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Ciao, Kou! [ Solo Travelling ]

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1 Ciao, Kou! [ Solo Travelling ] on 01/09/17, 02:40 am


- [ Vescovo di Consulenza ] -

[ magoi: 30 ]
[ stamina: 170 ]


Most people regarded travelling as a daunting task only foolish, adventure-seeking idiots pursued. To be sure, there always was a problem to be had, and really, there was no such thing as ‘smooth sailing’ all throughout the journey. Something bad always happened. It was sort of a rule of travelling. But troubles or not, there was no way anyone could ever convince restless Rain to settle down somewhere. He swore his life practically depended on travelling. He couldn't stand boredom and constantly on the go fit Rain’s sporadic attitude. His search for ‘fun’ was his drive for living. No matter the hardships which travelling included, he swore no one would ever be able to convince him to stay in one place for the rest of his life.


verbum comitem
[ cxxvii // dc ]
word count [ 127 // 600 ]



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