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The Sequence II [Plot/Job]

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1 The Sequence II [Plot/Job] on 27/09/17, 10:48 pm


Job Details:

Job Name: Night Guard
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
The town has enlisted the help of experienced fighters to help protect the citizens against a group of bandits who have been raiding the town at night. Stand guard at one of the border openings and await the attack. Once the bandits are spotted, engage them and defeat several of the lower ranked goons. The leader may be among their ranks, and his defeat will bring a bigger reward.
Enemy Details:

Enemy Name: Bandit Leader
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: The bandit leader is dressed in fine clothes and leather armor. He wields a sword that deals C-tier damage and a bow that deals C-tier damage. In his arsenal, he also has some bombs.
♦️Bomb!: The bandit leader throws one of his bombs 5m in front of him at an enemy before backpedaling 5m. The bomb explodes, dealing C-tier damage to any foe within 5m of it.
♦️Ranged Attack: The bandit leader concentrates as he aims an arrow at an opponent. He then releases the arrow, hitting a vital point in his opponent's body and dealing B-tier up to 10m away.
♦️Viper Strike: The bandit leader desperately uses his sword, attacking his enemy and dealing C-tier damage before retreating and putting distance between him and his foe.

Enemy Name: Goons x5
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Men dressed in dark robes and masks, they wield daggers that deal C-tier damage.
♦️Shank: The goon sneaks up behind an enemy and shanks them with his dagger, dealing C-tier damage.
♦️Flying Daggers: The goon throws two of his daggers at a foe, each dagger dealing D-tier damage for a combined total of C-tier damage.
♦️Close Combat: The goon gets into the face of an opponent and rapidly attacks them with their dagger. They strike them multiple times, most of their attacks missing due to their momentum. Those that land end up dealing a total of C-tier damage.


Name: Daiguren Yukine {Grand Crimson Lotus Snow}
Tier: B-Tier
Type: Katana
Material: Hand forged 1095 carbon steel
Appearance: The blade length, and width are 73 cm/28.7 inch and 3.2 cm/1.26 inch. The handle length is 27 cm/10.6 inch. The blade haves an vibrant color reflected in light as blue but is gray in color, the handle being wrapped in turquoise color guards and wrap, showing lotus patterned through the open diamonds. The sheathe is full painted black and designed with an dragon close to the end, the hilt is an flower design of solid metal.

Three Night’s Later

Disappearing into nights on end wasn’t meant for just one person. One person alone needed a companion to keep them company once in awhile. A while being close to a week? Most definitely, but some have gone without the company of others longer than that, Aseroth wasn’t apart of the some. He just wanted to chat once in awhile, or find other villages to stop by. Since killing the Chimera, his shoulder been slowly recovering to a lion’s bite. Wasn’t life endangering more like a stinging pain that came if he slightly bent the arm in it bandaged cast. “ Oh “ He said. “ Dinner? Come mere, foody foody foody! “ Looking to case after a medium sized turkey wandering aimlessly in the dark. One would wonder why a turkey was just wondering around, or to why it had been alone. Aseroth saw this to be a higher power bestowing him with turkey legs. Turkey legs was his go to food. How he missed the elegant dinners prepared by him and the maids, he’d just love to go home, and visit them, but sadly not yet. His strength was yet to further reach a newly awaited stage for him. How could he even gather more strength if he hadn’t feed himself properly since his slaughter of a Chimera? A town was needed to be found, but first one the list was turkey legs!

