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The Sequence V [Plot/Job]

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1 The Sequence V [Plot/Job] on 01/10/17, 01:23 pm


Job Detail:

Job Name: Festival Madness
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
In order to uplift the spirits and morals of their town, and bring others to their home, Xiao Difang is throwing a small harvest festival. There will be music, dancing, booths, lanterns, and all sorts of activities for both adults and children. However, festival-goers attending an event with alcohol could make for prime victims, which is why some thugs decided to crash it. Intervene and defeat the villains before they ruin the harvest festival!
Enemy Detail:

Enemy Name: Thugs x6
Rank: C-tier
Needed damage to take down: c-tier
These thugs are dressed in black clothes with hoods, masks, and bandanas obscuring their identities. They move at C-tier speeds and use either a dagger set or a crossbow that deal C-tier damage.

  • Arrow Rain: The thug stands 8 meters away and rapidly fires their crossbow, unleashing four bolts. Each deal D-tier damage for a combined total of B-tier damage.
  • Knee Bolt: The thug stands 5 meters away and aims his crossbow, firing a single bolt that deals C-tier damage to the knee.
  • Knife Stab: The thug lunges at his target and stabs them for C-tier damage.
  • Flying Daggers: The thug holds four daggers and throws them out at his foe. Each dagger deals D-tier damage for a combined total of B-tier damage.

Ongoing Days

Byreum the village of drunks. It was about to show it true colors as one of the local residents had taken up to call everyone to the square. Xiao Difang, was his name and he was making large plans to host a small festival. Festivals? They weren’t something for Aseroth, he didn’t mind them he just wanted to spend his next couple of days hiding out from the snake on the low. How could he do such a thing with a large festival with everyone from the village being there? Aseroth, was becoming quite cold and sour. His time running, fighting, and barely eating enough turkey legs had made him become quite irritated easily. Even his sleeping routine had decreased making him become more or less irritated and sluggish. Looking back on it, Aseroth had caused quite a remarkable amount of damage to the bar, the same bar he now currently resides in for sleeping and eating, but the barkeep allowed him to stay until he repairs the damage. Little things which lead him to now sitting on the bed of a very uncomfortable ragged covered bed, Aseroth had to get use to it however and not complain, because complaining doesn’t solve nothing. Maybe he should go enjoy the festival later during the day.

“ Aye large fellow, come out and get to workin’ on the table? Please, hehehehue. “ A hardy chuckle from the man behind the counter. Aseroth, heard him loud and clear reaching into his tattered bag pulling out the last of his extra gi’s leaving them to sit on the bed neatly. Sighing deeply to himself rubbing his neck and walking out from behind a busted up wooden door. For a bar it was sort of shabby compared to the others in villages, Aseroth thought to himself. ‘ Maybe it’s because half their customers are drunken civilians who can’t comprehend the difference between fine and poor condition. ‘ Clapping his hands together with a smile on his face. Rolling out a new piece of oak wood readying it to be craved. “ Where’s the cravers knife, Barkeep? “ Aseroth, said. “ In the back. “ A simple reply leading him to the back of the bar now, rubbishing through a handful of tools he finally grab the needed essential. Returning to carve out a round table to replace the one he broke with a face. Being the one steadying his hands for a moment or couple of seconds to get the oval roundness needed  to make it perfect in what one could say was good enough.

Not much left, so once I’m done with this, I’ll go prepare my bath and get some rest before tonights event. Tomorrow I’ll start on the ceiling. “ He wasn’t a carpenter, or anything of that sorts so his carving skills might not be up to par to anything they would be able to present. Making thick blocks for legs, smoothing them easily with his strength most of this went smoothly except for the close calls of him swiping across the wood into his own fingers. Wood shavings scattered the bars floor, but none did mind Aseroth working at his moderate pace on the floor. No time to play around, no time to get careless until tonight, he just wanted to sleep off this tiresome work. Upon finishing the barkeep placed out a large tankard with a wooden handle, tossing his elbow forward with a thumbs up to signal this is for Aseroth’s hard work. “ Thank you, Barkeep “ Smacking his hand through the handle and chugging down the contains, Aseroth hadn’t ask what was in it, or what it was possibly combined with, but all he knew was he found it to be a sweet start, but an bitter end once it left his tongue and went down his throat. The top of his lip now coated with some foam from the rim of the tankard, his tongue quenched thanks to the liquids from the tankard. Feeling a little buzzed from instantly drinking it he placed the tankard back on the tabletop and walked off to his room, Aseroth sort of stumbling along his way they certainly living up to the name for being the drunken village. Jiggling the handle lightly he pushed the door open and fell into his room laughing, and tumbling down to the earth and scooting himself over to the bed frame. Reaching for his bathing utiles, and getting off the floor finally, Aseroth stumbled his way to the bathing house with a rosy face.

