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Name: Torento Yanaihara
Country Affiliation: Wanderer
Race: Human
Tier: D-Tier [Novice]
Specialization: Strength
Age + Birthdate: 16|5/20
Gender: Male
Sexuality: Heterosexual


武士道 Outgoing 武士道
Most of the time, Yanaihara is usually a very laid back and chill character. Although he is laid back it doesn't mean that he is quiet or not outgoing since it is quite the opposite. His nature of being Outgoing creates many various opportunities for Yanaihara to produce newly made friendships and alliances. When approaching the young warrior, it proves to quite easy to whip up a conversation. If serious topics were to come and be presented to him, Yanaihara would then become socially awkward which introduces us to the next bulletin.

武士道 Socially Awkward 武士道
Due to being such an outgoing person, he tends to have a flaw to his outgoing nature and that is that he cannot handle serious situations too well.He has been known to be clumsy and choose wrong decisions when dealing with serious matters but he strives to fix that about himself and seek wisdom within this world, leading us to the next bulletin.

武士道 Knowledge-Seeking 武士道
Ever since a young age he had been stubborn and hardheaded but recently he has been opening up to new experiences and the vast knowledge that the world has to offer as well as leading other comrades and friends into an easier but exciting life. The reasons that he possess for grasping a hold of this knowledge and wisdom is to better himself as a person and aiding his companions which leads us into the final bulletin.

武士道 The Rest 武士道
Although Yanaihara is quite the clumsy individual and is usually seeking development, he can be selfish at times along with many other ordinary human natures that show he is also a person with flaws. One of these flaws are being self-conscience of his appearance but always finds a way to boost his self-esteem back up into gear. Similar to other characters, Yanaihara is persistent when it comes to completing a goal and also shows jealously quite frequently. Aside from that, Yanaihara has also been known to be one of the most cunning warriors within his local area.

Likes: If there is one activity that Yanaihara enjoys it is reading folklore and stories, he especially enjoys telling fictional tales about a various amount of different brave warriors because he is able to let his imagination run rampant. Another activity that Yanaihara takes pride in is free running and pushing himself physically and mentally, this activity is Yanaihara's absolute favorite activity due to the rush of excitement when performing various stunts and tricks.

Dislikes: There are a plethora of things that Yanaihara disproves of and or despises but one of the main things that Yanaihara cannot stand is negative people. If a negative action or negative way of thinking were to be introduced to Yanaihara, he would be quite annoyed to the point where he absolutely has to take action on it. Another dislike of Torento Yanaihara would have to be fish, he can consume anything except seafood which he would have to be on the verge of death in order to eat seafood.

Aspirations: Since young, the warrior known as Yanaihara had sought excitement and thrill which he took joy and pleasure in . It may seem like a simple objective in life but within that one aspiration is a large list of many other objectives and aspirations in which he wants to keep on increasing and expanding. Yanaihara has never been the kind of person who wants to live in peace and harmony, he constantly wants to be challenged and face larger and larger walls within his never endless path. Exploring every corner of the world and beyond has always been on Yanaihara's mind as well due to the many places and locations shrouded in mystery scattered across the universe. In short, his aspiration is to continue increasing his list of aspirations.

Phobias/Fears: An end to everything, Yanaihara would like his journey as a warrior to always be ongoing and to never have an end. It is not that Yanaihara is afraid of death but it is that he continuously strives to become a much more refined human being and to of course, become a legacy which would leave many remembering him even after death. The thought of him not being able to complete that goal is daunting to him, Yanaihara however hopes to overcome this fear along with a couple other minor ones within the near future.

Face-Claim: Mushibugyo|Jinbei

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Dark Blue

Height: 175.26 cm (5'9)

Weight: 62 kg (138)

Appearance: Yanaihara is a fair-skinned young boy of somewhat of a medium type height stature and a lean-built. He owns large blue eyes and black hair which is common in Kou except for the dark blue eyes. Noticeably, most of his hair is straight and down to about his chin, the remainder of his hair is tied up into a high ponytail. The most noticeable trait of Yanaihara is his scar that streaks across the bridge of his nose. He is usually seen wearing traditional samurai attire consisting of a hakama with an undershirt that is white along with a red robe that shifts into white at the edge of his sleeves including at the end of his torso, and blue hakama pants. He also wears a pair of wooden geta most of the time. Yanaihara's body language isn't anything too unique but it is very proper but can become very lazy when he is around ones he feel comfortable with. When angered, his body language is usually more reminiscent of an angered animal.

