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Changing the formula [Lagi/C-Rank/Solo]

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Mission Details
Assignment Name: Changing the Formula
Assignment Rank: C
Assignment Location: Kou
Assignment Rewards: 100xp/7,000 Huang
Profession Prerequisites: Drug Lord
Assignment Overview: The Wossycin Herb has many uses, and one of the skills of being a drug lord is being able to exploit those multiple uses in order to make different things. Already having the herb in store, a bit more of examining could be used to calculate the trial and error of what he can do.

As Lagi continued with his mix of drugs, he started to think about the current state of Kou and the kind of deal that he wanted to make with the Kou empire. Salatis was a powerful drug, there was no doubt in his mind that Salatis had some immediate effects that were crucial in a battle if fatigue started to kick in. However, what about the long-term effects? What about a product that could be used to provide some kind of benefit in the silent times when fighting isn't going on at the moment. "I think I need to go in a different direction with this. "Examining the herb some more, Lagi looked past the other beacons and picked two out of the five ingredients. "What I shouldn't need is the immediate kick, but something that could progress over time. I would also need some kind of method of extracting the produced liquid without altering it into its solidified form. "  Mulling it over was all that Lagi could do, for now, trying his best to figure out the number of combinations that he could use the Wossycin Herb with the available plants that existed in Kou. "Maybe I need to take a walk in the Forrest and go on a bit of a foraging hunt. " Lagi would  say this to himself as he packed up his things and began to head on out of the specialized base that he set up with the rest of the dark hand members, heading into a Kou like a forest that served as somewhat of a back entrance of the place that they were residing. "At least I can tell that if these prisoners did manage to escape from being imprisoned, they left out of here. However, it's too easy to succumb to your wounds or starve to death if you don't know where you are going. "

ORie decided to come outside of lagi and stretch as she used telepathy to communicate with her master. "  I think that's pretty interesting as well. These woods are filled with dangerous animals, I could feel some of their eyes on us. Even so, if they did manage to avoid them, what would the humans eat? How resourceful are they? If you could find something that seemingly edible in the area, maybe it would be able to answer a few of the may questions that you have?" It was a bit of a stretch, Lagi didn't know if this was going to work out or not in the sense of finding a new lead to change his formula, but he still had faith there wa something peculiar about the way that the prisoners survived such a situation. "I'm sure that i'll find something here. Never saw you as a curious woman Orie, what else do you think about?" Orie giggled as she went back inside of Lagi after a while, figuring that she would stay inside and monitor his body more intently. "That's a secret. "



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There was a few hours in between Lagi gathering some items in the forest and identifying them with his expertise. However, he still needed to find his way back in order to bring back the items and test them individually in order to determine the accuracy of it's rumored function; Only then will Lagi find a way to open the door that would lead to him being able to find another alternative to use the Wossycin Herb from a primary ingredient to a secondary ingredient that won't overtake the health benefits that the Wossycin herb already offers. This is the trick, the Wossycin herb solidifies at certain temperatures, so we have to use enough of it for the health benefits to carry over, but there has to be something else that would promote a liquid state other than one of solidification. " Lagi was basically talking to orie, but it seemed as if he was talking to himself as he traveled alone through the prickling woods. Dragging a bag behind him, Lagi would cross over a certain ledge at A rank speeds before making it back to the proper path in order to take a good look at these herbs intently and figure out which one of them was going to be the lucky winner.

After a while, Lagi managed to arrive back at the Dark hand base of operations, where his men were at work and scurrying about to make some more Salatis. "Men, I don't think I was too clear last time, but we are on a new project at the time being. Lagi would say as he tossed down a few herbs and strange looking fruit. "We are changing the base primarily for this new formula, but the Wossycin herb will still be a strong asset to what we are making. Some of this will involve a few taste testing to examine the effects on the body and a few microscopic observations, so let's get to work. " Such was the command of the finger of the dark hand, a command that everyone obeyed and followed promptly.

The next few hours or so followed the experimentation of each and every herb specimen that Lagi brought back with him. Some was poisonous, causing Lagi to use his outer cell repair technique in order to safeguard some of the lives of his men and heal the wounds that they were experiencing the effects of the herbs. On the bright side, Lagi found a few interesting poisons that he would want to play with later. But on the bad side, there was almost nothing that he brought back that could bolster the effects of the Wossycin Herb, nothing except a particular root that had one of the members sleeping soundly and smelling a little bit like alochol. "Ahh, the Rum Spanish Arrowwood, kind of puts someone in a drunken slumber, but it's liquidation and ability to calm the nerves would go well with the other herb. " Lagi smiled as he took some notes down, getting ready for phase 2.



Name: Outer Cell Repair
Outer Cell Repair
Tier: B-Tier
Class: Beast Tamer (Orie)
Type: Supplementary
Range: Mid
Requirements/Drawbacks: Orie must be inside of Lagi.
Scaling: Medic: For 10 more stamina, Orie can heal damage 1 rank higher than this ability.
Sustain: 0
Cool Down: 3 posts
Cost: 30 Stamina

Orie can fire off a 7 meter fan spray in length and width thats generated as an autonomous 2 meter tentacle hose from Lagi's body to a point within 5 meters of Lagi, to heal B-tier damage over 3 posts after contact with the goop.

Trait Name: Exceptional Speed
Trait Tier: A
Trait Requirement: Must be Human or a Magician with a secondary combat class.
Trait Description: Through excessive training, the character has reached a level of speed that exceeds the average human.
Trait Effect: The character can now move like a blur across short distances and move fast enough to run along walls. They can maintain this speed for hours. At this level they are equal to a B-tier fanalis in speed.

400/430 stamina


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