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A Wandering Magician(Open)

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1 A Wandering Magician(Open) on 27/08/17, 08:35 pm

Tsukiju was wandering throughout a village in the Kou empire, debating internally what to do. He wanted to find ways of earning money to give out to the poor, but he was completely out of ideas. He gripped his staff tightly in one hand, the Green-And-Gold staff held slightly in front of him. He couldn't figure out what to do, and it was severely frustrating the young magician. "Ugh!" He growled through his mask, hitting his head against a nearby wall. "Think, Tsuki! There has to be something you can do here!" He said aloud, getting him some weird looks. But Tsuki didn't notice, too busy getting frustrated with himself. He kept banging his head into the wall, the entire time muttering to himself.


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