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Job: Free Sales [C - Private Rami & Zuba]

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Job Name: Free Sales

Job Rank: C tier

Job Location: Heliohapt/The Black Asp Bar.

Job Rewards: 7,000 huang.

Job Prerequisites: ¿Be Zub and Rami?

Job Overview: After their expedition to catch a desert crocodile for an desperate priest, Rami and Zubaidah have decided to have a little chat in one of the most famous bars in Heliohapt’s port: The Black Asp. However, all is not as it seems, someone seems to be trying to get rid of the guests when several of the customers drop dead after drinking the popular El Ragu, and more gradually being killed off by an unknown assailant. With the entrance mysteriously barred, and the authorities unable to get in, the two must find out who is behind the deaths before anybody else dies.

Enemy Name: Unknown Assailant

Rank: C tier

Needed damage to take down: B tier

Description: A person cloaked in shadows whose motivations are as mysterious as their appearance. Showing up at irregular intervals to take out the customers, they leave only one clue as to why they might be doing this, or who they might be - a strange sign drawn in black ink that seems to be a hand with a line through it.

Abilities: Throwing Knives - they hurl five curved knives that spread out into a fan shape, each knife dealing D tier damage.
Forward Pincer - by getting into a crouched position, and concentrating for a few seconds, they are sprint forwards with two knives in each hand and perform a pincer movement to deal C tier damage in total to their target.

Although the day was long it seemed to have just be getting started. After Zubaidah and Rami took down a giant desert crocodile and returned it to a rather desperately energetic Priest, they thought it would be best to take a load off and get a few drinks at Heliohapt's famous port bar; The Black Asp. The walk to the bar was just as quiet as the hour long walk in the desert toting the giant croc. Rami couldn't wait to have a drink, kick back and relax after having to deal with the brutal desert heat.

When the two had walked in the bar Rami felt an odd vibe coming from inside but could not put his finger on it. Instead he gestured Zubaidah to follow him as they sat near one of the booths closest to the bars waiter.

"I'll have the El Ragu," a few of the people in the bar said simultaneously over a time period of ten minutes. Rami didn't know what all the fuss was about, but the drink seemed to be rather popular since every one was buying it. He dug in his pouch and order to El Ragu's as well for himself and Zubaidah. Soon thereafter a large thud could be heard from across the room. It appeared one of the customers/guests had collapsed. Rami half thought he probably had too much to drink. Paying him no mind another thud could be heard, then another, and another. Rami knew something was up, but didn't know what. He turned around to look at the bar entrance only to see it was barred shut with no other way out. Something was going down and Rami did not like it not one bit.

Rami quickly snatched Zubaidah's drink away before dumping it out on the floor, "All those people who just passed out...were drinking that drink," He whispered to her not trying to draw any unwanted attention to himself or her, "What do you suppose we do? I don't like the looks of this."

Word Count: 357

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A ceramic jug slammed down on the wooden table where Zubaidah and Rami currently sat, rattling the surface with a great clamour. But that loud noise was not even registered by other customers, due to the rest of the bar being completely full to the brim with talkative people bustling about with their overflowing mugs of beer, while more high class guests sat further in, sipping their champagne while chatting about hot topics.

     As for Rami and Zubaidah, they had decided to go with the seemingly popular El Ragu, a drink she had had heard from the captain on her voyage to Heliohapt, which had addictive qualities deemed to be higher than that of normal alcohol. Zubaidah was certainly intrigued by the concept, being a great fan of trying new alcoholic beverages, but had some doubts about its potency and as such sniffed it sceptically. She couldn't piece the individual flavours together at first, noting a honey-sweet aroma wafting from it, some sort of earthy herbal scent, as well as a slightly acrid smell that she couldn't put a finger on.

    However, her thought process was broken as she heard a loud crash from one of the neighbouring tables, and thinking a brawl was about to start, she got up from her seat and started for a corner as far from the action as possible. But she froze when she came face to face with the real problem. A customer had fallen to the ground, unmoving, his hand clutched around a bottle. Almost all the guests were seized with a simultaneous fright as they stared at his stiff body, their own minds frozen in the same way as the man lying on the ground. However, their attention was quickly moved away from that spot when another loud crash was heard from a different table, someone else had fallen prey to the same condition. All eyes immediately turned to the bartender, whose interactions up until this point had been limited, querying about what this might be about and what further actions they should do.
He replied in a slightly unsure manner, ‘I've already notified the guards of the situation, and they're attempting to signal for a doctor as we speak. However, bar-related incidents are usually shrugged off as lightweight, not worth their time, so I don't think they understand the gravity of the situation. But, even if they are taking it seriously, we don't know how long it might take for them to get here, apparently the door has been secured tightly with some machination we don't know about…’ A drop of sweat rolled down his cheek, ‘I'm afraid we may be on our own here for a while.

