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[Training] Rise of a Wolf... or a Rabbit

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Shevika had long since grown from a young pup of unique nature found within her nest, to a rather sizeable wolf with some rabbit like features that adorned her head as ears and multiple tails that jutted from her hind end.

Vodarara was rather fortunate in a sense, he had a companion that stuck beside him though he wondered if that was due to in-printing from raising the blind pup after he had exterminated the rogue band of wolves that contained her Alpha’s or if the wolf would one day feast upon his bones after killing the hunter that removed it previous family, whatever occurred however would be the fate of history.

Furthermore, the Imuchakk had at least steered away from hunting his wolf for her unique hide as a trophy, maybe that was because he was technically one of them, one that had slain a unicorn and thus completed their trails or maybe he just had luck on his side.

The growing wolf had learned many traits and grown stronger in many ways since their time together and thus this is a tale of those memories….

WC : 187



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