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Ganbo Basara's Vault

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1 Ganbo Basara's Vault on 04/11/17, 12:17 am


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2 Re: Ganbo Basara's Vault on 04/11/17, 12:18 am

Name:Ganbo Basara
Country Affiliation:Reim
Class:Body Manipulator
Age + Birthdate: 24 (January, 21st)
Sexuality: Bisexual

  • Loyal- Whenever he decides to work with someone it is his decision now as such Ganbo believes in complete loyalty. He lives in a world of black and whites with very few greys he sees betrayal plainly and doesn't believe in helping someone through inflicting error.
  • Daring- Ganbo believes in seizing the moment, quick to decide and act. It can be a problem when Ganbo assumes something the wrong way and acts, but that's something that he can solve after the fact. (In his mind)
  • Brave- It isn't that Ganbo doesn't get scared, he's just learned how to overcome the initial reaction. It was one of the few positive things he can say came from his early life as a slave.
  • Impatient-Ganbo does not like to wait around, he believes that time is one of the most precious commodity in the universe. His known restlessness can cause any potential partners and teammates regret upon any stake out etc..
  • Blunt- Ganbo says how he feels, it isn't that he is sociopathic and doesn't care about others feelings. In fact it's the opposite its critical to tell potential teammates and companions exactly what you think to truly know if you can mesh or not.
  • Hedonistic- Ganbo wants can be called excessive and if you know him on a personal level indeed it is a personality trait. In his offtime Ganbo is often pursuing pleasure in any form he can find it. Whether this be in the form of drugs, women, men sometimes even pain mixed in some kind of medley. Some say he's trying to escape, but Ganbo just thinks he's having a good time.
  • Ambitious- Ganbo didn't earn his freedom just to live a peaceful life. He strives for success to find meaning to his earlier years possibly for closure. It also helps him move forward while reflecting little on what occurred in the past.
  • Comedic- Freedom has brought a lighter side to Ganbo's life in the form of comedy. It was his one relief while in captivity the power of a single laugh that takes you away for a second. In those small moments he'd find solace in his existence and state of life. Those moments are now more freely seen and Ganbo is known for playing playful pranks on teammates and friends alike. Sometimes it's as simple as a bucket of water over your head right as you get home. Other times its weeks of meticulous plotting for a hysterical culmination at Ganbo's viewing pleasure. He enjoys almost all forms of comedy except character comedy which typically he despises.


  • Candy- He has a sweet tooth in particular for lollipops for their longevity. He would resemble a child if it were not for his abnormal size to humans.
  • Alcohol-Equally as bad when it is a sugary drink, in particular he's fond of "women" drinks though bartenders don't usually call them that when he's ordering it. Ganbo enjoys the heat alcohol brings out and enjoys it casually having a larger tolerance than most of his compatriots.
  • Sex (I don't like rping it though chill out there pervs 0.o)- It doesn't matter what sex, often even physical appearance isn't a heavy role in his choice. Ganbo just kind of gets feelings about certain individuals and those are the ones he'd like to have sex with. Ganbo likes to think he has charm, but it's obvious to most it's just his height and muscles that attract others.


  • Know it alls- Nothing peeves Ganbo like a know it all, which is up to his discretion in choosing. His first master was a know it all and would flaunt his superior richly paid for knowledge at Ganbo often. Now it brings up old memories and the rage burns a little bit harder.
  • Centipedes- When he was younger there was a moment where he was covered in centipedes, ever since he gets chills looking at one. Typically he'll just walk away trying to maintain an aura of normalcy instead of outright killing one.