Lowering himself into the steaming waters, placing his back against the cold rock to gently slide further into the waters. A towel wrapped around his lower section, and a towel wrapped around his white hair leaving him wrapped up. Sinking half of his face into the water, causing bubbles to form blowing into the water playing around being kind of childish, he was the only one inside the bath house at the moment, Aseroth felt he could do it. No he can do it since he was alone, and no one was going to stop him. Reaching for his bathing supplies, he begun to raise from the waters leaving soaking for another time now moving over to scrub his own back with a loaf, and wash his body thoroughly. He wasn’t as drunk as beforehand when he left his room stumbling through the halls, maybe the waters helped clear his head faster, or just overall his tolerance for alcohol was stronger than he thought? Aseroth, just rubbed away on his skin to keep it clean leaving thoughts to their own accord until they were needed to actually be spoken. Standing up from a sitting stool heading back into the changing area before entering the bathing area, Aseroth placed on his extra gi. This gi had the family symbol on it, the family symbol was a snake not just a snake, a white horned snake. To not get to sidetracked on his gi, Aseroth left the bathhouse to return to his room placing his dirty clothes in a pile near his tattered bag.

Time to go meet this Xiao Difang. Hope he plesant. “ Aseroth said to himself, the sun was beginning to set and the amber coloring of the sky was pleasant for the evening to come. A big, but small harvest festival was underway and Aseroth was heading over to speak with Xiao Difang, the man of honor bringing this event together.

Word Count: 1,090/1,500


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2 Re: The Sequence V [Plot/Job] on 24/10/17, 02:39 pm


It was lively, everyone doing either watching a performer present their skills, or a dancers go around the fires showcasing their passion. Aseroth, was just pressing passed them, lightly shoving through some, and reaching the center stage in where Xiao Difang. He dressed weirdly for man throwing a festival, like his clothing didn’t match the themes for any of the booths.  Possibly he wasn’t necessarily from the village of Byreum, with such strange dressing he could be foreign, most foreigners don’t take to the customs of Kou easily and have a hard time trying to fit in the culture so maybe he was from another place. “ Ahhhh Welcome, Welcome. You’ve come to take a audience with me? “ Xiao Difang welcome him, Aseroth stepping up the steps to take his stand in front of the man. Holding out his hand to get a handshake, Aseroth spoke. “ Just came to speak for a little, I’ve been travelling and this happens to be one of my many stops. Nothing much, on the list. “  He reply with. Aseroth, now shaking the man's hand. “ Oh. Well thanks for coming than, Mister? What happens to be your name, Crimson Eyed Traveller “ Xiao Difang, asked while taking notice of Aseroth’s eyes. Why had he been looking at his eyes? Was he trying to spot something in them which could give away a different story.

Being the town of drunks it wasn't too late for the heavy hitters to begin downing they stash of many drinks. The children didn't partake in the actions, their parents didn't as much either one spouse possibly did, besides that they wasn't. Cracking open a barrel was also Xiao Difang, and he brought a drink over to Aseroth so they can share the taste of brew together. “ Thanks, Xiao Difang “ Clicking the rims together they share in a laugh. That didn't last long, because this is when the six men in dark cloths, and bandannas obscuring their faces. “ Who are they? “ Xiao, asked. Shrugging at that, Aseroth hopped off the stage and slowly approached for cation reasons. They knocking over booths, kicking drunken people down to the ground and stepping over them. Normal thuggish things in which needs someone to put a stop to them, and it looks like Xiao wasn't going to intervene leaving Aseroth to begin to lightly stretch, cracking his neck a couple times. “ Get down and surrendered. “ One said standing not too far, armed with a crossbow and he looked to had shoot a bolt towards Aseroth’s knee cap . It was quite funny because, Aseroth had moved from the location, being a little buzzed from the brew Xiao Difang gave him, Aseroth appeared behind two Thugs. Slamming their heads together knocking them unconscious instantly while they fall to lean against each other. The one who shot his crossbow looked around wondering how he moved so fast. Aseroth, was yawning to himself basically now moving using his basic speed to grab and run the thug's head through the dirt leaving them in the ground unconscious with head trauma leaving about 2 left. Another loading his crossbow shooting at aseroth’s knee , but sadly he only nicked his legs leaving minor scratches. Arrows flying into the ground, or pasted crowds of civilians this needed to be dealt with a little bit more quickly.

Aseroth darting at the remaining two slamming his fist into their faces. and thats it. Dusting his hands off, turning to look at Xiao. Making eye contact, Xiao tossed his arms up and laughed. “ Everyone let the festivals continue, guards apprehend these bandits so we can continue. Friend, please come celebrate the rest of the night. “ Offering his hand off to, Aseroth letting him step on to the stage. Bring forth drinks in large tankards and beginning to party once more. Cheers as the night went on and Aseroth getting heavily wasted, but thats for another time.


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