His list was rather short for the time being since he was injured and hadn’t properly treated the wound. The wound could either go both ways either get better, or incredibly worse for the time being. “ Where’d that turkey go. “ Turning over his shoulder to look at bushes. Digging his hand into the bushes pushing the leaves apart trying to further search into it. Small gobbling noise came from the distance beyond the bush, so he hopped on through it to locate where the turkey had gone. Shaking his head both ways to try and look for it in the distance, but everything was just either trees, shrubs, bushes, or hanging vines. Times like these one would be sick on wondering the forest aimlessly not following paths to certains villages, or locations they actually knew of, but Aseroth sort of like the unique adventure he got. Filled with different kind of beast, or bandits he could just test his strength against. Not many can match the speeds of a fanalis alone. Such frail creatures turkey were, but also delicious at the same time, Aseroth was overcome with hunger so locating the creature was going to make him quite happy. “ FUCKKKK!!! “ He yelled. In that moment of him yelling a little girl shouted. “ Wahhhhh! “ Wasn’t a decent yell, or even one, one could translate. More like a cry, but Aseroth had moved in the direction of the noise. His movement would be described as three steps to someone with keen eyes if you didn’t have such keen eyes then it had to look like he brushed passed trees easily, barely making noise as he appeared. Forgetting completely about the turkey, he was ready to clap someone like a pancake, or fold them like an omelette.

A little girl with freckles cowered in fear, she had her hands out in front of herself as a means to protect her face. The enemy was a small wolf pup who looked to be howling, or barking at the child. It’d sometimes reach it paw out at her to claw at the ends of her clothing, but the little girl didn’t notice the innocence behind the small pup. Aseroth, walked up. “ Hello, Little girl. Where’s your parents? They seem to left you here with this harmless pup.. Hahaha. How about I take this away, and you show me how to get you home? “ Reaching at the pup’s neck. Turning it little head it tried to nibble on Aseroth’s hand, he allowed it even though his shoulder is injured, even though the little pup didn’t nibble on his injured arm. The little girl crying, she was barely audible, so Aseroth took her hand and walked off towards where she pointed it. As they walked off, Aseroth simply let the pup down so it could return to it’s family as well. “ So why was you out here all alone ? Facing that scary.. Haha.. little pup?
“ Trying his best not to laugh uncontrollably about the situation. A little sniffling. “ Mister, I was just playing around and then I kicked my ball too far into the forest. My parents told me not to play so close to the lining of the forest… b..but I didn’t listen! “ She started crying again. Aseroth, stopped walking to cradle her. “ Shushh.. Shushh. Just lead me to your home, and I’ll protect. I swear on it if my name isn’t Aseroth De Lucas II.. Haha “ Smiling in her face, wiping her cheeks to get the tears off them. Picking her up to place her on his good shoulder, he continued to walk toward what seemed to be a village. “ T..-thank you, Mi..ster “ She didn’t call him Aseroth even though she just got his name. She pointed once more to lead him onward to his new destination. Maybe they could provide suitable treatment for his arm here.

Along the way, five men all dressed a like stood in front of Aseroth. They seemed to try and block entry into the village, meaning no resource, supplies, medicines, or food would reach them. Quite odd for five men dressed in dark robes to be doing. Aseroth placed the little girl down. “ Stay here. “ Moving forward to speak them. “ Alrighty “ She said. Now stepping up to walk through them, Aseroth patted his bad shoulder than, did the exact same to his good shoulder. “ Aye! Bastard, can’t you tell this area is blocked off?! If you come any closer we’ll attack you! “ Aseroth, didn’t care for empty threats, so he kept walking. “ I suppose I’m not known… Hahaha, but don’t try me. “ Digging his feet into the ground, jumping forward to stomped down on two of the men rib cages leaving them immobilized instantly. Basic tricks would end these guys easily, only three left. “ KILL THIS BASTARD! “ ‘Bastard ‘ Didn’t ring to well in, his mind. It was a word which actually categorized him closely to one hundred percent of his heritage.   Two of the remaining men throwing four daggers in two at Aseroth, but he’d pull his blade from the sheath and cut down the flying weapons. Slicing through both men easily as they could barely defend themselves against Aseroth, he’d gently and gracefully move his blade through the air than whisk the blood from it so it wouldn’t stain. One left and Aseroth wanted to toy with him. “ Come at me, I’ll allow you one hit on me! Just one, HAHAHAH! “ He said in such a grimace of a voice.