Aspirations: Ganbo main ambition is to become strong enough to hold a higher ranking in the coliseum. He hopes to become strong enough that his name starts to be echoed across the city. To do this Ganbo knows he must grow in strength though how he will grow in strength isn't obvious to him. For now he plans to partake in coliseum events he knows he can win until he feels more confident about the events that spread more weight behind them. He is also looking at the job boards and other miscellaneous work in the meantime to both help feed his growing expenses and to give him more practical applications of his abilities.
Phobias/fears: Myrmecophobia (Fear of ants)- When Ganbo was a young boy recent into slavery, he was still taller than some of the men in the camp. So when he got into any kind of trouble they went out of their way to make an example of him one such example happened on a hot day. Ganbo ended up being tied up and thrown into a large enough pot to hold him and a large swarm of ants.A large lid was put on top and before he could even see his surroundings Ganbo was trapped in darkness the sun had heated the pot considerably and it made him sweat.That's when they started to crawl and bite in spaces that Ganbo never even realized were accessible and when the crying stopped the only sound was the occasional gagging and choking as Ganbo spit ants out of his mouth in complete darkness. After an undisclosed amount of time they released him but ever since Ganbo has an extreme fear of ants. When he typically encounters any he either freaks out while trying to kill it often inaccurately or he runs away with no thought to others.
Face-Claim: Mr 1 (One Piece)
Hair Color: Bleached Bald (Naturally Blue)
Eye Color:Brown
Height: 245 cm
Weight:125 kgs
Appearance: He has a giant tattoo from his slave employers that is a 1 in their language. It represented his value since they captured a Imuchakk child, Ganbo is a muscular man now. He wears loose fitting pants cuffed into his medical bandages he wears on his legs. The reason being is a lot of his scarring is underneath the bandages it is easier when moving around in public to just have his legs bandaged then for questions to be asked. His jacket is a piece sentimental to him and he will often take it off when fighting. It is tailor made to fit his large size so he wears it often, there is also a sash made from the same tailor that he wears even when he is not seen with the jacket wrapped around his body.  Ganbo's shoes are a generic black brand that he has broken in.
Rukh Alignment: Black Rukh
Special Features:Nope
History: His life in Imuchakk was so short that Ganbo remembers little of his old life. He thought once about finding his family but then remembers he doesn't even know the name of his village. Ganbo was a name given to him by the man who captured him, it was signed onto his first document as a slave. He had no belongings so he doesn't remember his true name lost to the ages of abuse. It had been a clear day when they found Ganbo as a boy he had been out exploring doing some odd child thing. The men caught him by surprise gagging him and tieing him up for transport. They traveled far until he was sold to his first master. In those many years growing up Ganbo was worked just as hard as a man, especially since he grew tall at a rate much faster than the others his age. Between all the punishments for both success and failure Ganbo survived thinking of the day he'd find a way to a new life. He saw other slaves escape throughout his life, the problem was everyone knew of him. There were no other children of his description nearby, in fact his whole life he hadn't seen one child with blue hair despite himself. It was something that he would have to get rid of he ultimately decided. Through the next years he managed to bring together bleaching material and a shaving razor for when he left. It wouldn't be for another year when he had been with the same master for 7 that Ganbo was allowed on a trip with him. They approached close to the border of another country as well as one of the infamous ports of the nation he was in. That was when he stole away at night, bleaching his hair and letting it set in. Then afterwards chopping it all off until no hair remained. He had known for a while now with his growing strength that he could break his shackles at their current condition. They had been made for when he was a child and just refitted they never thought to increase the durability. Snapping his restraints he'd toss them into a bush and would set into the city to work out passage on a boat to Reim where he'd work for food and board.

Once he arrived in Reim it wouldn't take long for his views to align with the city and he'd start to increase his wealth in the coliseum. He found the opportunity the system gave those seeking money fortuitous and has been using it ever since to eke out his living while growing more powerful. It's been 3 years since he started living in Reim he is starting to feel more confident on the road that lies ahead of him.
Role-Play Sample:
Roleplay Sample:

Ataru could see the swordsman take off, he seemed to be speed based a similar style to Ataru's. He could keep up with his movements and match them, he just had to wait for his chance to strike. Activate your heat dial moron!. Ataru had purposely been stalling using it he had a better idea, than just using it blindly like his foolish voice advised. After all he was a dial master, matching the swordsman speed in half the time thanks to the aid of his jet dials first charge. Ataru now moving at the same speed as the swordsman clashed their strikes a flurry of motions. To some they would be invisible the only audible thing being the horrendous sound of metal moving at such speed and strength. Ataru's assumption had been correct he had done something specific in that one strike, he couldn't do it as easily while moving this fast. His sword strength was on par with his at this point Ataru let him think they had fallen into a rhythm. He was parrying per usual but this time he'd activate his heat dial while striking again simultaneously. His titanium blade would eat through the man's blade going straight into his metallic body. He managed to kick Ataru off before he got too deep, well that is to say deep if you think of cutting into metal not flesh. There was a 3 inch cut into his right shoulder, as he ate his sword a man with a sword plunged out of the darkness of the cave at Ataru. He manged to slice a 1 inch wound on Ataru's side, Ataru in his surprise slashed through the man's left leg. Luckily the heat dial burned his flesh so he wouldn't die from bleeding out but he passed out from the pain.

