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Sliva. {Job}

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1Sliva. {Job} Empty Sliva. {Job} on 20/11/17, 02:15 am


Job Details:

Job Name: Escort
Job Rank: C
Job Location: Balbadd
Job Rewards:100 XP | 7,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: You meet a young courier clutching a letter and looking nervous as he steps out of a merchant's building. This teenage child is carrying an important shipment invoice to a client, who is near the docks. The courier is known for carrying important ledger information for the various merchants of Balbadd, and does not like to travel alone. The courier requests your help as a bodyguard, and sure enough some thieves attempt to rob the courier while you are guarding.

Protect the courier until the letter is delivered.
Enemy Details:

Enemy Name: Thieves x5
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
Description: Thieves deal D-tier damage with their daggers.

Sliva. {Job} FDuCR0fm
Name: Maverick
Tier: D-tier
Type: Foldable Compound Bow
Material: Steel
Appearance: An ashen foldable compound bow, with a thin green handle. The bow has a 48 cm draw length and is 114 cm long. It folds down to be a carriabled-sized concealable weapon.
Ammunition Material: Blackwood and Steel
Ammunition Appearance: The arrow itself is made from same material as the bow and it is 52 cm long with 1cm width. A long thin shaft, easily draw from the quiver.

Sun was out, and many people had their shirts off, or were in a one piece with their buns out. Bad enough to see, even some males. He wasn’t sure living technically ‘in’ the entertainment district was for him, but it keep a roof over his head, food in his stomach, and people close to him safe. It was just the sights he saw there that was going to leave him traumatized eventually. Niklaus, had just stepped outside the house. Blinded by the bright sun, and chilled by the nice breeze that came along with it so he accepted it as an apology for being so hot.

Today on such a sunny, and close to dying of thirst kind of day in Balbadd, one was going to head off to the Docks. Usual place for him to go on a extra non work related day to get him a extra pay. Still so new to the docks there were many places he hadn’t visited so a merchant's building was his stop, and nothing seemed to interfere with his route. Maybe an older man of sorts could later intervene with him, since they met on the docks. Niklaus, hadn’t really thought of the two of those people since then, but he could potentially be around lurking in some grimey shadow doing his business of slaughtering on wimps, and killing out of fun. He ran his hand across the handle of his bow on his hip, making sure he could reach it and get in a quick draw, not worried about dropping his quivers, as they hid underneath his his coat even though it was boiling him up. Niklaus, was close to finding himself in front of the merchants building, and sweating bullets at that. Rubbing off the sweat with his sleeve, and looking around to see the many faces gathered around.

Word Count: 310/1,000

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2Sliva. {Job} Empty Re: Sliva. {Job} on 20/11/17, 04:22 am

Crimson Plague:
Sliva. {Job} Hex's_Staff
Name: crimson plague
Tier: D
Material: Mahogany and the ring is brass
Appearance: The staff is 61cm tall And 5 cm diameter and the top of the staff id the carving of a bird skull with a brass ring connecting through the eyes. Silva uses it as a walking stick outside of combat.

It had only been a few days since the silver haired assassin arrived in Balbadd but he found himself already enjoying the country. It had amazing food he hadn't tried before, the scenery is unlike anywhere else he has been to before. To top it all off, everywhere he looked there were skimpy dressed women all around. Silva was in a paradise fool of sexy women ready for a single and experienced man. Also with all of these new people and a whole new country came a large amount of contracts for him. Anything from a noble wanting a rival snuffed to a woman wanting to off her mother-in-law. He was extremely happy about this port country.

He had one hand behind his back while the other one grasped a sinister looking walking cane, or at least that's what it would seem to most when it is actually his staff. As he is walking he would see the young man that he met when he first arrived in this country. Chuckling quietly to himself he decides that is would be quite amusing to follow him and watch him for a short while. He would walk a few yards behind his prey making sure that his blood lust was completely gone and hidden. He would observe that he was wearing a coat in the humid weather of Balbadd which would mean he was hiding something, probably a weapon. He grins to himself enjoying following this boy.

WC 249/1000

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Stalled in front of the merchants building. Catching his breath before finding his body climbing up the stairs to enter the rowdy building. Reaching for the door and slightly tugging on it, before it swung forward sending, Niklaus back down the steps to his butt. Rubbing his butt now, he’d looked up shaking his head to knock his bangs out his face to see a scared boy. He looked around my age, and had on a courier get up. Niklaus, was about to get pissy, and hostile since it was the boy fault he fell back. “ Sorry. Didn’t mean to knock you down, Sir. ” He said, apologizing. Niklaus, stood up making sure nothing of his fell on the ground alongside him.

