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Laying down the law[Job/Knuckles]

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1Laying down the law[Job/Knuckles] Empty Laying down the law[Job/Knuckles] on 09/11/17, 10:52 pm

It was a rather calm day, the city's grandiose beauty was a sight he was becoming accustom too. As he moved through a marketplace he caught the attention of one of his only friends, certanily the only one Ganbo knew in the city. Waving at Knuckles he would approach him and start to talk. "Yo Dog, sup?" he'd offer his fist out for a pound and wait to see if there was anything on the agenda for the day. He had heard some rumors about job offers being handed out at the local constabulary while he had been drinking last night. Roonies had proven to be a a bar that he could frequent, especially with the V.I.P section in the back if you had the money.Speaking of which my pockets are looking pretty tight, hope Knuckles has a super perfect job. Chances are he won't though, I bet the constabulary barely pays for a night on the town. "

Truth was Ganbo was starting to feel a little stagnated with the jobs they had been taken on the more tame side since they moved to the city. He was more interested in something quick fast and high paying but he needed to be stronger. After listening to Knuckles talk if he had any job ideas that sounded like they'd offer more money he'd follow. Otherwise he'd speak again "Yo, but on the real bro, the constabulary got a job it probably won't pay a lot but at least it's a reliable source right?". Hopefully with his suggestion they'd be on their way after that.

WC: 263

Job Name: Removing the Slave Traders I/III [Repeatable][Job Chain]
Job Rank: D
Job Location: Reim
Job Rewards: 3,000 Huang, 50 XP
Job Overview:
Slavery has been outlawed in Reim by the new King, but the practice is still there as underground slave traders are still buying and selling slaves. The number of cruel slavers have dwindled greatly with the efforts of various individuals, however that no longer matters; all slave trade must be brought to an end. Having approached the local constibulary, they informed you of the location of one such slave trader hideout with a request to shut it down and bring them to justice.

You may choose to kill the slavers, or knock them out and bring them to prison to serve their time.

Enemy Information:
Enemy Name: Slave Trader
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: C
The slave trader may sprint up to 9m/s.
The slave trader is constantly guarded by 2 Guards, and uses a leather whip to deliver his attacks, which deals D-Tier damage.

Enemy Name: Guards (x2)
Rank: D
Needed damage to take down: D
The Guards may sprint up to 9m/s.
The Guards each have a shortsword they use to deliver their attacks, with each attack dealing D-Tier damage.

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The nice sunny day they were having gave Knuckles the chance to wait only half of his robes today, the skirt like linth clothes he scured around his waist with his tan leather bet was the only clothing he seemed to be wearing today minus the sandals of course. Not only was he wearing his warmer weather style of clothing he was, of course, sporting that nice golden necklace around his neck, showing it off as always. Many of meals were missed and skipped in order for him to get his hands on such a beautiful piece but, it was well worth it to him. Besides his sword, this was the only thing he had that he could claim as something he had bought and called his own. With the jobs around here not paying all that well he had to do some fighting here and there just to get on by. With his hands laying on top of his head, the red-haired male noticed his rather tall and muscular friend Ganbo.

It was rather hard to not notice the giant of a man to wave his hand above everyone's heads, walking right up to his he lifted his chin and head upwards giving a nod. ""Hey there Ganbo, no luck in the new job search. " Sighing he removed his right hand from his head before pounding it against the offered one. Knuckles took the route of going around looking for elderly folk to help out looking for some help, though in this Country with more people gifted with the same strength or higher there was less of a need for a builder or manual labor like when he was a slave. Letting both arms drop, his right arm rested on the hilt of his bronze and steel short sword which rested in a black leather sheath.

"Man if you stayed out of that place you'd have more cash geeheehee." He said poking at his friend. Looking up at him to get eye contact Knuckles grinned, he couldn't lie he was interested and the jobs that came from this place mostly checked out. "Well,
lay it on me. What's this job you're talking about?"

