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Free Sales [C - Private]

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Job Name: Free Sales

Job Rank: C tier

Job Location: Heliohapt/The Black Asp Bar.

Job Rewards: 100 exp with 7,000 huang.

Job Prerequisites: ¿Be Zub and Rami?

Job Overview: After their expedition to catch a desert crocodile for an desperate priest, Rami and Zubaidah have decided to have a little chat in one of the most famous bars in Heliohapt’s port: The Black Asp. However, all is not as it seems, someone seems to be trying to get rid of the guests when several of the customers drop dead after drinking the popular El Ragu, and more gradually being killed off by an unknown assailant. With the entrance mysteriously barred, and the authorities unable to get in, the two must find out who is behind the deaths before anybody else dies.

Enemy Name: Unknown Assailant

Rank: C tier

Needed damage to take down: B tier

Description: A person cloaked in shadows whose motivations are as mysterious as their appearance. Showing up at irregular intervals to take out the customers, they leave only one clue as to why they might be doing this, or who they might be - a strange sign drawn in black ink that seems to be a hand with a line through it.

Abilities: Throwing Knives - they hurl five curved knives that spread out into a fan shape, each knife dealing D tier damage.
Forward Pincer - by getting into a crouched position, and concentrating for a few seconds, they are sprint forwards with two knives in each hand and perform a pincer movement to deal C tier damage in total to their target.

Job Name: A Trail of Alcohol

Job Rank: C tier

Job Location: Heliohapt/The Great Library

Job Rewards: 100 exp with 7,000 huang.

Job Prerequisites: ¿Be Rami and Zub?/Free Sales {Done}

Job Overview: With the cloaked assailant having fled into the night, Rami and Zubaidah are at a loss with what to do. However, following the bartender’s advice, they decide to visit the Great Library where they may find some more information about the poison, murderer or the riddle they referred to. But they are not alone.

Enemy Name: Cloaked Assassins (five)

Rank: D tier

Needed damage to take down: D tier

Description: A silent group that lurked in the shadows of the Great Library. At first, they seemed very intimidating and mysterious but are really just cannon fodder, nothing special.

Abilities: Hidden Daggers - they take out two daggers and throw them in a straight line, one after the other, with each dealing D tier damage.
Perfect Arc - they all arrange themselves in a circle around their target(s) and charge towards the centre, to deal a total of C tier damage.

Job Name: A Wine-filled Hand

Job Rank: B tier

Job Location: Heliohapt/The Great Library and Back Alleys

Job Chain Rewards: 200 exp with 15,000 huang and a bottle of El Ragu each.

Job Prerequisites:
¿Be Rami and Zub?/A Trail of Alcohol {Done}

Job Overview: After gaining an insight into the potential causes for the murders, and finding out more to do with the mysterious ‘dark hand’, Rami and Zubaidah are in pursuit of the mysterious man who was spying on them in the Great Library.

]Enemy Name: Underground Boss: Kabhsenuf

Rank: B tier

Needed damage to take down: B tier

Description: The head of a moderately-sized underground organisation who has taken to personally dealing with the nuisances that are Rani and Zubaidah. It seems he was also the one who sent the initial assailant and the subsequent ones as well.

Abilities: Cracked Earth - he slams his fist into the ground causing ripples to spread across the earth, dealing C tier damage to anyone caught in their paths.
Hallowed Strike - invoking the gods, he slams his fist into the target’s head, which deals B tier damage.
Curling Pillar - he hooks his leg around the target’s head and flips them into the air, dealing C tier damage at first, with an extra C tier damage dealt if they hit the ground.

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