Hey, could you at least say something? Are you okay? ” He asked, seeming to actually care. Maybe he did, Niklaus wasn’t about to get into that. He was ready to go into the building, and leave the boy. But before he could do that, the young courier hadn’t grabbed at Niklaus’s arm as he walked by. “ What! ” Came out of Niklaus mouth, and it wasn’t polite. However the teen pulled him aside away from the door, speaking quickly. “ Seeing in how you're going into the merchant's building, you may be in need of some work? If you help me, I’ll help you? I just need a bodyguard to help me deliver my important letters. Cough* As you can see… I’m not much of a fighter.

Niklaus, stood. Examining the teenager trying to get a feel of how in need he was truly, and from how he was sweating compared to the courier they were at a match. Swishing his head back and forth slinging some of that sweat off himself. “ Yeah… I guess. ” He gave as a reply. The tension from before was gone turning to look off in the distance. Past a couple of buildings a few yards back, Niklaus would notice the cane first. If Sliva moved quick enough, Niklaus would only make out the cane, but if he didn’t he would grasp the full picture of Sliva, and his old whiskers. Deeming if it was Sliva, Niklaus would speak to the courier. “ Stay here, I’ll be back. Than we’ll leave. ” Leaving from the steps, heading in the general direction he say the ‘professional killer’.

Word Count: 718/1,000

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The old man laughed quietly to himself as he watched the collision between the young man and the courier. From what the old assassin had seen from watching the young man today and from their first meeting together with Arima, the boy seemed to be a bit clumsy an awkward. For a moment Silva noticed that Niklaus looked like he was about to blow up at the boy. Silva sighed disappointed when Nik seemed to calm down.

While Silva was a good distance away he was still able to hear the conversation between Nik and the young courier. So the young boy needed help delivering letters for the merchants guild and he was willing to offer help in return for being escorted around. He thought that he might as well end up joining those two for the reward, and for the laughs.

Silva sees that Nik notices that he has eyes watching him. This boy was much more perspective then Silva gave him credit for. "He could be an interesting prospect. I think I may accompany him for awhile, with or without his consent." he whispers to himself as he sees Nik walking to him. He would walk out into the shadows grinning at the young boy. "Oh hello there Nathan my boy. What brings you to these parts?" he would ask clearly messing up on his name.


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Niklaus, pulled up his shoulder sleeve. Moving in the direction of the old man. Elder people were such problematic, and worrisome. First the kid around his age scared about moving a package, and now a old man mispronouncing his name. Flicking his head to the side, getting his hair out his eyes. One could now see the fire behind them if they looked hard enough. “ Old man, what do you want? Why are you so persistent. ” He would say in a demanding tone, stumping over like a mother ready to scold. Wondering why he was around these parts anyway, making this seem a little bit like a small world.

Word Count: 830/1,000

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Silva would chuckle at the young boys question and after seeing the fire in the boys eyes. He liked the look in his eyes, the look of a warrior and of passion. He wonders what this young man's goals could be and wondering if he could help the boy further along. He liked helping fruit grow till it was ripe enough to pluck thier lives from them.

"Why do I have to want something?
Can't an old man just visit a new friend."
he would says grinning at the boy knowing he would not buy what he was saying. "But if you must know I decided to follow you and now i smell a chance to get money. And I am interested in seeing you grow and change. You are an interesting subject." He would say eyeing him like a cat would eye a mouse.

WC 633/1000

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Old man you aren’t my new friend. We share nothing in common, so do not hassle me, or tie me in with the likes of you. ” The dislike was strong, and the noise in the background soon to cover, Niklaus voice. What was that noise, and why was it behind him. Only thing behind him was the courier, and with one turn he saw five men. Niklaus, was surprised. He could only leave this conversation finally, and he did not give two concerns about whether Sliva had spoke in the next couple of seconds. Reaching for his waistband, pulling forth Maverick. The bow unfolded in mere seconds at the click of a button with a arrow loaded from his quiver. “ Set back away from the courier, or accept being set to a medical bay. ” Niklaus, stated. Aiming, and setting his bow pointed at one of the five men. “ Boy stay out of this. “ One yelled, while two charged toward him. Dashing at d-tier speeds.

They weren’t fast at all, but Niklaus was not going to take chances, releasing an arrow embedded with explosive powder , hitting one in the chest as his arms waved high in the air. Taking c-tier damage to his torso, and blacking out from the explosion on him the thief went down, while the other one rolled forward with minor burns. Slashing his blade at Niklaus arm, dealing d-tier cuts to the boys arm. Flinching back, and trying to set his bow again. “ Don’t dare hurt him further, or I’ll make sure y’all won’t see light again. ” Watching as the courier, got poked with daggers and pronded. Three stood near the courier, while one was in front of Niklaus. Shooting a quick arrow at his head. An instant headshot, leaving the poor thief puddle of his blood. Moving forward, holding his bow down by his side, with a bottle of poison out dipping another arrowhead in it. He’d wait to see if the three had fight in them, or if Sliva had made a move.

