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The Sequence I [Plot/Job]

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1 The Sequence I [Plot/Job] on 24/09/17, 06:54 pm


Job Details:

Job Name: Monster in the Woods
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
A local beast has been terrorizing the outskirts of a village in the Kou Empire. Soldiers have been sent to deal with the creature, but all of them either died or returned wounded with the beast still well and alive. Go out and kill the beast to finally put a stop to its rampage.
Enemy Details:

Enemy Name: Chimera
Rank: B-tier
Needed damage to take down: B-tier
Description: A large monster with the body of a bear, the heads of a goat and lion, and a snake tail. It deals C-tier basic damage with its claws, snake, and teeth.
♦️Lion's Bite The Chimera lunges forwards and bites down using the Lion's head, dealing B-tier damage
♦️Goat Ram The Chimera rushes forwards, with the head of the goat in control. It rams into an enemy with its head and horns, dealing B-tier damage
♦️Viper Strike The snake tail attacks an enemy, biting an enemy and dealing C-tier damage. The enemy is then poisoned by the viper's venom and receives D-tier damage each post for two posts. The combined damage is B-tier damage.

Two Month Prior

Moon sitting high in the night sky. Its light reflecting inside the crimson eyes of a beast himself. Cracking of small twigs beneath large feet, the cracking picking up alongside the noise of huffing. Beating faster than the nose of huffing was the man himself, Aseroth. Missing in action, lost out in wonderful open mountain range. Winded and not able to rest lightly yet. Head held towards the night sky dashing across the forest catching his breath as his feet carried him away. Sweat came from his pores as he raced forward running. It hadn’t been long since he lost his companion, she was a slightly below average height ‘women?’ whom his mentor, Diana Corvus was related to. Navhi, was her name and taming seemed to be apart of her game which she failed at he thought. Had she given him more time or at least explain things to him in a way he could’ve learnt how to tame beasts from hopefully large varieties, but now it looks to be him dashing for dear life. All his woes in one moment causing, Aseroth to think about all this as he broke through the middle of the night.

Tripping over the twigs that has been crushed, rolling forward than tumbling from the roll into a flop on the ground. “ UhhhHhHhh… How did everything end up like this. Just one week ago, Diana and Nahvi were here ready to help me learn. Suddenly they disappeared… wished they left me with more. Just enough to get me off the ground. Just… eno..-- “ Cut off abruptly. Covered in darkness by the shade of trees. Silhouettes from the leaves brushed against his face light from the moon, and a nearby village. Wasn’t just light from the moon that covered his face, but voices. No screams. Aseroth, hadn’t known what to think or he could actually move. Worn out from running his body physically pushed passed the limit. The best he could accomplishment was twitching the tip of his fingers barely able to flex any of the worn out muscles without a cough. “ HELP US! PLEASE SOMEONE! GAO!! YOSHIRO!! “ They called for the leaders. Yoshiro, the current emperor, and Gao, the supposed dead father of Yoshiro. If only he had the strength a push that would allow his body to further exhausted itself and go help. During this dramatic and eventful night. Those screams all ended with a loud roar which he couldn’t shake from his head. Just the pitch caused, Aseroth to winch it was shaking the trees. Was it his fatigue that made it hard for him to withstand such sound released from a monster, or the people nearby close to losing their lives. Aseroth, couldn’t tell as he shut his eyes. Drifting in and out of conscious reaching his limit to stay woke, no to actually be woke. The ground beneath him began to feel nice and comfortable, and the dirt underneath his head got cold making him feel safe, almost secure. Tuning out everything around him not to his will, he dozed off into his slumber.

