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[WIP] Uriel

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1 [WIP] Uriel on 12/09/17, 07:13 pm


Name: Uriel
Country Affiliation: Heliohapt
Race: Magician
Tier: D Tier
Class: Magician ( Strength )
Age: 13
Birthday: September 19th XXXX
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heteromantic (he is a kid so..??? im not gunna rp him gettin' half chubbed.)
Personality: > very curious bean.
> kind and respectful.
> pacifist? for the most part.
> childish n has gross humor.
> prob has attention span problems.
Likes: > sleeping.
> traveling.
> bugs.
> sand.
> flowers.
Dislikes: > cactus.
> cold.
> tight spaces.
> fighting.
> loud noises.
Aspirations: > wants to explore everything life has to offer.
> prob wants to go into a dungeon one day. b/c those shits is rare.
Phobias: > fears commitment p much. doesn't want to be shackled down to one lifestyle.
> danger. i mean... who doesn't fear tht right? eh? only me? o... he'll get over it.
Face-Claim: King - Seven Deadly Sins
Hair Color: Caramel
Eye Color: Hazel
Height: smol af
Weight: also p smol
Appearance: > cute ginger curlie qs.
> lil smol body.
> jazzy clothes.
> bb face.
Rukh Alignment: Black
History: > born lower class. parents were prob farmers or merchants.
> traveled a lot.
> maybe had a childhood friend. mayb it cute girl.
> they got some sand in their pants or somesht.
> grew up n got sick of the life he was living so he was like fuq this shit and ran away from home.
> prob some sappy shit about missing his childhood friend.
> bazinga there ya go. 10/10 backstory. great plot.
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