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Medic Job [Job/Tenma]

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1 Medic Job [Job/Tenma] on 21/08/17, 01:46 pm

Altan Bey

Job details:

Job Name: Help the Wounded
Job Rank: B-tier
Job Location: Kou Empire
Job Rewards: 200 EXP & 15,000 Haung
Job Overview:
You have decided to volunteer at a military hospital that is short on hands. Due to medical inexperience, you're just tasked to help get supplies to where they need, help the nurses with simple duties, and make sure that the soldiers are fed and well. It's during a volunteer hour a group of soldiers (opposite of either side you are currently on in the Kou War; if neutral, decide which faction the soldiers are) attack the hospital. Defend the staff and already wounded soldiers from harm by defeating the soldiers.

Enemy Name: Officer
Rank: B
Needed damage to take down: B
Description: The officer of the group of soldiers is dressed in fine armor typical of a samurai, with the symbol of the faction he supports on his armor. He wields a katana that deals B-tier damage.
♦Deathly Strike: The officer steps forwards and gracefully slashes their sword, hitting their opponent with the calculated attack. Deathly Strike deals A-tier damage.
♦Twin Swallow Strike: The officer lunges forwards, and in two fluid motions, he slices the opponent twice with his sword. Each slice deals C-tier damage for a combined total of B-tier.

Enemy Name: Soldiers x4
Rank: C
Needed damage to take down: C
Description: Soldiers dressed in simple armor expected of a soldier. On their armor, they have the symbol of the faction they support. The soldiers wield cheap iron swords.
♦Charge!: The soldier rushes forwards, yelling a battle cry as he wields his sword in the air. Once he comes close enough, the soldier lunges at his opponent and swings the blade down, dealing C-tier damage.
♦Lunge Attack: The soldier lunges forwards and thrusts his sword forwards, stabbing their opponent and dealing C-tier damage.

They said to know more about your enemy, you should start from the inner circle. So here the redhead stood, in front of this information board inside this tavern. There was some kind of volunteer needed at the military hospital, perhaps to help them with some simple duties that the experts couldn’t deal with due to the total patients that they need to tend. Altan knew several medications things that was related to herbs or natural medicine although that maybe not really enough for her to really help in medical field. However the redhead though that she might be able to get some kind of information about the emperor as well as doing a good deed at the same time by helping some injured people.

Altan headed to the military hospital and sighed at the scene that she was looking at, it seemed that she might not get the time to gather some information after all. Soldiers sat down, some were laying down on the ground while enduring the injuries that they got. Not only that, Altan could see some civilians among the injured patients and the medic was overwhelmed with the number of the people that they need to treat. The redhead wondered if she could really help but decided to just go ahead and offered her assistance as a volunteer.

The Fanalis entered the hospital and looked around, trying to find any person that she can ask for permission to help as a volunteer. But it seemed that she didnt need to do that since someone suddenly put a big box on her hand and said, "Please deliver this bandages to the next room." Altan didn't even get the chance to reply because the nurse rushed to tend the other patients, so it means that her job was already starting...

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2 Re: Medic Job [Job/Tenma] on 05/09/17, 12:20 pm

For the swordsman, the path that he chose didn’t require anyone else to stay beside him, either in romantic way or even as an comrade. It was a path for a lone wolf, for a man who decided to drop everything he had and for a warrior… who never really put his trust to the other to watch his back. It might sound harsh but he never really put any care to other people unless he felt the need to do it, although it was a little different after he found his sister. His sister would be the only person that could see the real him, the only person left in the world that would make the swordsman be himself.

However here he was, summoned towards the clinic by one of the surviving soldiers because there was this heavily injured soldier who wanted Tenma’s company in his last moment. The black haired man scratched his head, wondering who might be the one that need to be comforted by him. The moment Tenma arrived at one of the wards, there was a lot of injured people, mostly soldiers but he could find out right away about who summoned him. “Tao?" Tenma called the general who was closing his eyes, trying to breathe steadily although his wound was pretty visible and although bandage was wrapping around him, blood still pouring down from his injury. Opening his eyes weakly, Tao saw the man he wanted to see in his dying moment and began to whisper, “You came. How do I look now?” A small laugh came from his chapped pale lips, but a cough followed after.

With a chuckle, Tenma would shake his head and scanned the soldier before answering to him, “You look great. What’s the secret?” A smile was formed on the dying general’s face and he gulped before closing his eyes, “Well, this newbie was just about getting attacked, there was no time so I stepped in to take the blow.” He paused his story with several cough before he continued it again, “I remember he has a family and a newborn baby… couldn’t let the baby to grow up without father, right?”

“Understandable…” Tenma said as he leaned closer to Tao, whispering something to his ear. “I found my sister… and you did great, just rest because you’ve earned it.”

The general would chuckle, amused by the fact that Tenma would still be the man that he knew. “That’s great, haha. And you are a bad liar… I’m… quite sleepy…though…” Slowly the general swallowed the last saliva that he can produce and stayed quiet with a smile on his face before he breathed his last breath. A smile would decorate Tenma’s lips, there was a hint of pity in his eye but with a soft voice he whispered again to Tao while putting his hand on Tao’s eyes. “Good night.”

Not long after that, the door to the room was suddenly open and a red haired female entered inside while holding a box of bandages. The swordsman tilted his head to the woman, noticed that she was quite confused because there was only one person beside all this patients sitting next to a dead man.

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3 Re: Medic Job [Job/Tenma] on 01/11/17, 12:06 pm

Altan Bey

The redhead opened the door towards the appointed room quickly, wanting to do her job as efficient as she could. However it seemed that she had entered in a wrong timing, she didn’t notice that someone was inside nor that she noticed their voice from the outside. It was awkward and she couldn’t help but to look towards the only man who was sitting on the chair, seemed to comforting the injured man who was laying down on the medic bed beside him. Her eyes wondered to the other patients, observing them before focusing back on the sitting man and his wounded comrade, noticing the latter has a different color skin and no sign of movement on his chest. It became more awkward for her and her face looked confused as she tried hard to think of what to do in this kind of situation.

“Uhh umm…. I am sorry.” She could feel the man piercing her with a cold and sharp gaze although his lips formed a smile, so she looked away from the golden orb, staring at her bandage. It felt so intimidating but it didn’t feel like the man was angry with her nor annoyed with her presence, it was just like a strong vibe coming from the man himself and overpowered Altan’s. “They instructed me to deliver this bandage, so ummm…. Where do I put this?” The redhead inhaled some air to fill her lungs before she maneuvered her legs to move towards the one eyed man, didn’t want to be rude by speaking from far as well as to not interrupt the other resting patients. It was her first time to be overwhelmed like this, the man felt dangerous but she wasn’t sure why she could feel like that. Altan hoped that nothing bad will happen though….

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