Looking back at the swordsmen Ataru saw him run into what he had before thought was a hill. As he got closer he noticed that it was actually a pile of metal and now the swordsman was 8 ft tall with bulging metal muscles. Man I remember when swordsman just fought with swords. I guess this is the only way to take the shortcut that conflict creates. My heart will always be stronger than some gimmick like this. Also I need to invest in a stronger weapon.He knew his heat dial was still going that was enough to cut through a metal like this. The swordsmen definitely acknowledged that as he suddenly steamed into a more streamlined version as Ataru closed the distance to strike him down. Among the steam it was hard to make out where the swordsmen was. He activated his haki on left hand using it as a shield as he advanced through the mist. Ataru saw as a blur came at his rear, this man attacked like a would be assassin. Blocking with his left hand activating his axe blade dial mixed with his haki he broke his blade. With his other swing he used slicer cutting through half of the man's body. He fell down on the ground steaming coughing at the same time. Ataru would walk up to his body switching to his sword left hand while putting his right gauntlet over the mans head. He would activate his reject dial at T2 power for (a total of T4 damage internally to both me and him.)"This is nothing personal but I need you to stay down, Remember one thing dials don't discriminate, come to my shop sometime."As the shock hit both of them Ataru voice would be wracked with pain. The swordsman passed out on the ground, the burns didn't look fatal. Ataru knew the man would live but it'd be a while before he was able to fight again.

It felt weird leaving someone alive but Ataru knew this was the only way he'd be able to sleep a little bit better. Walking out of the base he would move towards Knuckles position. The city's underground would hear of the Minstrel that was his name on the streets he had already paid a couple visits. Hopefully this would help increase his sales, sadly people needed to see power to buy it. He hated doing business this way but ultimately people would chalk it up to being a swordsman he smirked underneath his mask.Damn, I was looking forward to his voice.

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3 Re: Ganbo Basara's Vault on 09/11/17, 12:53 am


  • Primary - Body Manipulator
  • Secondary -
  • Tertiary -

Trait Name: Enhanced Stamina
Trait Tier: D
Trait Requirement: -
Trait Description: Through training or good genes, the character possesses an unnaturally large pool of stamina to draw from.
Trait Effect: +25 Max Stamina

Trait Name: Imuchakk Physiology
Trait Tier: -
Trait Requirement: Imuchakk Race
Trait Description: Those of the Imuchakk are natural born swimmers, hardy against the cold, and incredibly powerful. While their strength does not match the power of a full grown fanalis, they mature to their maximum potential much faster.
Trait Effect:

  • Can deal B-tier damage with their bare hands.
  • Their large bodies make them capable of taking more damage than the other races. B-tier damage and under received is reduced in severity by one tier.(Does not stack with other traits.)
  • All cold/ice damage taken is reduced by 1 tier.(Does not stack with other traits.)
  • Unique whale-like skin allows an Imuchakk to gain better traction underwater. While underwater their speed equals that of a fanalis of the same tier.
  • Can hold their breath for 8 posts.(The average character with no related traits can only hold their breath for 2 posts.)
  • Access to a single Magoi Manipulation racial ability known as "First Harpoon" upon reaching C-tier.

Related Class:Body Manipulator
Profession Title:Daredevil
Description: A performer is someone who makes their money off of entertaining crowds whether it be setting up a location and charging entrance or just on the side of the street with a hat for tip. Daredevils in particular thrive off the danger to himself, it isn't just the act though the performer has to sell it to the audience.  
Profession Perks:

  • Put on a Show!: Whether engaging in social or physical acts Daredevils have to know how to kick up a crowd at short notice or plan an event. If he is creating a crowd on short notice he can typically bring in 25-200 depending on location and how well known he is in the area (how many posts in the region etc..).If he is planning an event he must first pay for the location or if its a Quest it can be deducted from reward. (Locations costs run on luxury of the building and current location of the user. It will be determined before being used by staff and deducted at the end of the thread.)
  • Humorously Charming: Though he can look quite intimidating once he's speaking to others, his perfomers charm comes through. He does this through jokes or gags, whatever he feels necessary to lighten the mood. He also finds that humor helps when trying to pick up anyone for his late night escapades.
  • Gambling: It's a natural side hustle of most Daredevils, when part of the appeal is the chance of death. It's best to make extra by betting on your own life. When he's in a large crowd or when organizing an event or show, Ganbo can create odds with staff approval to bet on certain outcomes of situations. If he wins those odds he receives a reward based on the outcome at the end of the thread. It should be noted if he loses and is not dead he has to pay as well.

Dance Instructor
Profession Title: Choreographer
Description: Typically better at teaching since Ganbo rarely finds an audience that wants to see an Imuchakk dance. He's well learned in multiple dances from different countries due to diversity of peers growing up.
Profession Perks:

  • Dance Savant: After observing a dance or body movement of an individual Ganbo can emulate it. This is how he learns how to dance without being able to read when he is younger. After careful observation he can remember these dances to be recalled at later dates.
  • Dance Instruction:Ganbo can teach an individual one dance style per social thread at Ganbo's instruction. Once taught the user can use this dance style at a professional level that most would be impressed by.(Minimum of 3 post each between Ganbo and instructee.)

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4 Re: Ganbo Basara's Vault on 09/11/17, 12:55 am

D-tier Abilities
Tier: D
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: It takes Ganbo some times to activate this ability as he is growing his fingernails. He has to focus on the hand in particular looking at it to watch the fingernails grow.
Scaling: Damage
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

  • The user grows out their fingernails on one hand until they are 10 centimeters are long the user may use them in basic attacks to cause D rank slashing damage. Nails retract to regular size after one post of use.

Rushing Punch
Tier: D
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Offensive
Range: Hits
Requirements/Drawbacks: For the activation of this ability Ganbo has to move joints in an arm of his choosing. He starts to wind it up causing it to move in 360 rotations this takes time and gives the opponent a visual of his arm spinning so its not exactly stealthy.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1

  • Winding his arm up to incredible speeds by moving his joints and spinning his arm in 360 motions. Ganbo preps for his signature punch, it functions as a normal punch once he unleashes it, it just has a lot more power behind it than usual this causes D rank damage. It goes on cooldown and soon as the punch is thrown, and his joint moves back to its natural position.

Unnatural Bend
Tier: D
Class: Body Manipulator  
Type: Supplementary
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Ganbo can't pick the same joint for an additional post after the cd is fulfilled.
Scaling: Custom, For every 10 stamina Ganbo joint is allowed an additional joint movement.
Cool Down: 1

  • Learning quickly in his years of abuse, Ganbo found that he was double jointed and flexible in ways that others weren't. He learned to use this to his advantage he can pop and move 1 joints for odd angles of body movement. For example he could move his left knee joint to be in a way that he could lower himself more to a level greater than a limbo champion. After use Ganbo will set his joint back in place to start the cooldown.

Crescent Kick
Tier: D
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Offensive
Range: Close
Requirements/Drawbacks: Ganbo can't pick the same ankle for an additional post after the cd is fulfilled.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 1
Cost: 10

  • Ganbo pushes his ankle joint to the limit increasing its durability and strength to unleash a powerful over the head crescent kick at an opponent that deals D rank damage. This goes on cooldown as soon as the kick is attempted.

C-tier Abilities
Arms of the River
Tier: C
Class: Body Manipulator
Type: Supplementary  
Requirements/Drawbacks: The user has to prepare his arms for the transformation loosening them up for the joints to move and for his arms to extend out. He does this by shaking both arms violently as they start to grow loosening himself out while extending his arms.
Scaling: Range
Cool Down: 2
Cost: 20

  • Using his knowledge of his own body's physiology Ganbo stretches his joints out and extends his arms creating new joints until both his arms are 3 meters long and capable of being used like whips. Ganbo can use his arms to cause his basic attacks to do C rank damage. After 2 post his arms and joints return to normal size.
  • Last for 2 post

B-tier Abilities

A-tier Abilities

Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

Djinn Related Abilities

Social Abilities

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