Rukh Alignment: White Rukh

Special Traits: N/A

History: During the day that Yanaihara was born, it had been raining in a certain part of the Kou Empire for a couple days with no signs of ending. Empire Soldiers of Kou were attempting to patrol the streets for the four days straight that the rain had been falling but the rain only got worse and had soon transformed into a storm. Once the storm had calmed down and diminished, Torento had already been born into the Yanaihara Family which were known in their local area to be skilled in the way of the warrior. Yanaihara's mother who gave birth to the young warrior during the storm was short on food source which meant that the family had to preserve their food as much as possible. After Yanaihara's strange but fateful birth, he was marked as the storm child within his immediate and extended family due to being born during such a brutal and vicious storm. Years following, Yanaihara's family martial artist school increased in members and soon there were dozens of members who trained under the Yanaihara family. Many soon to be Kou soldiers decided to enroll into the school in order to gain experience in the way of the katana and warrior. Those who enrolled into the family's martial artist school were also sometimes listed as a mercenary later on due to the great experience and knowledge they acquired through the Yanaihara family's teachings. As Torento grew up, his grandfather taught him most of the techniques and skills he knows to this day. His grandfather was a specially trained mercenary who was hired to carry out important missions in the past, due to the former position that Torento's grandfather had, Torento was forced to undergo intense training in which only a few selected members of the Yanaihara family went through. Torento's grandfather who was currently teaching and tutoring students in the family's martial artist school at the time had gotten a quite special and unique request to dispose of a mediocre amateur rebel group who were threatening peace on the streets of Kou as of recent. Upon investigating and attempting to rid of the amateur rebel organization, Yanaihara Chien had lost his life in a rough skirmish with the rebel group. At this time, Yanaihara Torento was about the age of ten and was quite upset about his grandfather's horrid death. There was one quote from his grandfather that Yanaihara kept with him even after his grandfather's death. "Kou has become quite shady within these recent years, I wonder what it is like in other kingdoms at the moment. Wouldn't it be quite exciting to have an interesting journey across the many lands of this world Torento?" Yanaihara Chien asked Torento about two months before his life was taken by the rebel organization. The remaining relatives that Torento had were his aunt, uncle, and mother. Torento's father had wandered off into the world and left the Kou Empire thus making his father a traitor and criminal of the Kou Empire. Years down the line, Torento Yanaihara aged into a young warrior and soon to be Kou Soldier due to his fast approaching birthday but his grandfather's words before his death had told Yanaihara otherwise, Yanaihara took up his grandfather's katana and fled from Kou in hopes of returning one day with enough strength and power to protect his loved ones. As well as searching for riches, fame, and wisdom.


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Name: Torento Yanaihara

Country Loyal To: None (Wanderer)

Born Race: Human

Made Race: None

Tier: An A-Tier

Class and Class Tier: Warrior [B-Tier]

Age and Day Born: 17 & 5/20

Gender: Male

Interested Gender In: Female

Character: He tends to be; relax, cool, casual, and just a calm guy in general. Yet, yes he may be laid back, I'd say to not take Trent as a push over, as he can cut your ass up easy peasy. His great love for beasts can maybe save you in case you've got on his bad side. Trent is a very social person and loves to help people who may be in need and even more so when huang is involved. He has a superb taste in people and who they are as a person once he's met them. The lad has made lots of mates along his travels and seeks to make many more as he goes about his ventures.

Loves: Stories and tales, he has loved stories and tales for as long as he has loved his old late grandpa. His grandpa used to say that tales are legends, ones that could go on for as long as they are told. The lad also has a love for stories and tales that have brave heroes in them. He looks to one day too, also become a brave hero. Trent hopes he can have a grand tale and have that tale be told for many, many, many years to come, for as long as the tale can be told. On top of his love for stories and tales, he also loves to overcome obstacles, overcome obstacles that stand in his way.

Hates: Seafood, he hates seafood, a lot.


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