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Bullshit [Job] Ase X Jaja

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1 Bullshit [Job] Ase X Jaja on 22/11/17, 12:12 am

The autumn wind blew the scent of grass and dried leaves across a vast plain in southern Kou. The zephyr was refreshing against the strong rays of the harvest sun which cast down upon a tired soldier.  The man was cladded in feudal armor like that of a samurai.  He moved in a party of 3 with the his companions being two large bull like creatures. The ox were 3 times that a man in length and width, they were adorned with manes of a fiery crimson and a cold blue.

“He-Heh” the soldier panted he was atop the back of a blazing crimson ox. His body was littered with old wounds from a chance encounter with Gao’s army. The man was no longer able to move and he would rest bleeding out atop his partner.The sight was a pitiable thing, the soldier coughed wheezed and spattered weakly. In the twilight of his last moments  the soldier stroked the oxen's ragin red hairs. The man was dying, himself becoming nothing more than a phantom of the warrior he once was. He took a final gaze at his lifelong partners, the flery and thunderous Yueling and Taiyang.

The eyes of the war beasts saddened as they reflected back to their master.  The soldiers heartbeat became fleeting and soft as it faded away. The soldier returned now to the sacred lifestream of rukh. The moment was melancholic but it soon grew dangerous, the lifeless corpse of the soldier drove Taiyang mad and soon Yueling raged alongside his brother. The beast began a rampage charging at any and all signs of life. Rampaging for several miles they approached a large village.

The citizens of Kou were thrown into sheer havoc and chaos. The bulls began mowing down crowds of civilians A bloody massacre erupted and shouts of terror echoed across the several blocks.

Jahanghir opened his eyes as several screams chorused in terror.  The world king was slumbering in a exquisite chamber, a regal inn garnished in purples and golds. Jahan sensing danger moved quickly and grabbed a robe and secured his crown. He rushed to the balcony and gazed over the city streets. It was utter chaos as the bulls stampeded  upon the citizens ,in turn the citizens stampeded on one another in their panic. Jahan had seen enough, while he wasn’t always the most chivalrous this was ruining his rest.

“Fucking cows” Jahan grumbled honing into the location of the two ox from high above. Jahan decided to take the plunge and attack on of the bulls from 4 stories above. Jahan dashed out of his balcony jumping off the rail high into the air before somersaulting. He came down upon the blue mained ox Yueling with a thunderous  axe kick. Jahans fanalis strength dealt the beast B tier damage. The creature faltered from the surprise attack, but his brother Taiyang retaliated.

Taiyang released a colomn of flames towards Jahan who quickly leaped back in order to avoid the attack, Helio’s Breathe. Jahan took the moment to leap several yards back and gain distance.

“They arent just normal animals..”
Jahan observed, he would have to attack them carefully in order to assess their abilities. Jahan shook his head, he preferred to go off his instincts.

[WC - 545]

[Stamina - 330/330]

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2 Re: Bullshit [Job] Ase X Jaja on 24/11/17, 12:45 pm



Item brought:

Name: Daiguren Yukine {Grand Crimson Lotus Snow}
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Katana
Material: Hand forged 1095 carbon steel
Appearance: The blade length, and width are 73 cm/28.7 inch and 3.2 cm/1.26 inch. The handle length is 27 cm/10.6 inch. The blade haves an vibrant color reflected in light as blue but is gray in color, the handle being wrapped in turquoise color guards and wrap, showing lotus patterned through the open diamonds. The sheathe is full painted black and designed with an dragon close to the end, the hilt is an flower design of solid metal.

The jade mountains was like a jungle to Aseroth, and when he did his morning walks it was like he was reliving. Entering the town once more. He hadn’t got time to think about returning to the Inn where Jahan, and him stayed. Screams of terror were upon them, and people just running to their home. Not too far from the entrance, he noticed a blooded body laid cold upon the ground. Going over to scan over it, it was a Kouvian soldier. Aseroth, placed his fist over his chest, and knelt down to close his eyes.  “ May you rest in peace. ” He didn’t say much, as his eyes were cold. Seeing a fellow soldier died always rubbed him the wrong way, so as he stomped off in the distance the roaring of bovine came to his ears.

They were quite a ways down. Starting off with a A tier jog down the road, Aseroth was going to make it their faster than most if someone else was out fighting. On his hip was his sword, or blade. Referred to him, ‘Daiguren’. Aseroth, placed his right hand on the handle underneath the hilt as he jogged into sight of the beast. It was two of them, and they were large. Possibly the largest animals he has seen with his eyes, besides Jingyi’s Mountain Goat. “ What’s worst, Jahan waking up, or those bovine running around crazed? Jahan. ” Aseroth, joked to himself.  In sight was now the Inn, he stayed at, and the two bovine.

Coming from the side of Taiyang, in a smooth motion releasing the blade of his sword from the sheathe dealing C-tier damage to the body of Taiyang, as his focus was on Jahan. Re Sheathing his blade once, he finished and ending his jog , Aseroth from the bovine over to Jahan to stand next to him. “ Hmm… What’s better than a elemental bovine, Jahan. Nothing, because once we put them down, I’m going cook them up. Be prepared for a feast. ” As always, food was on Aseroth mind. Trying new ingredients, was going to make this exciting. Looking back at Jahan however, he’d notice he had none of his equipment on him, but the crown. Even his clothing was that of his robe, meaning they really did wake Jahan up. “ HAHAHAH ” Came from his mouth, as his cold demeanor left him as this was too good to be true, but he didn’t let his guard down. Ready to charge after Jahan.  

Word Count: 432/1,500
Stamina: 360/380


Lucas Style: Tātorusutansu
Tier: D-Tier[C-tier]
Requirements/Drawbacks: Taking initiative to take two steps forward before drawing the blade.
Scaling: {The tier of damage dealt will increase by one for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.}
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 10 Stamina :: 5 Sustain :: 0 Magoi [20]

    Drawing the blade in a smooth fluid motion, slashing from the ground up, dealing D-Tier and below damage across the torso of an opponent.


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