WC 379


Laying down the law[Job/Knuckles] D2dcXHF
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Cheesing hard at Knuckles when he mentioned his funds. "Aw dog you don't even understand, yesterday I got this special with twins both were easy 6-7s without drinks, though the girl thanked me later for using her brother even offered me a discount for when I wanted her alone. He apparently doesn't get a lot of attention but man he knew how to work it, the girl gave a killer massage while I was at it too. Nothing like freedom I swear, this shit will never get old. I know you don't like too much detail but I'm telling you some guys take and give as good as woman you should try it sometime. Anyways about the job the constables are having problems with slave traders, hopefully it's a dead or alive. Nothing more shameful than the justice system's blatant corruption when it comes to sentencing , better to just end their crimes permanently." After speaking he'd start walking towards the constabulary he assumed Knuckles would follow and would continue to look down at him into the eyes. Ganbo's hatred for slave traders was past logical, it was a hatred bred on years of scars both physical and mental to his entire race's inferiority to humans. This was one of the main reasons for coming to the land of Reim, he would change his fate. Listening to Knuckles now Ganbo would nod his head occasionally to let know Knuckles he was paying attention. The city's streets were packed as usual as they took the one of the main roads to the constabulary.

Once they arrived outside of it Ganbo would nod affirmingly to Knuckles and walk inside. It was a typical station, Ganbo had intentionally picked a smaller outpost he didn't want to go into a big branch they weren't that big name yet. There was an officer on duty at a desk who politely greeted Ganbo as he walked in. Smiling and ducking his head in the door's height was only 2 meters he spoke. "Hello Officer, I've heard that you have some jobs available to us simple citizens specifically something about stopping slavers?" He'd smile as the officer looked up to meet his eyes while shuffling his hands in the desk. "Well sure, you both look like capable young men. Here is the location of a known slaver hideout, we are not sure how many are inside. Probably around 3-6.  If you could take care of them we'd prefer them alive, but we know that some time they'd rather fight to the death. Either way bring us some proof of your deeds and we will pay you adequately for your time."

Ganbo would let Knuckles have a chance to talk to the officer if he so wished. After a slight pause from either the officer or Knuckles Ganbo would thank the officer for his time and duck under the door while leaving. He was excited it all went so well he would look at Knuckles to see if he had anything to say before they set off for the location detailed on the map given to Ganbo by the officer.

WC: 521 + 263 = 784

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The details of the night Ganbo had with it what seemed to be a generation of a family made Knux want to never step foot in that place again. Even though Ganbo always swore never to go into too many details, it felt like he was always opening the lid to his stories half way. Making a face as if he had eaten or smelled something horrible, the redhead shook his head back and forth. Of course, he was attempting to shake the images out of his head, which leads to little to no luck, in fact, it seemed to have made it worse. "Alright alright I get it sheesh. I'll have to take your word for it, there's no way I could do such things with another man. I swear they must have caught you a few too many times in the head with the whip. " Jokes, that's all it was for he too was wearing his story and past everywhere he went. He thought returning to a place where his Race was Native would help him adjust to who he was as a person and help him find what he was to become in life, but all it did was make him feel more alone. The only family he had was the big guy he was now walking behind. For Knuckles, even his name was something that drew question to him, it wasn't what most would name their kids. It wasn't meant to be a name for a kid though, it was a name for a slave fighter...

On the way to the office Knux took an extra little hop to walk on the side but one step behind the big guy, it was true that taller people had a faster walking pace but, Knux seemed to always keep up with ease. Speed wasn't an issue for him, nor was a job taking out Slavers."I just really hope they don't tie our hands ya know? I want to make sure they get what's coming to them.
The nerve of these guys. Hmph."
His arms went back to the back of his head as he interlocked his fingers with one another. They had seemingly made it to the office without any troubles such as getting lost, which might have been a problem Knuckles often faced. Stopping at the door Knuckles looked up to Ganbo nodding back entering after the large man in front of him. He always enjoyed looking at the expression of others when Ganbo walked by, the shock in their faces of a man so tall amongst them. If he were a thief it would make work really easy.

