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Fenhei's Profession

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1 Fenhei's Profession on 10/09/17, 11:48 am


Primary Profession
Related Class: Beast Tamer
Profession Title: Spider's Whisper
Description: Since birth Fenhei has had an affinity with the Arachnid kind, their soft clicks turning into whispers as she fell asleep. As she grew, it became obvious that knowledge was power and her little friends made opportunistic spies..albeit simple-minded ones. Still their little whispers can lead to excellent sources of information..even if it takes a little persuasion on her part to get the source to crack.    
Profession Perks:

  • Brood-mother:Enables her to listen and give simple commands to native Arachnids. Smaller creatures are most malleable to her influence and return to whisper in her ears of their work.

  • Charming: Having to work with difficult sources of info has made her learn to use all her resources she has. Through physical, financial or threats..the information falls into her hands one way or another.

  • Inconspicuous: Her wandering ways have led her to don many masks from simple merchant to elegant seamstress. She finds that her work is at it's best when she is blending in with a crowd until her chosen source is secluded.

Secondary Profession
Profession Title:
Profession Perks:

  • Perk 1
  • Perk 2

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3 Re: Fenhei's Profession on 12/09/17, 07:36 pm

Please try to remember that professions (at least your primary) should be what your character does for a living.

With that in mind, "Spider's Whisper" doesn't seem like it would be a profession title. It seems like from the description that she likes to interrogate people? Maybe try to incorporate that into a proper job. While it can be a normal job, it can be an odd job as well.

Brood Mother - How is she able to understand the arachnids? I would clarify that maybe it is more of an understanding where she can better predict how an arachnid is feeling based off of it's body language / vocalization if it has any.

What kind of commands is she able to give? Or rather, how is she able to utilize them through this perk? I would specify that this perk works on only NPCs or consenting PCs in case they have arachnids themselves.

Charming - This needs a bit more specific wording as to the function. I would think stating that she can easily pull information out of NPCs or consenting PCs by however she does it. Through her arachnids or just her alluring beauty. Something to that effect.

Inconspicuous - I would suggest a wording change similar to Charming. Though, unfortunately, I am struggling to fully understand what this one does. If you could, may you elaborate? Is it a simple "blending into the crowd" perk or..?


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