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Clutch of Peace {Social-Open}

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1 Clutch of Peace {Social-Open} on 23/08/17, 09:54 pm

As the sun peaks in the sky raining light, heat, and embrace of the wonderful culture of the people of Reim Empire. The markets were filled with people from all over and trade was booming ..... [Yada Yada]

An old woman wearing a rugged cloak would suddenly start closing her store as the sound of a light wooden bang had spread through the market; while most didn't care for this sound the Old woman and special reasons to be concern as she turned to face Janna a young girl who was assisting her grandmother in the daily duties of working at the markets. [old woman] "It's time to close my deer" Janna picked up three books as she nodded back reluctantly "Alright Granny" she placed the books onto a small shelf attached to a cart underneath the stall. Two librarians walked passed the closing stall catching a glimpse of the three books that were placed on the shelf. [Lib 1] "Hey hey, why shade the Light from such wonders" [old lady] "sorry sir, we are closing they will be out again tomorrow" Janna would stand closer to the Librarian and with a big smile she looked into his eyes "We are open from Light of dawn to Midday...Have a wonderful day". The second Librarian wouldn't say award but he was confused, most market stalls wouldn't close for several more hours and were trying to work out why they would close so early.

A second light wooden bang would echo through the market. [Old Lady] "Janna we better get a move on" both Janna and the Old woman would start speeding up in putting their merchandise away as if something was coming. The Librarians would help them pack up, using it as an opportunity to breeze through the books in case they wanted to buy any. With a 3rd wooden bang, the old lady was moving with Janna pulling the battered cart from its front away from the sounds that came.

The Librarians would be left confused as to what these Wooden sounds were, why the old lady was worried; and thus would decide to watch the market for any suspicious activity as more wooden bangs continued to enter the market.



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