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The Sequence IV [Plot/Job]

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Job Detail:

Job Name: The Soldiers Attack
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A group of soldiers is taking advantage of a town, using their positions in the military to harass the locals. Confront them and show them their place, giving them the message that they can't abuse their power.
Enemy Detail:

Enemy Name: Drunken Soldiers x3
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: A group of disorderly soldiers who are a disgrace to their nation. They smell of booze and wield basic iron swords and a shield while dressed in their uniform armors.
♦️Defending Shield The soldier uses their shield to defend attacks up to B-tier.
♦️Flying Strike The soldier runs at his opponent and jumps, swinging his sword down and dealing b-tier damage.
♦️Shield Rush The soldier holds his shield in front of him and charges, running over an opponent and dealing B-tier damage.

Departure Day

Cuffing his large hand around the rim of the cup, Aseroth stared off into the forest in which he would be departing into soon. For inn keepers they showed great care to their tenants residing inside the rooms, preparing mint tea every morning. Their kindness won’t go unnoticed by him, nor will he allow for this village to go against times of fear. Each coin counted, and he counted them up rumbling through his coin purse. Aseroth, put a light smile on his face continue to shuffle three fingers through until they brought up enough coin to pay for his room. He couldn’t accept it for free it wasn’t him. Feeling it was necessary to place the coin on the table stacked on top of one another. Happy, Aseroth stepped over with his back to the window comfortably placing his botox on the windowsill. Cuffing the cup and taking timid sips pressing his lips on the rim lightly, so they didn’t burn before he could even reach the hot liquid inside the cup. Two choices.

He could change it up and stay one more night thus giving more time for the snake that’s hunting him to gain his scent. Second option, was packing up and departing to the next village over. Aseroth, didn’t know how to act upon these options. For the stake of the little girl he was going to go with what was best, departing day was today with him showing her the sky's the limit with kind words of departure. Standing back up, stepping away from the windowsill, Aseroth gathered his clothing into a small tattered bag. Placing his extra gi into the tattered bag he slung it over his right shoulder, closing his eyes. Releasing a deep resentful sigh, Aseroth opened them again reaching for his ‘Daiguren Yukine’, and placing her on his waist where she properly belongs. Jiggling the handle and taking one more glance back he pushed forward opening the door and entering the lodging room which connected to the hallway. There she was sitting down in the center of the room playing with her new ball, Dani happily. Putting a smile on his face, they locked eyes with one another and it almost shook him.

I’ve overstayed my welcome. It’s time for my departure, so please take care. “ No hint of his sadness, no hint of a quiver for having to leave, or any remorse to not being able to stay any longer. Needing to head to the next town over and continue in his growth. Dani, came of her own accord, and hugged him leaving, Aseroth stunned for a moment, and making him drop to his knees to hug her back. “ Please come back and visit. I want to be like you! “ She proclaimed making the large half-fanalis chuckle. Rubbing her head, and nodding. Aseroth was off, with only the clicking of his armor plates being the last thing to echo throughout the inn. Origiri Village, was the name of this place, and the next town over was called Byreum ‘Village of Drunks’ now they save soldiers have caused local issues. A day’s journey out, Aseroth waved goodbye to origiri’s residents.  He would cherish the six days of staying here and having the peaceful morning tea, but it has to come to an end. Heading to the gate, walking along the path they told him about starting his travel to Byreum.

Word Count: 578/1,500


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One Day Later…

Aseroth, was arriving in Byreum. The people looked at him suspiciously like he had came through this town and rampaged as a monster.  Lucky they were, he didn’t approach villagers unless he needed too. There currently wasn’t no need as he came to solve their problem, and runaway from his own problem, and hopefully that ‘problem’ hadn’t caught wind of his scent. No bit of kindness for him at most, they probably thought of him as something? He didn’t know what though. Aseroth, felt the need to speak up because he came to solve an important matter in Byreum, but they was close to wasting his time. Walking over to a old lady, she turning to face the tall, large half-fanalis as his shadow covered her. “ Sunny, You’re blocking my sunlight. Kindly move away. “ She, hissed out her mouth. Stepping over an ich was all he did. “ Ma’am, I’ve come a day away to help the people of Byreum, could you please tell me the problem? Why is everyone here so cold? I’ve done nothing to offend.
Trying to get the necessary information out of her.