    In response to this claim, many of the guests started to hurry to the door and hammer their way through with brute force, even using broken bottles to try and break the sturdy wood. As for Zubaidah, she thought it a better course of action to analyse the symptoms, and find out the cause, of the condition that was fast effecting the tavern, using the basics of her biological knowledge to determine the source.

    ‘This man experienced paralysis of the limbs, including a restriction of the throat… What is that smell lingering around him? It's slightly acrid, insufferably pungent, and… Oh, I see!’ With that, she looked up at the table the man had been sitting at, and spied a mug filled with a certain liquid. ‘It was El Ragu. Someone is using El Ragu to kill off the customers.

Word Count: 585

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Everyone was in a panic and Rami was trying to keep cool. It was like they couldn't catch a break in Heliohapt. First the Crocodiles now this. He soon realized that in order for him to have a decent break Zubaidah and himself would have to find the person responsible for such mayhem. Once the chaos started rolling in everyone had looked to the bartender for some sort of answer to their prayers only to be told to sit tight and no need to worry because the authorities will be on their way.

What if everyone is dead by then? Rami thought to himself as he looked around the bar specifically at the people still trying to pry the doors open with their bare hands. Some of the higher class folks were too afraid to leave their seats. They remained stationary and frantically whispered among one another inaudible to the distant, naked ear. Rami stared at them for a moment before drawing his attention to his friend Zubaidah who seemed to be the only person taking any kind of action here. She crouched beside one of the late guests and checked his symptoms after drinking El Ragu. She had confirmed it was some sort of crippling paralysis that paralyzed the poor mans limbs and restricted his throat causing him to die from suffocation.

"So now it seems we have to find out who spiked the punch," Rami said as he got up from his seat to make an announcement to the people in the bar, "Alright everyone listen up! No one and I mean NO ONE drinks El Ragu or any beverage in this Bar for the time being. I know most of you are scared and none of us want to die, in the meantime we need to wait for the Authorities. The faster they get hear, the faster we can get the hell out of here with our lives. However, I guess it is safe to say we need to see if we can figure out who has been trying to kill case the Authorities do not make it in time...if you catch my drift," Rami took his chakram off his back and placed it on the table causing the wood from the table itself to creek.

He soon decided to walk over to Zubaidah and crouch down beside her as she was still analyzing the man's body. They were truly being put to the test. In the far regions of Rami's mind he half wished this was nothing but a dream only to be brought back to reality by the occasional person in the bar going nuts due to some minor symptom of Cabin Fever.

"I think after this we should probably find another bar to drink at," He said trying to lighten the mood, "What do you advise we do in the mean time? We have to stay calm and collected if no one else will. Do you have any leads so far? I mean I do not want to make the bartender a suspect...but it is always the person you least that case I guess he would be too obvious...but who knows," Rami was trying to go through the situation in his head over and over again but always seemed to have been faced with a giant obstacle not knowing how to push past it.

[Word Count- 572]

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I believe that everyone else should, for the moment, take their previous places and sit back down. I know how you're all feeling right now, but it's better that we be calm as Rami said.’

    However, the reaction was to that statement was completely the opposite, although the source of that was not her words but a completely different source. A woman towards the back of the bar screamed out in shock as she spotted a sign suddenly reveal itself on the back wall, where once there had been nothing but blank wood, while a young scholar’s body lay slumped against it. The sign seemed to be a hand drawn on with a thick black ink, large and imposing, that took up most of the wall’s height, but more disturbing was the large line that crossed through the hand sign, the sticky red liquid still fresh as it dropped down the wall. Even Zubaidah’s usual mask of playful humour dropped at this display, a look of stony resolve occupying her face in place of a smile, for she didn't even need to do a test to know what that liquid was.

    ‘It seems playtime’s over,’ Zubaidah remarked, ‘our real work is starting now. I don't know who is doing this, or what their motivation for doing this is, but their methods of execution seems to show that they have a twisted sense that this is merely a game. And if my assumptions are correct, these small clues are merely a sign for them to mark their presence. What I mean by that is, they are playing with us. We don't need to find out their identity at all, that job will be done for us shortly: the murderer will be the one to reveal themselves.

