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Kara - Taming the wilderness

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1 Kara - Taming the wilderness on 24/08/17, 10:56 pm

The Job:
Job Name: Taming the wilderness
Job Rank: B
Job Location: The Western Front
Job Rewards: 200 XP / 15,000 Huang
Job Prerequisites: N/A
Job Overview: The villagers that lives in the western front are worry about their safety because suddenly some beasts decided to enter their small vilLage. They said that something like this never happened before and now they are seeking help to some warriors that are willing to get rid of the beasts. Go get the job in the City Hall’s job board and head to the western front soon to confront the beasts!

Enemy Name: Horned beast (x4)
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: A
Description: Horned beast has a huge horn on the head that is very strong, the horn is 40cm long and the beast itself is 2m long. They attack by using their horn and enormous strength.
Trample ~ Horned beast dashed towards the enemy up to 15m away before trampling them to deal A-tier damage.
Earthquake ~ The beasts used their strong leg to stomp on the ground and create a small sized earthquake to make anyone who is within 5m fall to the ground and can’t maintain their balance for 1 post
Charge ~ The beast charges forwards looking to impale a target on its horn for B-tier piercing damage. The beast can charge up to 7m away in a straight line.

Two arrows shoot from a distance at high speed through two open windows, just missing the eyes of an innocent man, who just happens to be the manager of this village that is under the attacked; the arrows land into the side of one of the horned beasts face; piercing into its flesh and striking a vital organ.. The beats brain. With its brain impacted from 2 locations simultaneously he dies instantly with blood flowing rapidly out of the two triangular holes created.  As the beast hits the ground with a large thumb the remaining three turn to face the direction of the attack and while it initially seemed as if the mayor had launched the attack, the beast were not so stupid to overlook the fanalis woman in the distance wielding a bow aimed right at them. With Anger flowing through their veins the three charge forward towards Kara, rampaging through the Mayor's house just missing him in the process. The mayor feints as life flashed before his eyes twice, meanwhile his wife smiles as his empty grass pot collection is smashed along with the two walls she wanted to redecorate for the better part of a month.  
A gust of wind ends up adding insult to injury as white pair of the major underwear fly out of his draw and land on his face.

As Kara Satel Bane waits at her risen position on top a grassy hill with the wind blowing through her hair as her focus was firmly on her pray; the three horned beasts charging towards her she couldn’t prevent herself from being impressed of these creatures, not only did they manage to locate the true threat but had formed a phalanx formation as they charged her position. As she loaded her bow for her next shot Kara would Smile, as she started charging the beast's head on as she fired 2 arrows into the sky that would return later.  

Earlier in the capital; Kara is approached by two Reim military officers in search of help, it was there job to look after this town but alas with the rapid death of their comrades they knew they needed help lucky enough Kara was already looking at the job on the city hall's board.  

378 /1500
1 beast dead [2 basic shots]
2 additional shots fired.



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2 Re: Kara - Taming the wilderness on 25/08/17, 06:03 pm

"Excuse me, young lady, would you please help, a village is being attacked and we are unable to save its people.... What he said; by the time we can get the approval for additional troops they will be dead". Kara turns to face them grabbing the respected job "How did this reach the board if the attack is this fresh?" We had a kid run ahead as our commander died in an attempt to fight the beasts, and not to be blunt but we know who you are, Madam Kara Satel Bane.  Kara lets out slight sigh "Sure, id go but using my name like that is a sneak attack" "Id make any sneak attack i must, to save the villagers".

So with the two Reim soldiers behind her Kara would make her way to the village in order to confront the beasts; on arrival, Kara would give the two soldiers orders to sneak in around the back once she had engaged the beasts in order to evacuate the civilians; and just as they reached their position Kara had lifted her fingers letting two arrows sore like eagles from her bow.  

Back to the present;

Three horned beasts would be charging Kara and thus she had fired two arrows into the sky, and begun charging herself. One single moment before a collision was met she simply jump using her elevated position and momentum there was no risk in herself being harmed. Sliding a tad down the hill as she landed she turned to fire 2 more arrows backwards towards the beasts. While they did dodge these arrows by jumping to the side as they turned, the two arrows she fired into the sky would land into the back of the middles skull killing it instantly. Two down two to go. The two remaining beast would use a combat skill known as Charge as they rapidly looked to impale Kara "Wow they suddenly sped up"

2nd beast killed

344 + 378 = 722/1500



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