WC: 1k+/1k | S: 70/100 | M: 100/100
Abilities Used:

Explosive Shot
Tier: C-tier
Class: Ranger
Type: Supplementary
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: He needs to set his bow, and draw back the string. Aiming in the direction of his target.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 20 Stamina ; 10 Sustain

    Niklaus, is quick to take out an arrow and shoot it towards his target, 20 meters away. The arrow is embedded with a higher quality of explosive powder that is set off on impact with anything it’s hit against. When the arrow makes impact to his target, it deals D-tier damage, and minor burn wounds. Anything within 5 meters of the explosion receives 1st degree burn wounds (minor). If one just grabs the arrow it would not explode due to the fact that there needs to be force and velocity on the arrow (If you grab it after being shot it will explode).

Quick Shot
Tier: D-tier
Class: Ranger
Type: Offensive
Range: Long
Requirements/Drawbacks: He needs to set his bow, and draw back the string. Aiming in the direction of his target.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 10 Stamina ; 5 Sustain

    Nikalus, is quick to take out a arrow and shoot it towards his target. About 20 meters out. If the hits, D-tier damage is applied.

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The silver haired man only chuckles as the young boy snaps at him. He wondered what happened to this young Archer that would make him become so agitated in life as if he held some sort of grudge against something or someone. He was about to reply when he heard people shouting g which drowned out the later part of what Niklaus was saying. The wise wizard sees five armed thugs picking on the courrier, obviously they were what the young man needed protection from. The silver haired man chuckles as he steps back into the shadows and out of site to watch the young man fight some of the things before stepping in for some fun himself.

He found it interesting how the young man used a bow to fight with. So few adventurers every seemed to use a bow or some other long range weapon anymore. Well besides the archers in the army of course, but that was more a requirement. He chuckles as he sees the man take out two of the thugs with little effort. He was claerly skilled with his bow which made the old man even more surprised since it took people years to master a bow like this young man was.

He saw the other three thugs picking on the young boy so Silva decided that he would finally step in to cause a little but if blood shed. He begins to run up to the group satying in the shadows. He runs up to them pulling the young boy and flinging him to the side followed by the man jummping back chanting the words Denki-kyū as he draws four circles adding more magoi then usual as he creates four 1 meter spheres of electricity which he would cause to fly towards the three men frying their bodies all to acrisp. The man chuckles as he grin as Niklaus to make sure that he was okay. He also looks at the young courrier seeing that he was okay as well which was a good thing, he did need someone to pay him for killing anyways, he didn't kill people for nothing after all. He looks over at Niklaus again walking close to him. "Great job my boy! It is great to see that the young ones are still using archery these days." he would say to the boy.


Tier: C
Class: Magician
Type: offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Chants the name of the spell and traces a circle in the air with his staff two times. Uses Lightning magic
Scaling: Hits. By spending 10 more magoi he can create 2 more spheres.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20 magoi
After chanting and using his staff to draw two circles in the air creating two 1 meter spheres made of electricity form at he end of the staff and shoots them off for 10 meters dealing d tier damage each for a total of 1 c tier damage. He can also choose a different target for both spheres.

130/160 magoi

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Well Old Man, I really must take my leave. I shall escort this courier away now. ” Niklaus walking further over to the courier bow in hand. He’d take his leave with the courier going towards the directions given by the boy. Niklaus, didn’t care for further talking from the old man, and even if he had it would just be dismissed by him as he needed to entirely focus on his task at hand. Seeing in how taking a little bit of time talking to him caused bandits to take their opportunity to steal whatever was being delivered.

They had just arrived at a blue building. It wasn’t flashy, and everything looked to be alright. Niklaus, showed the courier the way with a motion of his hand before turning to look out the door. Short time passing, he noticed the courier holding a small sack of coin which he had than placed in front of Niklaus hands. With that he simply took his leave, nodding off to the courier.


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The old man chuckles to himself seeing that the boy wanted nothing to do with him and clearly wanted to get this over with. However the assassin starred this job and he was going to help finish it, especially since it would not take more then a few minutes out of his day. So he ended up kind of following them from a distance yo make sure no one else decided to attack the courtier. Once they got to the destination Silva nodded to the courtier and the young man as he walks off wondering if he will ever see that man again.


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