    That assertion didn't put the minds of the other guests at ease, but rather threw them into an even greater panic as they began to suspect each other. They started to part from their clustered grouping, turning left and right from their suspicions which were starting to form into accusations., trampling on those who were defiant in their standings. However, they had chosen a good choice, for those who stayed near the barred doorway did not meet with a pleasant fate. With the speed and precision of a winged predator, two knives suddenly emerged from the darkness above them, plunging down towards their bodies and tearing through their flesh. Dancing to their horrific tune, they left in their wake a pile of bodies that heaped up against the door, pausing only when the rest of the customers had fled elsewhere in the bar, away from the entrance. As the knives slowed to a stop, two hands could be seen holding their handles, as a cloaked figure appeared from the shadows.

    ‘It seems that I've been all figured out. Hehehehe… Perhaps I shouldn't have waited longer to reveal myself. Not that it matters. My business is just about concluded. All I have to do is take you and that white haired man’s heads. Then it'll be easy to kill the rest.
    They spoke in a short and blunt manner, which emphasised their next action; taking out seven more knives and brandishing them towards Rami and Zubaidah.

Word Count - 1125

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Things were starting to get too heated for Rami. The people in the bar were worrying too much and started to receive cloudy judgement of one another. Rami and Zubaidah tried all they could to keep the peace in the place for a little while longer until they could figure out who was behind the drink spiking but with little to no luck things only seemed to escalate. Rami was happy a stranger was agreeing with his words but with his short five minutes of fame the sound of a woman screaming directed his attention to where she had been looking. The sight itself would have made Rami's stomach churn if he had a drink in his system but I think after today Rami might be sober for a while.

Zubaidah knew what was up, which Rami liked because now things were getting interesting. He paid attention to Zubaidah who was indirectly calling out the murderer she assumed was among the crowd. He didn't blame her for he began to be skeptical of everyone else in the room as well. The moment Zubaidah finished her brief speech the skepticism grew contagious as everyone didn't know who to trust or even look at. They began parting from each other making sure that there was at last half an arm of space in between each other. Rami was examining everyone as they parted ways when suddenly two large thuds were hard toward the barred door. Everyone began freaking out yet again and forcefully shoved themselves away from the new fresh corpses near the door.

Once the crowd itself cleared Rami and Zubaidah found the person responsible for the murders int he Bar. The blades that had killed the two man shipped back to their owner revealing a cloaked figure, voice disguised, but motivation in this posture. They had announced that they were going to take out Rami and Zubaidah first, then the rest of the people in the bar would be easy.

"I don't think I like your tone so much," Rami had said as he looked the figure up and down. They had state they should not have revealed themselves just yet but it appears the taste for blood was just too much to deal with and it got the better of them. Once the figure pointed several more knives at Rami and Zubaidah, Rami quickly grabbed his Chakram, twirled around from the table it was one and slammed one of the weapons long metal pegs in the floor of the Bar causing a rumble that startled some of the innocent bar people, "I will not allow you to harm anyone else for as long as I reamin standing. This is where the chapter of your life ends," Rami kept a close eye on the figure making sure that they did not pull a fast one on him. He was waiting to see what Zubaidah had in mind, if he should fight the stranger for wait to see if she had a better solution to the problem. Whatever the case may be hopefully no one elses blood will be shed...minus the cloaked figure of course, if and only if they can help it.

[Word Count- 543]

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In response to both the mysterious assailant’s action and Rami’s question, Zubaidah grabbed the shaft of her spear and twirled it towards their attacker.
    ‘Hopefully this clears up any doubts you might've had about my seriousness on this subject.

    With that serious remark, she launched herself across the room with her left leg, jutting her spear out in an [Abrupt Thrust] that seemed to come out of nowhere. She clipped the side of the unknown attacker, cutting through their midnight cloak and releasing a hot spray of red into the floor. However, that did not slow them down at all. In retaliation, they twirled around Zubaidah’s blind spots and delivered five [Throwing Knives] across the room, one of which which whistled past her cheek and bit into it, while another two flew in Rami’s direction.

    As blood trickled down her face, Zubaidah lifted her fingers to her cheek and coated them in it, casting her gaze upon her now bloody fingers. Then suddenly, her whole entire face contorted into a strange look like a cross between a sadistic smile and a grimace of pain.
    ‘You made such a blatant mistake in that move, but you cannot take it back now, so I'm afraid you'll just have to take the repercussions...


Abrupt Thrust

Tier: D tier

Class: Warrior

Type: Offensive

Range: Short

Requirements/Drawbacks: The character must be using a polearm, such as a sort of spear.