The building wasn't too crowded, the area they were heading to wasn't far either. It was located pretty much near the entrance, making it easy for the two to reach the desk with no problems. It seemed Ganbo had all the bases covered with talking with the Officer. "Watch it with those compliments sir, my friend here might want you to go back to his place." A grin crept it's way onto his face as he gave the Officer a wink before they left. The officer's face seemed to simply not catch what he was putting down, another stupid bureaucrat. Now that the two had gotten the approval and detail, Knuckles grabbed the papers from the Officer and headed out the door assuming Ganbo would stop a few meters off from the door, Knuckles paused as he started to read the location of the hideout. In a lower toned voice with a sense of less kidding around, knuckles looked up to Ganbo. "Looks like they aren't too far. We can likely ake it before sundown tonight if we leave soon, or would you like to spend another night with the brother and sisters you met?" When Knuckles spoke in this tone of voice he meant nothing but business, there wasn't much joy in thinking about being forced to fight for other's enjoyment. There was joy, however, in the fact he would get to permanently end those who enslaved others. "Think they will take the heads as proof?" Listening to Ganbo's words he would acknowledge them with a mhm after every few to show he was listening and inserting the words into his head forever.

Having everything he already needed besides a water source, he was ready to go. If Ganbo needed to fetch anything Knuckles would follow him, unless he was going find him a place to express himself freely

WC 784+379=1163.


Laying down the law[Job/Knuckles] D2dcXHF
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"Well if they don't take the heads think we should bring their arms and legs too?." Ganbo was being half serious of course he wanted to get paid, it seemed that him and Knuckles felt the same ,that the slavers needed to pay with their lives."I'm ready to go now, those twins aren't a everyday thing man. Cost some major guap, well worth it though,  anyways I'm more in the mood for some violence. Every once in awhile you get the taste for something else and you know what they say. Revenge is the greatest joy next to sex I'd put candy and alcohol somewhere on that scale as well depending on the night. Lets make like lightning and bolt" They'd take off towards the location detailed on the map. As Knuckles had mentioned it wasn't to far from their current location this job should be a cinch hopefully there weren't to many slavers inside. What are you saying you hope there are at least 5 inside or it won't be fun. The streets of Reim laid the city out like a labyrinth sometimes and he could still get lost on occasion so it was good they had a directions. Occasionally he'd stop and they'd check to make sure they were on the right path as well is to see if they were being followed or any suspicious activity.

Ganbo didn't expect the slavers to have sentry's it was a business that depended on a hideout versus visible security. Granted this was the mistake that the police and Ganbo were now taking advantage of, they were close to the location now. It was a 2 story building about 65 sqm on each story from what they could see from their current position. There didn't seem to be any open windows, Ganbo and Knuckles had ducked behind a cart diagonal to the building around 10 meters away. If he didn't trust the Constable he would doubt the info as the building looked abandoned. "Doesn't look like there's any security just want to do a hard knock take them out quick and easy. Hopefully we can save some slaves as well. Granted might let you do the talking I plan on getting pretty dirty." Ganbo would crack his knuckles and pop his neck preparing. He could feel his saliva gland start to overwork he was starting to drool in anticipation, he wondered if his race felt like this when they hunted. Ganbo liked to imagine they got the same hunters bloodlust as if it was some connection to his lost culture.

WC: 429 + 784 = 1213

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Listening as they hide behind the cart, Knuckles nodded, of course, agreeing to the plan. Drawing his blade from the sheath in which it laid, he peeked over the cart to see if the coast was clear. Walking over to the door in his absolute quietest way, upon arrival he'd bend down grabbing a handful of dirt. Nudging his head to the door, turning to face Ganbo he nodded to him letting him know he was about to go in. Once Ganbo responded Knuckles kicked the door in sending it falling onto the ground. As the wooden door fell on to the ground Knuckles was already inside, his emerald green hues scanned the room quickly noting that there were chains in the ground with blood on them, and a few cages along the walls where it seemed they kept some of the salves. The room had no slaves in it, but two men one sitting at a chair near a fire with a short sword on his hip. The other was making his way up the stairs with a woman who had been beaten a bit. He couldn't see to what degree as this was all while entering the room. Never stopping his movement he darted for the man in the chair, when the door hit the ground both men looked at the doorway to see the red haired man. The One on the stairs pushed the woman towards the stairs as he yelled out. "Boss we got company!"
Mean while the other in the chair rose to his feet and drew his sword. He was about 8 meters away, he came towards Knuckles with a burst of speed closing a large distance in a short amount of time. The guard lifted his arm as he slashed down at Knuckles, at this time Knuckles was also moving towards him, the two clashed swords as the second guard was heading for Knuckles as well he too seemed to be able to close a gap quickly, while the two men were focused on Knuckles this free'd Ganbo up to go get the girl. There seemed to be others up stairs. Screams could be heard from women and children as the fight was taking place.

