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Kara Satel Bane {Vault}

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1 Kara Satel Bane {Vault} on 19/08/17, 05:53 pm

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2 Re: Kara Satel Bane {Vault} on 19/08/17, 05:55 pm

Name:Kara Satel Bane
Country Affiliation:Reim
Race: Fanalis
Tier: B
Class:  First Ranger= b, Second warrior= c
Age + Birthdate: 25 + August the 18th
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual/Asexual; It 'doesn't matter what gender one is they may catch her attention but generally this side of her is inactive and very rare that it will become active.

Kara Satel Bane has quite the personality of a leaf in the wind… “The tune of freedom.  A few key traits of her personality is Creativity, dreaming, idealistic, spiritual and a flare for excitement, unexpected steps and a good mind that considers all options. Despite her line of work she values life above all else and is fully in love with it; this combined with her quick thinking mind she's normally has a strong grip of her surrounding area as her mind wanders intermingling her senses with the nature around her; very aware and sensitive to the highest sense of her  -environment.      

When getting to know someone she is quick to gather a sense of their potential and if it's within her power to aid them in their path of life; though she isn’t about to dedicate her life to a stranger. Her thinking is for long term, and is able to grasp the far-reaching effects of actions and plans. Deeply concerned and supportive of art, music, or of beauty in any form as it's the foundation of a good world.

Many of the ideas that run through Kara Banes mind are often impractical, off the wall and generally hard for others to understand; despite this, she has been able to accomplish some amazing achievements with this way of pushing forward. Her true heights creativity often springs to action once her temperament has been broken, something that can be broken fairly quickly in the wrong situation.

1.Philosophy: At the peaks of life Kara fines that Philosophy and the level of understanding it brings to be extremely fascinating; anyone who can provide her with mental stimulation in an educated talk about the world, even If she finds herself clueless will find it easy to get on Kara’s Good side.

2.Underdogs - If someone with very little strength was standing up for something they believed in no matter how stupid [as long as it wasn’t dark in nature] Kara would be impressed and possibly find herself aiding the Underdog [as long as there weren't any conflicts of interest].  


People who bash others ambition; as someone who sees the potential in what someone could accomplish when others create walls for the growth they will burn the patience of Kara Bane

Hunting sports - anything that is related to hunting life that has no reason…. “You better eat that or I’m gonna Kill you”

Outside of her main goal to just support the world of life and all its wonder while experience its joy; though she actually wants to create her own house that could defend the world of life but also possible grow into a force that actually matters; while she doesn’t know this but she wants this in order to gain political power that could make a mob of bandits back down, to the leader of a country.  She truly knows the facts of the world that a true peacekeeper has the means to do something.

One of Kara Satel Bane jobs at the current time is that she works for a secret assassin guild with the goal of removing evil, progress stoppers and war starters. While not all targets are as black and white Kara is okay with this; however she drastically fears that she will be forced to be part of this group for the rest of her life or that she learns that any of her targets were chosen for sinful reasons.

Additionally Kara Satel Bane fears suffering of innocent people on a large scale; though not for the reasons you would think as she is no stranger to such things or death in general but because everyone in her family.. “The family of Bane” Have had a moment in similar situation where they became vessels of revenge hunting those responsible {To this day none of her family have survived this change for one reason or another}

Face-Claim: Aoi Sekai no Chuushin de; Opal
Hair Color: Red
Eye Color: red; slight
Height: 177cm
Weight: 76kg
Kara Satel Bane is a young fanalis entering her prime and thus has a really nice attractive body with a bit of muscle in the right places but not ruin her looks. Her hair is fairly long at the back but rarely will she allow her fringe to cross her eyes. Dailly she wears Light armour covering all of herself up unless she is taking part in social activities at which point her lower legs and outer arms will be bare. The trims of her armour is made from white fur taken from the loot of poachers, and her armour is normally brown in order to maintain a positive and approachable outlook, though she has worn blue legs at times.   Has a tattoo on her left shoulder representing the weapon that killed her teacher, this is to remind her of the promise she made “Do not let this same weapon kill you”.

