing is only on the surface and doesn't deal damage, but the physical attack/object gets stuck to the shield and can't get free for 3 posts unless the shield itself or the ice is broken. Damage, if applicable, is still dealt to the shield when using this ability. 10 Magoi to activate | 5 Magoi to sustain


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