Knuckles was caught by the second guards attack in his back as a small slashes opened up, a winch in pain was all that accord as Knuckles had to act quickly. Twirling his wrist in a clockwise motion he free'd his sword from the clash of the two blades. Lifting his left leg he pushed kicked the guard in front of him sending him stumbling back with his C tier strike and knocking him over. As this happened Knuckles felt a hand reach to the back of his head taking another set of D tier damage causing him to take a step forward. Using the hit to his head which sent him forward Knuckles used this as a boost to next attack, rotating on his planted foot he turned around and extended his arm fully allowing his sword to strike the guard behind him in the arm slicing his arm with D tier damage. Knuckles then pushed forward and sent his left fist forward following his sword strike into the face of the guard he had just struck dealing C rank damage to him and knocking him out with that blow. Now he had only one opponent left. Hopefully by this time Ganbo had reached the stairs and was dealing with any threats that remained. When he was done here he'd hurry to Ganbo.

WC 1817
1 Guard remaining
1 Slave Trader Remaining


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When Knuckles initated the raid, Ganbo was trailing right behind him his mind was calm and empty. Focused on the task at hand the rooms details weren't missed on Ganbo. It was full of the typical devices you see in an real slaveholders lair. Memories would flash through Ganbo's head as he passed all of the room by to head towards the stairs. It was clear that Knuckles had just gave him a perfect opening to this supposed boss they were hollering at. Ganbo would enjoy this, there were few times you could fight an opponent without any restraint. And the fucking law is on my side, oh what a city Reim I love you. He'd duck under the entrance to the stairs and have to crouch while running because of the staircase itself. It was typical human architects were very shortsighted, but then again so were humans in general. As he hit the top flight ducking into a grand room that obviously belonged to the "boss" two things happened at once. First the Boss man whip came straight at Ganbo's shirt and connected while he simultaneously jumped back putting a distance of 6 meters between him and Ganbo.

The anger Ganbo felt from the whip was more then the actual damage. He screamed as he started to shake out his arms. The man with the whip ran back 9 more meters in a second while screaming "Guards to me NOW!". Ganbo arms were growing larger than usual he had invested more stamina in his rage and now his arms had grown to a grotesque 13 meters. He cocked back both his arms swinging at the man. In his panic he runs straight at Ganbo to try and close the distance. Ganbo's arms connect to the upper ribs when he was 4 meters away. The man falls to the ground gasping for air. Ganbo brings up his right arm first swinging it down on the man ribs again. The sound of flesh hitting flesh brought a sensational smile to Ganbo's face. "I am your end.". As the slaver started to cry out Ganbo's left arm was already raised while he spoke and now it came down as he said end. The man screamed but soon that too was blocked out of Ganbo's head. All he could hear all he could do was continue swinging. With each other swipe the Slaver's body started to turn a dark purple so Ganbo would pick a different location. Making sure to leave his left arm and head unbruised. After he had finished bruising the now dead slaver's body he'd look around the room for some kind of knife. THere didn't seem to be anything around he'd have to ask Knuckles.OH shit, I hope he did ok I have no idea how long I've been up here. Well hobbies are hobbies I suppose. When Ganbo looked down he had ended up with his pants down and there was a stream of urine going onto the slavers body.Hmm can't believe I got whipped again this piece of shit..

Ganbo figured he might as well have some fun and went hands first down the stairs into the room. He was still 10 meters away from the door when he would put his hands through and make two middle fingers. He hoped someone would respond and it'd be Knuckles.

1 Guard remaining

WC: 561 + 1213 = 1774
Stamina: 90/130
Skill Used:

Tier: C
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Supplementary  
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user has to prepare his arms for the transformation loosening them up for the joints to move and for his arms to extend out. He does this by shaking both arms violently as they start to grow loosening himself out while extending his arms.
Scaling: Range
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20

  • Using his knowledge of his own body's physiology Ganbo stretches his joints out and extends his arms creating new joints until both his arms are 3 meters long and capable of being used like whips. Ganbo can use his arms to cause his basic attacks to do C rank damage. After 2 post his arms and joints return to normal size.
  • Last for 2 post

