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Setting Up Shop [Lagi/B-Rank/Solo]

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1 Setting Up Shop [Lagi/B-Rank/Solo] on 05/10/17, 01:29 am

Assignment Name: Setting Up Shop
Assignment Rank: B
Assignment Location: Kou
Assignment Rewards: Salatis

Name: Salatis "The Warrior Drug" x1
Tier: B
Material: (Wossycin Herb + other mixture substances )
Description: An anabolic steroid made to increase the efficiency and performance of stamina related skills. If taken in a thread, a total of four abilities will have their cost halved. This effect will end after four posts and only will only apply to stamina-based abilities.

Profession Prerequisites: Finger Of The Hand/Drug Lord
Assignment Overview: After a large assessment, Lagi has considered the relationship that Reim has with Kou and felt like it would be a future benefit for the dark hand to provide "assistance". With that being said, starting up connections from within kou in secret during the current confusion with the war is beneficial in order for Lagi to make a temporary drug cell. While gathering his people, Lagi begins the mass production of the warrior drug "Salatis" in order to "offer to Kou"

Taking a good look at the war and how it was affecting everyone in general first hand has awoken something deep inside the depraved prince. It was a pity, he pitied the current king of Kou that he had to deal with the estranged past of a resurrected father, who was bent on the vengeance of them murdering him and the princess. Personally, Lagi at first wondered how he should feel towards Kou with the war happening, he wondered if it was his place to help. Back in those days where ignorance was bliss, Lagi foolishly thought that the princess was able to change, but she was rather rotten to the core. However, Yoshiro decided against the wishes of his families and wanted to help Lagi and Reim.  Even though Lagi has been absent from the council, he wondered why no sort of help or anything of the sort was sent over to the allies of Kou in their time of need. Of course, they didn't ask for it, but fear should be the last thing on their minds when enemies can become unearthed from the ground and wreak havoc on their foundation of peace. If it was to happen to Reim, who could come to their aid?

"Perhaps the dark hand can be swayed if there is some sort of profit to be gained with Kou's favor. "

Naturally, the favor of Kou was the current status quo with Yoshiro. Judging from their relationship in general, even if Lagi felt as if that it takes a powerful evil that was limitless and unbound by any predetermined fate to stop the truly wicked, he refused to watch Kou fall back into the hands of the old king. The next thing that he would set his eyes on will be Reim, and this time, there won't be a need for a proxy king or anything of the sort. Reim would have nothing, it would disappear into nothing if Lagi was to simply stand by and watch. "Perhaps my success here will put me into the good graces  of my homeland and the Kou empire, but what should be done about my identity?" That was a step for another time, results were the only things that mattered right now in the sense of giving this side of the war a possible edge.

Sending some information over to the dark hand and awaiting the message back, it seems that the other main fingers had agreed that they could profit in some way off of the war. It was left in Lagi's hands, which meant that he could use any method that he wanted in order to proceed. As long as it benefited the dark hand in some way or form, Lagi was free to indulge in any debauchery that he desired.

"The other connections are probably aware of my presence, but with this new order, I should send off and give them a nice little employee's notice whenever I can. It's time to work...

WC 510/1500


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It was a little awkward to run into the dark hand spies that had to deal with Lagi's constant meddling from beforehand, they might even be unsure of Lagi's progress as a finger of the hand. But for a great enemy to turn into a strong ally, even these members of the dark hand had to accept that Lagi had made incredible strides that definitely reflected his capabilities of being able to proceed with his acts as a finger of the dark hand. Though the next step that was left to take was finding a more appropriate spot to perform their duties. "hmm, any ideas?" Lagi would say as he leaned up against the wall in a dark alleyway. seven more shadowy figures would be shifting in and out of the light, apparently other foot members of the dark hand. As they whispered among each other in order to find out an appropriate answer for the current finger of the hand that stood before them, another individual would show up and bring about map of the Kou empire.
"There are a few underground cells here and there that have since been abandoned since the original rule of the former Kou empire. There was a bit of policing that wasn't made to the public, prisoners of special interests were kept under there and tortured for their information, even a few Reim captives managed to make their way to this country, only to fall victim to such a practice. The current emperor abandoned these methods in order to be more into the life, but their former darkness can be our new playground."

Because of the darkness of the area, you couldn't see the facial expressions of the depraved leader, but from his adjusted posture alone, you could tell that Lagi was satisfied with the idea that was recently presented to him. "Alright then, take me to this place that you was speaking about before, I think it would be better for all of us to clean out this place and get used to our temporary base of operations. "

With a bit of traveling through Kou's underground system, Lagi and the other members of the dark and took a look of the place. Passing the corner of one of the sewer system lies a modest, dark room. It's covered in rat droppings, cobwebs, and rubble. Lagi's  torch allows you to see a broken tomb, long lost and ravaged by time itself." This place can use a bit of housekeeping. Lagi would say as he wiped off some of the dust of the battered table that was next to him. "Very spacious, this could come in handy. On top of that, it could be used as a proper cell to house a lot of our people and it's not known to the public officially. At the very best, we would have to worry about Yoshiro, but he's too busy with the war to care about what we are doing.

WC 1030/1500


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The next 48 hours was basically dedicated to gathering the appropriate supplies for Lagi to start making his famed military drug, never having to leave the newly found base of operations due to to the capabilities of the members of the dark hand. The supplies were given to him, one after another in a quickened pace as Lagi waited out the results of the batch of the military pill. "How much Salatis do you think that we would need?" One of the members of the dark hand would come on over as they brought transparent flasks that were made with the specialized heat-resistant glass that Lagi asked for. " What do you mean?" Taking a small break and removing his goggles, Lagi would peer into the eyes of the other individual, promptly intimidating them. I-i-i mean......" The man shuddered, taking in a deep breath in order to get some composure. "Well, if we are making enough Salatis in order to support the fighting force of an entire army, shouldn't we have them on the hook for the bill? What would the dark hand be getting out of this personally?"

Lagi chuckled and then put his goggles back on. "For starters, since I'm in charge and I already spoke to the other leaders about the potential profit that we could make, I'm not about to disclose that topic with you. However, use your head. If all of the profit that Kou made effectively went towards their war efforts, with Salatis being a commodity of their war efforts, wouldn't it mean that we would be paid a lot faster if the product brings about a relevant change as to how the war goes? On top of that, what do you think we would be able to ask for if they are unable to pay? If at the immediate time of their desperation we could gain an incredible amount of leverage for something that we wouldn't normally be able to do in any other circumstance, I find that to be worth a lot more than gold. "

A few of the individuals nodded their head, understanding the grasp of what Lagi was trying to achieve by getting involved in this war and making his moves. Not only will he be able to assist his friend, but he will be able to please the dark hand as well with the current gains that he would have at his disposal. However, there was the fact of diplomacy that Lagi had to deal with when it came to reaching a particular member of the Kou empire or at least reaching a member that could make the necessary decisions under Yoshiro's name. If victory was insured by giving into the demands of Lagi and the dark hand, then all will be well. It was all apart of the bigger picture, and the rest of the members would soon understand that.

After the 10th batch of Salatis was completed, Lagi started to enter stage two of his plan.



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