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1trait... thing.... whatever Empty trait... thing.... whatever on 12/11/17, 08:29 pm


hey this is a trait I created. Took me a lot of time to think of this an another one and this was the safer one...... believe you me it was a trial regardless but this is wht most of my time has been spent doing:

creating traits and abilities, thinking, plotting, and over eating.
Trait for Lest:
Trait Name: Singled Out
Tier: A
Cooldown: 4 posts
Trait Description: Any Aoe Spells cast during the activation of this trait (4 posts) are turned into Single Target spells and have their effects tripled.

Name: Mystic Art: Sunshine Spark
Tier: B
Cost: 30
Scaling: Size: Every 5 magoi invested increases the affected radius by 10 ft.
Class: Lightning
Range: Long
Cool-Down: 3
Description: The Caster Raises their staff in the air, commanding surrounding Magoi to create thunderclouds. The thunder clouds swirl around it's caster with their Staff Raised in the air. After a brief Period a singular Lightningbolt Strikes the caster's staff continously creating a ball of light at the tip with a yellow hue. The ball grows large with Electrical energy (about 20 ft) and with the caster's Discretion, can attack a target 20 ft area dealing B-tier Magic Damage. (IS NOT A TARGETABLE ABILITY)

Name: Sacred Art: Forked
Tier: C
Cost: 30
Class: Lightning
Range: Self/Close
Cool-Down: 3
Description: When Casted the magician touches either themselves or another person. When touched An outer electrical shell forms around the object for 3 turns. When the afflicted object uses an ability, the outer shell creates an electrical doppleganger that mirrors what the afflicted person Is doing.
(Just tell me what I need to work on or just deny it altogether. butbelieve me I started with completely overpowered and trimmed it down to this because it sounds like it would fit lest more)


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2trait... thing.... whatever Empty Re: trait... thing.... whatever on 29/12/17, 01:41 am

Singled Out would not work as we generally do not allow "active" traits. While there may be exceptions, not in this case. The way it is written is a bit too RPG like for the roleplay. It would be changing abilities drastically to the point where they would be new abilities. On top of that, the tripling effect goes past the traits tier limit.

The templates on each ability need to be fixed.

Sunshine Spark is very doable. However, you need to use the metric system and I'm not sure what you mean by it's not a targetable ability.

Forked is also very doable. However, when or if the doppelganger hits a target, does it deal damage? Does it deal an effect? How many attacks can it preform per turn? This ability also needs scaling.


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