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Dusted fell from the ceiling as the battle upstairs seemed to have gotten serious. Pretty soon Knuckles heard the yell for the guards, it was too late by then Knuckles had already knocked one out, and the other was getting to his feet. By the time the first guard had even figured out what was going on in his dazed state of mind, Knuckles was moving like an arrow through the air just not as fast. Reaching the male near the fireplace Knuckles leaped and dropped kicked the man in the center of his chest. Dealing Tier C damage to his frame. As quickly as he had risen up the man was back onto the ground this time his body landing in the fireplace. "Shit I overdid it!" When Ganbo made his way back downstairs he would find Knuckles digging in the fireplace with his sword trying to pick the upper half of the man out of the fire. Finally retrieving the upper half, the smell of burning flesh had started to lift into the air and fill the room. Waving his hand in front of his face he shook his head disagreeing with his own actions. Quickly taking action Knuckles cleaved the head from the brunt torso gripping by the hair as he did so. One done one to go he thought, now moving onto the second Guard removing his head too. Looking around for a sack he found one near the wall of cages, dumping the contents out, he later replaced with the heads he had removed from the men. By this time Ganbo's long as arms were at the bottom of the stairs, wearing a smile from ear to ear Knux began to chuckle. "Hahaha, you glorious bastard you! If Ganbo was to set eyes on the Native of Reim he'd noticed right away the smolder marks on his arms, face, and chest not to mention the blood stains on his robes and hands, while the still fresh blood was dripping from his blade and the sack he was carrying slung over his shoulder.

WC Total 2172

No Enemies remaining.


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Hearing Knuckles response, was joy to Ganbo's ears even though he didn't have much doubt. That was the thing though, anything can happen in the chaos of battle, a slave can kill a magician in the right circumstances. Looking at Knuckles he could see that he had his own little fantasy. One that seemed to involve fire, it would just make it easier to explain what Ganbo did to the slaver's body. "Haha I was worried you'd freak out over what I did, but here you go being a little pyromaniac by yourself. You never told me you were into fire I think burning the slaver alive would of been just as good." As he said good he would lick his lips imagining the scene. Then he'd walk up a portion of the stairs while reaching his arms out to grab the body of the slaver to bring him downstairs. After that he'd take a second while he brought his arms back to normal size, they weren't particularly useful outside of combat.

"Hey I'm going to need that beautiful red sword or you can do the honors. Take your pick on which body part left an arm and a head." Ganbo would shrug, while motioning to the completely blackened body of the slaver except for his head and left arm. He'd watch if Knuckles offered to do it but otherwise he'd take his time severing the head with the sword. Afterwards he'd throw it in the bag that Knuckles had while looking the place up and down. THWAP THWAP TWHAP! the symphony of the flesh was still reverberating in his head. His hands had finally stop shaking from the excitement, he was going to have fun with whoever came to his bed tonight. He found he had the best nights after a job like this where his very soul shook with joy.

That's when a cry snapped his attention, looking down at his hand he had a key. He didn't even realize when he started to unlocking the cells but his body was already acting. It was reminiscent of the night he was free, an act of empathy one he paid back now. There were in total 3 woman and 1 girl, most likely on their way to some kind of harem. None were particularly attractive to him, then again they were covered in grime. The girl ran up to thank him, to young to realize the gravity of the scene around her. The other woman looked more terrified than when they had been in the cages. Ganbo reached into his pocket and pulled out one of his last lollipops, he loved candy so he usually kept a couple on him. He handed it to the girl making sure to not get any blood on it. Giving her a big smile he'd say "Ok lets go! we got to get you guys to a safe place do you speak this language?"

"Well if I didn't it wouldn't help that you asked at the end! Thank you for the lollipop but I can't take candy from strangers!" This of course make Ganbo give off a infectious laugh, causing the girl to chuckle. With that he'd motion her out the front door and to the other women. Once the child was outside as the last woman passed by Ganbo grabbed her by her elbow. "Make no mistake, we mean you no harm. Kind of lost myself in the revenge, that man killed my mother you know." This was a bold face lie, but Ganbo knew that they'd belive him. The woman thanked Ganbo and Knuckles outside the compound before taking off to find some way back to their homeland."Ready to go get trashed tonight partner! Lets go turn these heads in, and please don't throw them on the table this time. No one but me and you think that's showmanship." He snickered a little after he mentioned it thinking back.