Getting in front of Aseroth whom hadn’t moved, watched as the timid goon tried to attack him in close combat missing several times only nicking at his sides. Those little nicks wouldn’t down, Aseroth at all. He simply chuckled at how the poor goon fought. “ Go get your boss, or someone who can prove competition for me. I’ll be here. “ Aseroth, said. Picking the man up, and throwing him above the lining of the trees hopefully he wouldn’t die from just falling at those heights, or at least catch a branch and survive to bring someone stronger. “ You done mister? “ said a high pitched voice. “ Yes, come now. Let’s go to your home “ Aseroth, said. Wiping a little of some scattered blood off his cheek, and smiling at the little girl as she resumed her perch on his shoulder. Heading into town. The town of ‘Origiri’, such a spirited name, but Aseroth didn’t mind it all too bad. Going through it looked empty as though people were scared of something, but he couldn’t wrap his mind around it. “ Over there “ Said the little girl. Turning in the direction, Aseroth went towards what looked to be a inn, arriving in a couple of seconds with his long legged stride. Knocking at the door, he would await to see what would be hopefully the little freckled girls parents.

Word Count: 1,424/1,500


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2 Re: The Sequence II [Plot/Job] on 28/09/17, 08:05 pm


Someone was coming to the door slowly. They gave away their presence entirely, by making hard clicking steps as they came to the door. “ Anyone here? “ Said carelessly, Aseroth feeling nothing of the serious pressure that was close to befalling him. The handle jiggling making him kind of nervous as to what is behind it. Ending the story early so easily should be right about now, but the heavily wounded goon had appeared once more. This time with a fine dressed man. Unlike his goons he had on leather armor, meaning he at least knew how to protect his life. “ AYE YOU BASTARD! “ That word again. They seemed to use that word commonly to address people around here? Aseroth turned his head, and on his head was a very noticeable vein near his forehead. Mouth clinched liked a hound awaiting for his master to say he free to attack. “ Oh you must not be talking about me, or even this little freckled girl? Ha… Ha.. Ha… “ Removing the little girl from his arm, and putting her behind himself. The door that was close to opening stopped cracking altogether, and went silent with the foot steps.  

People were so arrogant, even Aseroth, he fought too much with his own strength  and never really thought to use his skills he had developed. As for the other people in the world who was arrogant, it pissed him off and the finely dressed man was doing that with just the word ‘bastard’. “ Cover your ears, please. “ whispering to the little girl. Inhaling deeply, he’d scream releasing a roar which would shake the ground beneath himself and the two in front of him. The wounded goon, and the leader? Both were caught off guard and had grabbed at their ringing ears. With his speeds, Aseroth took two steps forward clearing the distance between them easily on his own. A clicking noise of metal arose from the ground slicing through the torso of the finely dressed man . Blood splattering across the dirt, and along the chest piece. “ Tsk… I hate getting blood over me. Also Good bye. “ Aseroth said, slicing his daiguren blade through the goon’s head serving it. Blood squirting from it like it was a waterpark attraction. Grabbing for a cloth, he’d clean his face. “ I HAVE DEFEATED THESE BANDITS! IF YOU CARE FOR YOUR LIVES COME OUT YOUR HOMES AND REJOICE YOUR FREEDOM!! “ Aseroth yelled, doors swinging open to come actually see the bodies of their torturers laying on the ground. They had been watching from behind windows, but now they could shed actual tears of joy, and return back to their regular duties. Aseroth, however watched as the little girl was reconnected to her parents and they all shed tears. Tonight they had a feast, and cleared out the savagely beaten bodies by Aseroth.

Word Count: 1,500+/1,500
Stamina: 340/380
Abilities Used:

Lucas Style: Tātorusutansu
Tier: D-Tier
Requirements/Drawbacks: Taking initiative to take two steps forward before drawing the blade.
Scaling: {The tier of damage dealt will increase by one for every 10 magoi/stamina that is invested.}
Sustain: 0
Cooldown: 1 post
Cost: 10 Stamina :: 5 Sustain :: 0 Magoi

    Drawing the blade in a smooth fluid motion, slashing from the ground up, dealing D-Tier and below damage across the torso of an opponent.


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