Around Noon

Sun raised high its heat radiating against, Aseroth bare skin. Roasting slowly as he laid sleeping, nearby crunching of leaves could be heard. A harsh wind blew causing the ruffling noise of the leaves on the trees, his clothing giving off the whooshing noise when they catch a draft. “ A large white haired man. Strange facial marking. “ Something had a soft voice, it wasn’t too high pitched, nor was it inaudible. “ What’s this? “ A small hand found its way around ‘Daiguren’ Aseroth’s sword. Unclipping it from his waist, someone took it and left Aseroth. He hadn’t felt a thing being sleep. “ I wonder if I’ll be able to use this to slaughter that chimera! It killed my father, my people, and our village! As chief-ton daughter, I’ll avenge everyone!  “ She said. A couple of steps off into the distance, Aseroth’s sword was gone, and she with it. Birds flew overhead clouds moved onward, and the trees keep they ruffled whistle from the breeze. None had come to find, Aseroth and he had remained there sleep possibly if anyone passed they would think he was possibly dead. Coming across his body, more like stumbling across it was a small rabbit. Hopping back and forth above his feet just docile really. Such a strange creature looming around the unconscious body. Little chittering noise as it continued its hop, but unknown to the creature it was about time for the heroine to awake. Blurred vision. “ AhhhWHH. “ Yawning, loud yawning arose from his mouth. Scaring the little rabbit away making him wonder what was prancing away. “ That noise… The screams of people… I couldn’t help them! FUCK!!! “ No better way to shout than groveling on the ground about something one couldn’t help. In time, Aseroth notice he was lighter and it wasn’t baggage wise more like weaponry. His prized weapon, ‘Daiguren’ taken off his body. How? Who approached him while he was gone off to his dream world? “ WHAT THE HELL?!! I need to find my sword. Someone's going to pay the price for this. “ And someone definitely will pay a price at the end of this.

Furious at the fact he was robbed. Robbed right underneath his belt, both figuratively and actually. What would his younger brother say. ‘ Sero, you can’t handle ya’self?? I thought my older brother went out there to get stronger, not come back a wimp. ‘ Just thinking that made him punch the ground. Splitting the ground beneath his feet and making a tree tilt. Huffing loudly slowly raising his head to rise his hand to his forehead. “ How could I allow this! -sigh- Lemme me go wreak havok. “ Strutting off toward where he assumed the noise originated from, his hand having some of his white locks popping out of it, making his face more visible.

Word Count: 1008/1,500


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2 Re: The Sequence I [Plot/Job] on 25/09/17, 09:42 pm


Wanting to be the only one to use his ‘Daiguren’, nothing was going through his head besides disappointment, and catching the thief. First off was tracking their whereabouts which shouldn’t be too hard. Making his way toward the destruction everything along the way either ripped apart, bite, or looked to have two holes from something that had horns. ‘ What animal  or animals could’ve done this. ‘ Rubbing something like his head was his go to action. Not really giving off other body languages beside one of confusion of his own accord. Just something he came to do instinctively even though he knew how to assess the situation. “ Where the fuck are you! Hm… These tracks lead from somewhere… “ Tracks he did find. Deciding to follow them. Large bear paws? That was the tracks were, large bear paws which lead passed where he came from. “ Guess it would be unlikely to find where my sword gone following the beasts tracks, so lemme go visit his prey. “ Aseorth, said with malice. He had a grudge now for those who steal from him shall understand his wrath. He doesn’t tolerate it from anyone, and being a soldier, he got to uphold justice to bring a thief or thieves against what he believes to be justice.

Noon was tossing away heat for a silent and calm sense of relaxing mood. The heat he felt the other day wasn’t affecting him anyone. Noon’s cool atmosphere put him at ease and the tracks came to an end. Seeking the truth, he was sort of feeling high and mighty. Aseroth, knew he would take any means necessary to take back his belonging. “ What’s this. A town? No. A villages sigh. “ He had found the end of the tracks. At the end was a large chuck of a sign messing. ‘ Qui...zu?? ‘ Such an abstract name even if the sign doesn’t give all the words. Working out how he should go about this, he’d walk through the main path of the village. Not really a main path anymore wreckage everywhere and people outside of barley standing homes. Strutting through looking side to side watching as some looked up and other weeped at their lost’s. Aseroth, felt an unpleasant curle in stomach so he held it. “ tsk… “ He let out, thinking to if he could’ve helped yesterday night.

Coming to upon the largest home. A war-chieftain house. Some villages have them others not so likely. Many different animals plets decorated the exterior walls, and some tapestry just hanging off railing, Aseroth stepped on the wooden step and guided his hand to the railing. “ Where’s this village's, War-Chieftain?  Answers now, I’m not entirely in a good mood. “ Aseroth, said as someone came forth from behind a curtain. “ Ah.. bad omens have forsaken us. It has taken everything from us family, friends, food, and our homes. Traveler please slaughter this beast when it appears. My sister, Jime Ha has went to slaughter the beast with a weapon she’s found. “ The young lady kept going, as Aseroth tuned her out. He heard her mention a weapon she found, it had to be ‘Daiguren’, his sword. Now he had a smirk on his face. Waving his hand in the air to signal her to stop, but she keep going. “ If you wait here, the beast will appear, and hopefully my sister Jime Ha. Please, Traveler kill it before it kills more of us. “ She said, as Aseroth lightly patted her head. “ Young one the name’s Aseroth and I’m at ya service. Now where’s the War-Chieftain or your sister Jime Ha, I believe she holds something dear to me. “ He said. The young lady would step back, and reveal what's behind the cover. It was a bloody mess. It was the remains of the war-chieftan. Nodding to the young lady, he sat down on the step. “ I’ll await right here. Please rest easy, and tell your people to not get in my way. Also go and get your sister Jime Ha, I need to chat with her. “ Aseroth, said. Sitting down with his legs crossed, and eyes shut like he was about to sleep sitting. Mentally preparing himself to finish this beast easily.