Her big eyes rested upon him. Swatting away his with a small fan, she wasn’t having him converse with her. “ Go back to where you from. Oppressed someone else, We just want to make are brew, and not be hassled by the army. You’re welcome here is unwelcomed. “ She pressed, while stepping forward. Aseroth, stepped back and held his hands in front of himself playfully. “ Ma’am, I reassure you. I’ve naught come to hassle, or harass this town. Could you please show me who’s hassling you? Something I can deal with easily. “ Speaking quickly before she completely shut him down and left him to his own things. With a fan of her fan, she made it clear it was to follow, Aseroth did just that. Picking up his tattered bag from the ground since he had dropped it while stepping back holding his hands out. They came towards a bar, the smell so heavy of booze and alcohol it made him pucker his mouth.  Opening the door to the bar, she held her fan at the three sitting down. Plain soldiers who was drunk beyond their minds, Aseroth shook his head feeling the incompetence these three had to actually harass an entire town.

I’ll handle this, please return home. “ He hissed now himself. People inside the bar who wasn’t too far gone noticed him walk in and ducked their heads. My kou’ian armor was blue, with a fur around the collar didn’t mean anything special; just his standard armor something no one else had. The three drunken soldiers laughed and chuckle as they held a conversation, which made it perfect for Aseroth to just step over to the side and grab a knife off another table. Running his finger down its blade, he’d step behind one of the soldiers whom now noticed him. “ Piss Off “ One said, holding his tankard up to gulp down his drink. “ That’s no way to talk to me, Aseroth De Lucas II. Now you have two options. First one being get up and return to your post and stop harassing this village, or the second one which I’m going to take is beat y’all unconscious being your superior officer. “ He grilled. Holding one down by the shoulders with just one hand, stabbing the knife through his hand to keep him in place the blade breaking off from the hilt as it went through the wood. The other two now alert grabbed for their swords and shields while the sissy with the blade through his hand cried. “ Hush now, You’ll face something worse staying awake. Sleep. “ Aseroth, said slamming the his face into the table and through it entirely knocking the poor lad out.

Now they were on guard. Seeing in how monstrous his strength was they placed their shields forward first. However they were sloppy from being drunk, such a horrible showing of their skills. Aseroth doing a little shout spooked them causing one to rush forward shield out in front of him trying to rush Aseroth. A real pity, stepping too the side allowing the second lad to trip over the first one laying on the ground. If he had taken noticed he would have been able to avoid that and the incoming strike, Aseroth had threw at his gut. Kicking at the metal chest plate bending the metal with the force of his blow making the man fly back up as he tripped, leaving him clawing, and grasping for air. One left and he came from above, slashing his clumsy sword down after running. Aseroth, had met the blade with his own steel. “ Remember, fly at your own risk. Hahaha “ Grabbing at the third lad’s ankle. Swing him around like a bo-staff, Aseroth threw him through the roof. On the outside you could heard a cart breaking from him landing in it. Pieces of the ceiling fell down, and a smile came to Aseroth’s face.

That takes care of that. Barkeep, I’ll be here for the next week don’t worry about you roof. I’ll fix it. Hahah “ He explained and laughed. To him this was nothing, so Aseroth sat down in one of the three chairs that still stood around the two bodies of the soldiers. One unconscious and the other throwing up, and grasping for air in his puddle of throw up. “u-Uh.. Thanks. “ The barkeep said, and only thing Aseroth did was throw up two fingers, placing her back in the sheathe, her being ‘Daiguren’.

Word Count: 1,552/1,500

The Sequence IV [Plot/Job]  Adp448
Name: Daiguren Yukine {Grand Crimson Lotus Snow}
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Katana
Material: Hand forged 1095 carbon steel
Appearance: The blade length, and width are 73 cm/28.7 inch and 3.2 cm/1.26 inch. The handle length is 27 cm/10.6 inch. The blade haves an vibrant color reflected in light as blue but is gray in color, the handle being wrapped in turquoise color guards and wrap, showing lotus patterned through the open diamonds. The sheathe is full painted black and designed with an dragon close to the end, the hilt is an flower design of solid metal.


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