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From Rookie to Champion..

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1 From Rookie to Champion.. on 25/11/17, 12:40 pm

Midday had come, the young Warrior was starting to set his campsite up on the far outskirts of town. His tent was nothing special, just a basic tarp that was cast over a center pole which was held in place by two other poles on each end. Using his bare hands he and stabbed the two supporting pole into the ground then laid the structure pole on top of them. With a bit of twine, he'd tie the supporting poles tot he center pole to ensure they would stay with a gust of wind, or movement of the tarp once it was placed up. Once the tarp had been tossed over the poles, he went around with some metal stakes stabbing them into the ground after wrapping the tarps strings around them, this was to keep the tarp's shape nice and stiff, while also keeping it nice and tight over the poles. Mow that the sleeping area was done, he needed to bring his gear into the tent, and lay thing out to ensure a good night's sleep. He'd lay a blanket down on the ground to keep the ground from getting dirt and sand all over his things.This would also act as a barrier to stop the ground from sucking the warmth out of his body when he slept. After laying the blanket down, he removed a simple roll-up sleeping bag, not thick at all as it was a good time of year. Now that the inside of his tent was set up it was time to go and gather some firewood, return back to his campsite with an old dead tree, he'd figured this would last him the week. Using his sword he began to chop up the tree, and make shaving to get the fire started. Soon enough he'd be rubbing two sticks together as they began to smoke. Blowing a little bit as he did this a small flame began to grow. Taking the shavings he'd place a little of them on the fire giving it the basics it needed to grow. Now he had to build a Teepee with the sticks around the small flame and layered it with bigger sticks each time he went around. Now, it was time to get some sleep. Night time had come already.

Waking up early the next marking he set a few rope traps to catch some animals while he climbs the treetops for bird eggs. With about 5 eggs in his hands, he walked back to camp to fry them up. Adding some more wood to the fire he'd place a pan on top of it. cracking the gg into the pans he fried them all up before eating their delicious yellow fluffs of nourishment After stuffing his face with the eggs he had gathered it was time to conduct some training. With one of the nearby tree's, he would start his workouts. He practices various amounts of slices, stabs, and even shield slaps. Knuckles had picked somethings up from Rufi during that short fight a while back, he was going to spend this entire week focusing on counter strikes, improving his strength and effectiveness with his new shield and sword. All the while bettering himself as a warrior.

Each day he was running, and working out, then practicing strikes, pushing himself to cut with more force, increase his speed with his shield, and ensure he was able to use his signature abilities to the fullest. On top of the training and running, he was hunting and setting traps to keep himself fed. When all was said and done with his training, he'd come back a better and strong man because of it. Throughout this week, he had increased his procession with his weapons and strikes, made himself a more sizeable person, gaining a bit of muscles mass. When he had first come out here he was able to do some damage by now he was on another level, he could run a lot fast for an hour before even getting tired, before his strikes could only cleave a decent size tree, now his punches were sending tree falling and cracking them where he made impact.

His Swordsmanship had improved, he was certain he was passed the level of that Rufi guy he had fought with Ganbo or any of those slavers he had met until now. Twirling his blade around with his wrist, he'd slide it back to its home which was the slot made for it on the shield. Placing his Shield and sword onto his back, he'd be sure to increase his natural power from training his core. His body needed to improve just as much. his cardio and speed, hand improved largely, as did his strength. Meditation near the water would follow his harsher training to get control over his emotions. A Warrior much be one with body and mind, after all the body had limits but the mind could push past those if training right.

It had been a good week for him, after taking down his campsite, he headed back to his home. It was time to go and see Ganbo, they had things to take care of.

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