During war periods she will drastically change her clothes [Not giving this away yet]

Positive posture which is generally always quite firm, respectable, open and fluid.

Rukh Alignment: White
Special Features: When alone; is sometimes visited by an aspiration of her imagination in the form of {michel shanks} who talks to her about random stuff before vanishing.

Early Life

During Karas early life she lived like a normal girl in a small village within reach of the capital Reim where she helped with a range of duties such as Farming, cooking, training animals and getting educated at school; during her free time she often lead a small group of kids to explore the area or to construct something really interesting and fun. As she grew older these inventions would become more useful than fun in design as she single handedly increased the production of resources, warmth of buildings and even aided the ambitions of her fellow generation of kids.

Once she had transition into her mid-teens she was recruited by the Reim military in order to design possible weapons to aid in military operations; while she did refuse the initial requests of war winning inventions of blood and murder she did create a series of traps designed to Capture enemies alive unharmed. These traps would be used mainly on bandits and enemy scouts patrols and would earn Kara a bit of respect with the community around her and the Reim Military; during this time she would still take part in everyday duties within her village.

The Bow: During her later teen years she would be forced to learn the art of war and thus would be trained with a Bow, Sword and certain large Military equipment though this was for her own protection as a Sergeant had decided she would become a target for enemy forces, someone who would be mixed up in a huge amount of trouble in the future and the Sergeant was Right.

After her 18th birthday the world changed for Kara… or at least her role in it did.

Year of her 18th [birthday]-

  1. The Sergeant Ryan, also her teacher would be killed with a Unique weapon, with a strange last request laid onto Kara [Don’t die by this weapon
  2. During a fishing trip with her friends, she would be forced to take her first Life.
  3. Receives word that her father died, attempting to claim revenge for a butchered village.

Year of her 19th

  1. She would finish her Archery training - becoming a Master with the bow, as her personality and way of thinking depend straits through the keen eye.
  2. Ends up participating in a small war facing flesh eating barbarians with support of the Reim Garrison; Kara would kill 56% of the enemy force single handled.
  3. Helped organise an entire city wise festival

Year of  her 20th

  1. Nothing major happened this year
  2. Gained respect from both her village and the city of Reim

Year of her 21st

  1. After the death of a village leader, she is elected major
  2. Kills a war leader of a black knight barbarian group, with a godly shot from the top of a mountain through the back window of his castle.
  3. Rumors start flying in the underworld of an archer with assassination properties

Year of her 22nd

  1. Recruiting into an assassination group, looking to take out bad targets only  
  2. Skills increase with a bow and educated knowledge now aids her awareness
  3. Gives someone else the role of mayor as she starts growing her wings to explore the country of the Reim Empire

Years 23, 24 to Now
Just a continue off her 22.

Role-Play Sample:Kara Satel Bane with her outward warm positive vibe doesn't waste a moment accepting Val's handshake, grabbing his hand firmly adding a little pressure in order to test his resolve though Kara does get taken a bit by surprise with bobs bare torso and the muscle body he brings with it. Kara chin raises a tad, as she licks her lips within her mouth not showing any signs of such an action, it has been a long time since she had thoughts like this cross her mind, her eyes quickly return to bombs"I'm Kar....a..wait no I'm,,,," Kara looks around quickly spotting a nearby sign "I'm Sgin Psot and its a pleasure to meet you, bob,". Not wanting to really give her identity away nor for the capital of Reim to discover her return, she would let bob take the lead "Well young stud; show me what you got and make our first move".