Scaling: Hits

Sustain: 0

Cool Down: 1 post

Cost: 10 stamina


    The character draws their polearm back quickly, before jabbing forwards aiming for the rib area.

Word Count - 1338


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In all honesty, Rami was not prepared for a fight to happen so suddenly. He was upset that this day was going to be just as intense as the Crocodile mission and was it ended quickly, because he still wanted a drink. Seeing Zubaidah initiating the first blow with such precision and speed mesmerized Rami. He hadn't had the chance to see her in action yet, but he was liking it already. Seeing the mysterious person injured so easily meant it might be just as easy for Rami to injure them as well.

The cloaked figured responded to Zubaidah's attack with several knives being thrown in her direction. One of them making direct contact with her cheek causing her to bleed a lot. Within the moment of Rami noticing the knives hurled at Zubaidah another set were being hurled at him as well, at the same time. He dove 3 meters in front of him over a table out of harm's way[Dodge]. He rolled on the ground trying to clear the gap between him and cloaked figure. With his Chakram still in his hand he took step back and twirled his body slashing at the Cloaked figure once before twirling in the opposite direction slashing up at the figure once more[Dance of Isis]. Rami wanted the figure to know that he just like Zubaidah meant business.

"You messed with the wrong people," He said pointing his chakram at the figure with blood dripping off the edges..

Abilities Used:
Tier: C
Class: Warrior
Type: Offensive
Range: Medium
Requirements/Drawbacks: Rami must have his Singular Chakram when using this ability.
Scaling: Hits
Sustain: 2
Cool Down: 2 posts
Cost: 20 Stamina

Taking a step back Rami performs a two hit combo with his chakram. The first hit is a back slash in which he turns his body completely around to strike the target for D-Tier damage, the second hit is an upward slash where he twirls his body in the opposite direction swinging his arm up in a diagonal fashion dealing D-tier damage.

Tier: D
Class: Warrior
Type: Range
Requirements/Drawbacks: A Singluar Chakram is required for this basic stance holding the weapon in the front with a single hand.
Cool Down: 1 posts
Cost: 10 Stamina

By tucking, diving and/or side stepping by 3m at the most, Rami is able to slightly or completely evade some attacks dealt toward him.

Word Count- 423

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Zubaidah watched as Rami’s chakram bit straight through their assailant’s chest, a line of red bursting from their black cloak. They stepped back in surprise, attempting to throw another knife at Rami, but Zubaidah grabbed their wrist tightly and wrenched it so that it fell down onto the floor. They struggled and struggled until finally they broke free, grasping three more knives from inside their cloak, and aimed them at Zubaidah. However, she anticipated this move and twirled her spear shaft before striking the assailant with the butt end right in his previous wound. Pressed against the wall, both metaphorically and literally, they slumped to the ground on top of the other corpses and awaited their death. Zubaidah was having none of that, so she pointed her spear at them and interrogated them for any useful information. What information they gave was sparse and seemed to have little meaning, however,

    ‘I needed to get rid of any function in the hand. Cutting off each finger would be too much of a task on my own. So I decided to sever the hand from the wrist.

    And with those words, they broke through the door and escaped into the night, leaving a confused Zubaidah to ponder his words. ‘Each finger? Sever the hand?’ So many questions lingered in her mind about the vague statement she had heard that her head almost spun in her confusion and curiosity. However, she had no chance to pursue these due to the disappearance of her captive.

    On the top of a distant building, a woman with short silvery hair looked down on a figure running through a narrow alleyway. ‘Your role has ended, so you can have a nice sleep now, okay?

Word Count - 1624


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The cloaked figure began rambling talking about Severing hands from the wrist instead of the individual fingers. Rami half thought he was talking about som sort of code but did not have enough time to dwell on the thought. The figure tried attacking one final time before Zubaidah halted them canceling their move. Rami was about to deal the finishing blow half forgetting what the fight was about until the figure broke through the Pub entrance leaving behind nothing but a trail of questions needing to be answered. Rami looked around the pub making sure everyone else was alright. Given the recent events that occurred inside the pub that did not stop Rami from wanting a much deserved drink. He snapped his fingers at the bartender and asked for something simple yet effective.

"I would like your finest water please," Rami said smiling as he patted a stool beside him and got Zubaidah a water. Waiting for her to sit down he began to ask her questions about the entire encounter, clearly there was something more going on and the two of them needed to get down to the bottom of it before more innocent lives are lost, "So what do you think all of that was about? Wasn't the friendliest encounter i've had in a bar...and I am assuming it won't be my last."

Word Count- 235

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