Close To Midnight

‘ It should be arriving here soon. So should that girl, Jime Ha. If neither of them shows up it's gonna get complicated which made him sigh. He’s been waiting for a few hours now. “ How much longer, pip-squeak? “ He asked, the young lady behind he looked down at Aseroth. “ Just a little longer. “ She said, but he didn’t want to wait a little longer. He’s been waiting too long now, and wasted half a day. Good things, things were about to get interesting. Flying through the air was a young lady, her screaming annoying as she flew, but she held a turquoise katana. “ DAIGUREN! “ Aseorth, shouted. Unfolding his arms, and standing to his feet. With a small jump, he went to catch the flying lady. “ Jime Ha, Thief who stole my Daiguren Yukine. Shall face my wrath after I face this beast y’all have a issue with. “ The women probably didn’t hear anything he just said. She was heavily injured with a wound to her side, Jime Ha had faced the beast alone and almosted died. Good thing she lead it here to, Aseroth saving him the trouble.

A large monster with the body of a bear, the heads of a goat and lion, and a snake tail confidently strolled out from the trees. Standing halfway to a fully grown tree, Aseroth held onto the women in his arms. Jumping backwards, placing the girl on the wood below him next to the young lady. “ Watch over your sister, Pip-Squeak. I’m going to kill this beast in one go. “ Aseroth, said now cracking his knuckles. Whistling to get the beast's attention, he stepped forward entering a shadow with only the red from one eye showing. Staring directly at the chimera coming his way now, Aseroth was beginning to chuckling know he was about to take this down easily. The chimera lunging forward, the teeth of the lions mouth enlarging. Aseroth walking towards wasn’t concerned pulling up against it. “ Unlike that snake following me, I don’t want you! So come, you freaking blight upon animals! May mother nature show you a blessed afterlife. “ Yelling this as he charged into it. Throwing his right shoulder into the mouth of the Chimera’s lion head. Receiving the lion’s bite , looking up to its eyes. Laughing. Not at the pain, but since he hasn’t been able to fight in such a long time, Aseroth just threw his right fist at the goat’s head. Punching through the goat’s head, leaving his fist stuck inside. In a fit of rage, the beast swung its head’s left and right, Aseroth just going along feeling the whites in his hair as he grabbed into the Lion’s mane with his left arm. Pulling his right fist out the goat’s head, he’d place his palm on the nose of the Lion’s head. “ Ha! My shoulder received worst! Hahahaha! “ Prying his shoulder free of its teeth, blood oozed down from his shoulder and some down the teeth of the Lion’s head. The chimera tried to swing its snake head toward Aseroth, but he caught it with bear head. Not wanting to rush this to a end completely, but ripping the snake head off with his bare hands was, Aseroth’s go to.

Hope you don’t regenerate. “ The beast would roar, making Aseroth eyes enlarge. He was really slaughtering it with his bare hands. Only thing left was to stop it’s useless movement. Turning his left hand inside the mane turning the Lion’s head to drag it into the ground. Making it struggle. “ Come now, Come now. You’re going to apologize to pip-squeak! “ Aseroth, said landing on the ground with his grip clutched tightly around its mane hair. Dragging it through the village, letting the villagers watch as he single-handedly ended this beast with only a wound to his shoulder which could put it out of commission. Standing in front of Pip-Squeak. Aseroth, drew his right fist up. “ Avenge my father, and Jime Ha! ...even though she isn’t dead. “ She said. “ Anything else? Y’all can have the body, I only want my sword in the end. “ Aseroth said. Smashing his into the Lion’s head taking its life easily. Moving towards Jime Ha, unconscious body he grabbed his blade and picked it up. “ I’ll be taking some bandages, along with my sword. Stay out of trouble Pip-Squeak, and tell ya sister to stop thieving. Goodbye. “ He said, disappearing into the night, with a couple of bandages.

Word Count: 1,500+, 1,500


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