WC: 636 + 1774 = 2410
Stamina :90/130

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Knux simply only gave a smile as he handed over the sword to his friend. He was glad they were on the same page with the methods they used to kill the Slavers. Flipping his wrist the blade and hilt switched spots within his fingers, allowing Ganbo to grab the hilt without fear of Knuckles cutting him or something odd happening. Once Ganbo had taken his blade Knuckles began to search the room well. Looking at all the cages all he could see were day old bodies of some humans. Perhaps the buy went wrong or something, all he knew was the bodies weren't living. Searching through the pockets of the Guard who wasn't burning, Knuckles found nothing but a locket. Opening it up he saw a single strain of hair. Likely this person kid or wife, human with there damn odd traditions did things like that. By this time Ganbo had looped off the body part of the boss man here, walking over he'd inspect the work of Ganbo's attacks and cutting skills. He lacked proper training with the blade, The cuts weren't smooth but ridged like he was using a saw or some shorts. Things like this happened though. it wasn't Ganbo's fault and it sure wasn't going to dull his blade enough to matter. Taking back his sword he wiped it on the boss man's clothing cleaning it off well. All of a sudden Ganbo was moving upstairs then coming down with a group of women and a child. Knuckles places his sword back in his sheath and grabbed the bag of limbs, he placed them near the door before turning to everyone within the building that was alive. "Alright folks nothing left to see here,
let's head on out so we can get you to Reim where you'll be safe."
"Well, safer" he thought. As the walked out Knuckles walked back to the fireplace. Taking the chair the man was sitting in when he first arrived and tossing it partly into the fireplace, he looked around and nodded.

If the law was coming here to make their story out to be true, they would see that Knuckles and Ganbo didn't need to go to that extreme, and so he needed to burn the evidence that they were ever here. Any further slaver traders who likely knew of this location would also get the message someone was out for them, he hoped this would make thing more fun the next time he ran into some of them. With the compound now starting to have small fires spreading throughout Knuckles grabbed his sack of limbs, tossed it over his shoulders and ran over to Ganbo and the now freed slaves. The smell of burning flesh was still present from the half body he placed in the fireplace. Most of all he was still wearing that goofy ass smile of his, as they walked back to the office where they had gotten the job. Ganbo had suggested he didn't place the heads on the table this time, he sure knew how to suck the joy out of his day. Reaching the office they saw off the slaves' girls to some city worker, who knows what would become of them, likely doing what they were about to be slaved for but getting some of the money this time around. Once the two men had reached the Desk Knuckles opened the sack to the officer. "I brought you proof again, and sorry for them being dead. They had us outnumbered and boy let me tell you the got me good. They tried to throw me in the fireplace sir!" He motioned to the smolder marks on his body. It was a likely story, something the officer wouldn't like the detail of. "Alright, enough enough! Here's your payment. You'll see you each got paid separately and it adds up. I'll take these."

It seemed the officer didn't like the smell of limbs, he hoped he didn't mind the blood starting to drip from the sack though. Taking their payment he handed Ganbo his half and looked up. "Now then let's go get that drink you were talking about. "

WC 2903


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11Laying down the law[Job/Knuckles] Empty Re: Laying down the law[Job/Knuckles] on 12/11/17, 04:19 pm

Walking back to the constabulary didn't take very long. When they arrived Knuckles handled the exchange rather magnanimously. I guess he does listen to me sometimes what a great friend."Hell yeah its time for that drink, I know a pretty cheap dive bar. If we get lucky someone will try to start a fight with us and I'll pick up someone after looking like a badass." Smiling at Knuckles he'd start leading the way towards the bar. It was still early enough in the day that when they arrived to the bar there were only 3 other customers. Pulling up at a barstool he'd order both him and Knuckles double whiskey. Passing it to Knuckles while simultaneously thanking and paying the bartender. "To another day of Freedom, I'd rather be dead than a slave to fate  or whoever ever else claims me!". Afterwards he'd attempt to clink his glass with Knuckles either way he'd start his drink.

Relaxing he'd look over the bar to see if there was anyone that looked particularly tasty to him tonight. So far the bar didn't have anyone interesting but the night was just beginning, he was going to get Knuckles drunk tonight. Which meant that'd he'd be wasted as well Knuckles was one of the few people who kept up with his large stamina drinking.

WC:221 + 2410 = 2631

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