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  • Primary - Ranger
  • Secondary - Warrior
  • Tertiary -




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D-tier Abilities

C-tier Abilities

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Omega-tier Abilities

Beast Abilities

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5 Re: Kara Satel Bane {Vault} on 19/08/17, 05:58 pm


Name: War Horse Bow
Tier: B
Type: Bow
Material: Carbon Steels + Tints of Gold
Appearance: The strong Carbon steel  of the bow is 203.2 centimeters (80") long with a bow draw of 81.28 centimeters  (32")
Ammunition Material: Steel
Ammunition Appearance:1.2 meters long

[b]Name:[/b] War Horse Bow
[b]Tier:[/b] B
[b]Type:[/b] Bow
[b]Material:[/b] Carbon Steels + Tints of Gold
[b]Appearance:[/b] The strong Carbon steel  of the bow is 203.2 centimeters (80") long with a bow draw of 81.28 centimeters  (32")
[b]Ammunition Material:[/b] Steel
[b]Ammunition Appearance:[/b]1.2 meters long


Blessing of the Rukh:

Item Name:
Blessing of the Rukh
Permanent Boost
The Old Wizard taps into a person's inner magoi flow performs a small ritual. This increases their magoi capacities by 50 points permanently!

*Can only be purchased once per person. Those of the Magician race cannot purchase this blessing.
Amulet of Life:

[b]Name:[/b] Amulet of Life
[b]Tier:[/b] B-Tier
[b]Type:[/b] Magic Item | Amulet
[b]Magic Type:[/b] Life
[b]Cost :[/b] 10 magoi | 5 magoi
[b]Appearance:[/b] A 10 cm amulet with vines wrapping around it set with a glowing green gem. The magic circle is inscribed on the back.
[*][b]Soothing Mist[/b] - By feeding magoi into the amulet, a light green mist will begin to develop at the user's feet. The mist will then expand up to a 5-meter total radius, and heal everything within it for B-Tier damage. This mist will dissipate after its healing effect is used, or if nothing is healed by it before the post ends.
truth Seeker:

[b]Name:[/b] Truth-Seeker
[b]Tier:[/b] B-Tier
[b]Type:[/b] Magic Item | Monocle
[b]Magic Type:[/b] Clairvoyance
[b]Cost :[/b] 10 magoi | 5 magoi
[b]Appearance:[/b] A 12mm monocle that sits atop the wearer's iris. A conical lens filters their vision through a 3mm lens at the top. A thin chain wraps around the wearer's head to secure it. A magic circle is engraved on the side of the monocle.
[*][b]No Man's Fool[/b] - By feeding magoi into the monocle, the user will be granted the ability of true-sight. For the rest of this post, the user will be able to see through any B-Tier or below illusions.

[*][b]Whisper of Perception[/b] - By feeding magoi into the monocle, the user will be capable of sending their own current eye-sight to anyone within 200-meters of them. Their sight will enter in the form of "images" into the back of the target's mind, as to not interfere with their own vision. If either the user or the target moves past the 200-meter range from each other, the link will shatter.
Heart of Mist:

[b]Name:[/b] Heart of Mist
[b]Tier:[/b] C-Tier
[b]Type:[/b] Magic Item | Necklace
[b]Magic Type:[/b] Dry Ice [Heat+ Ice]
[b]Cost :[/b] 10 magoi | 5 magoi
[b]Appearance:[/b]  A 50cm silver chain holds a 5cm heart pendant that shimmers with an icy fog.
[*][b]Cold Snap[/b] - By feeding magoi into the necklace, a heavy blue fog will begin to develop around the user. Anyone caught within this fog will begin to take minor frost-burns to any unprotected skin. Additionally, the fog also obscures the vision of anyone inside of it. The fog will cover a total of 5-meters around where the user first used the tool, while not actually affecting the user themself.

[*][b]Central Freeze[/b] - By feeding magoi into the necklace, a burst of blue fog will be expelled from the user. The fog will travel up to 3-meters away, and will freeze anything it touches to the ground for 2 posts. Anyone with C-Tier or above strength is capable of breaking out of this ice with ease.


[b]Name[/b]: Erinos
[b]Type[/b]: Dungeon Mount
[b]Magic Type[/b]: Lava [Heat + Strength]
[b]Appearance[/b]: This fiery horse stands 3 meters tall and 4 meters long. He is capable of carrying up to 2 people. His steps singe the ground around him.
[*]25% Travel Thread Word Count Reduction for up to two people.
[*]Can carry up to two people.
[*]If ridden into combat, his speed slows down and he will lose all passengers aside from the one gripping the reins.


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